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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - They Don't Know Who We Be - -PART- -7H1R7Y sIx-

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posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 04:08 PM

originally posted by: daskakik
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi
Those tests were done using a bacteria called Pfeiffer's bacillus.
The write up can bee seen here:

Seems all they may have proven was that Pfeiffer's bacillus was not the cause of the spanish flu. Not sure why you think that has anything to do with covid vs. covid vax.

Could you explain how you reached that conclusion from the source you provided?

a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi
I found this article fairly interesting while poking around, figured others might as well. It has quite a few sources quoted at the end that might help someone if they wanted to go back and look at studies and theories at the time.

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posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 04:20 PM
U.S. Security Agencies Warn Russia Actively Exploiting 5 Software Security Flaws

U.S. government security agencies on Thursday issued a joint advisory (PDF) regarding five software security vulnerabilities that are currently getting exploited by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

Typically, those three agencies would issue advice to federal organizations. However, the joint advisory was described as being applicable to "all network defenders." Several general steps were described as being the best practices to adopt.

On top of that advice, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency gave notice that it has updated its resources on the Russian targeting attempts. It also updated its analysis of the SolarWinds Orion malware.

The agencies' security warning is arriving concurrently with President Biden's announcement that the United States is imposing sanctions on Russia because of its interference in the 2020 U.S. election and its ongoing malicious cyberactivities. The sanctions include prohibiting U.S. financial organizations from making new purchases of Russian bonds or lending funds to the Russian government, among other measures. Also, 10 members of Russia's diplomatic core in Washington, D.C., are getting expelled.


posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 04:24 PM
Video of fatal Chicago police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo is released to the public

Video of Adam Toledo’s fatal shooting by a Chicago police officer was released to the public (warning: link contains graphic content) Thursday afternoon, more than two weeks after the 13-year-old was killed following a foot chase in a Little Village alley, igniting anger in the neighborhood and leaving the city on edge.

The materials were published on the website of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability shortly after 2:30 p.m.

They were expected to include images from at least one responding officer’s body-worn camera. COPA had announced Wednesday it would make the video public, along with third-party video, police radio recordings and police reports.

Toledo was shot in the chest in the early morning hours of March 29, police have said, after officers responded to gunshots near 24th Street and Sawyer Avenue. The video was expected to show the moments leading up to the teen’s death, as well as the shooting itself.


posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: TheLead
That is what it says:

Now, we proceeded rather cautiously at first by administering a pure culture of bacillus of influenza, Pfeiffer's bacillus, in a rather moderate amount,into the nostrils of a few of these volunteers.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 04:37 PM
Hqs anyone figured out of Biden is real? Goddamn glitch inauguration, seemingly greenscreens everywhere, and now his SOTU address will be in empty congressional chambers? More fun video editing coming your way folks. Anyone taking bets on it being deep fake?

Everyone keeps going on about Q, but does that entity even matter anymore? We have a corrupt POTUS with a corrupt crackhead son who likes the high-school girls and all of this verifiable information and nothing has come from it. Nothing. Shouldn't Hunter be in jail by now AT LEAST? Jfc these people just walk around, above the law, no worry or care in sight, doing whatever the hell they want whenever the eff they wanna do it.

Godddamn country is in turmoil and there's nothing we can do about it. Welcome to 1984 v20.21. New global economy coming. "New world order" on its way. Grab ahold and hang on tight because there's hurricane force winds slangin' feces straight into the oscillating device, and it stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinks.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: imthegoat

Brace for impact

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 04:54 PM
a reply to: daskakik

Is that the only paragraph?

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:02 PM
a reply to: TheLead
No, they do talk about other procedures but in the conclusion they also placed the caveat that they could not be sure if the test subjects had been exposed before or not.

You are correct, what I posted is only one of the things that may have been proven by what they did in those experiments.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:25 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

Yes cranky, noticed that!

I've been adding them to the list of post proof graphics which are now up to 350 from thread 35 alone.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:29 PM
a reply to: daskakik

Those other procedures sounded a lot like what Rel posted, did it not? The post you dismissed with your source and first paragraph conclusion?

Yes, they placed an illogical caveat, because they had no reason that their experiments didn't work. They perfomed an expirement, but didn't have a conclusion to reach. Based on all known information at the time they felt their experiment had to be faulty.

I'm only giving you a hard time, because you act like your supposed to be the arbiter of truth here, yet you just did exactly what you've been preaching against.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:31 PM
Why trust them to do the recount right? We have nothing to lose.

Not one thing.

Plus, this is happening when Maricopa Co was trying to hard to sweep it under the rug like GA did.

originally posted by: cimmerius

originally posted by: Justoneman
The date is set for the recount of Maricopa Co . The world is watching Maricopa Co

Time for the patriots to win one on the books so we don't have to do it with Bombers and combat. These cheaters need to go down legally and we can start unraveling the rest of the mess with a much better chance at minimal violence from our enemies inside the borders.

My concern: We have seen blatant cheating occur in our presidential election while DJT was still President, with safeguards supposedly in place but openly disregarded. We have seen evidence compiled and ignored. We have seen virtually all branches of government, all government agencies and institutions, fail spectacularly to provide any recourse. Why would we expect a recount now under the illegitimate administration created by that corrupt election to provide a different result?

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:39 PM
a reply to: TheLead

Great link thanks - detailed and an interesting read.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:56 PM
a reply to: TheLead
It wasn't an illogical caveat because they had no way of testing for whatever it was that was causing the spanish flu. They just had that bacterium which was proposed as a contender. They also stated that asking about symptoms was all they had to assess if the participants had been exposed or not.

I know why you are giving me a hard time. I don't have a problem in admitting that a took a quick glance at something and drew hasty conclusions. I at least took a look at the source instead of just accepting what some blog posing as a news site says.

I never said I was an arbiter of truth, I just point out that a group of people who claim to be good at digging often don't do any digging at all.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:57 PM

originally posted by: EndtheMadnessNow
a reply to: crankyoldman

Guess we shouldn't be shocked but damn that is disturbing to say the least. And some thought only China did such harvesting.

Email excerpts from that 575 page FOIA:

We will be making dual humanized BLT mice (human liver and the > BLT surgery) at the same time.

From the emails, BLT is bone marrow/liver/thymus.

August 26, 2015 email:

Btw, are you planning to attend the humanized mouse workshop in Zurich in January?


The recent advent of "humanized" mice that recapitulate the human hematopoietic system permits direct in vivo testing of the human immunogenicity of biologics. Such studies are critical for developing scientifically sound approaches for evaluating and mitigating risk to product quality caused by aggregates and/or other components of biologics.

From: Howard, Kristina To: (b)(6) < (b>>
Date: 1/11/2011 4:29:09 PM
Subject: Fetal Tissues
I received your email address from the Garcia lab at UNC where they trained me to make humanized mice. I am at the FDA and need to obtain fetal liver and thymic tissues and am wondering what your process for ordering/procurement is. If you are not the correct person to contact for new orders, I would appreciate if you could forward my request to the correct individual.
Sincerely, Dr. Kristina Howard
DVM, Ph.D. Commissioner's Fellow FDA/CDER/OPS/OBP/DTP

Judicial Watch’s new FOIA Request adds 575 pages of records [PDF]

According to wiki,

The discovery of the athymic mouse, commonly known as the nude mouse, and that of the SCID mouse were major events that paved the way for humanized mice models.

Which sources a 2012 paper posted on NIH. The history of the development on immunodeficient mice for humanized mice model dates back to 1962 but the R&D did not spin-off until 1995.

Garcia lab: ART and science of HIV persistence

March 4, 2016
In a new article in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, M&I Professor J. Victor Garcia and colleagues use humanized mice to understand how antiretroviral therapy (ART) affects HIV persistence in women. See the UNC News article:

UNC Department of Microbiology and Immunology
125 Mason Farm Road
6th Floor Marsico Hall
Chapel Hill, NC

This University resides in The “Triangle” area of Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh, most famously known for its three outstanding research universities (UNC-CH, Duke & NC State University) and the renowned Research Triangle Park (RTP).


FWIW, make if it what you will. The contention is that part of the vibrational fall for Atlantis into 3rd density was due to this exact issue. It was literally the island of Dr. Moreau. The prevailing thought was it got so bad that many took the "future" solutions with them hidden in their DNA and bounced. In the hopes to rectify the situation later. One version of the grail was that information.

This sort of hybrid stuff, with our planetary morality, is as bad as it gets. These idiots just learned of "DNA" a few decades ago and the moral infants are now keen on creating a Centaur because something something science.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:57 PM
JoeBama Flinches, Putin Closes Kerch Strait and Blocks Black Sea to Foreign Warships

As Russia continues to build up troop presence near the Ukraine border, Joe Biden sent a warning to Vladimir Putin. In response Russia told the U.S. to stay out of the Black Sea “for your own good” while they conduct exercises. Biden turned back two U.S. navy ships…. Hours later Putin closed the Kerch Strait.

The Biden administration is attempting to give the illusion of strength but it is all an act and Russia knows it. The Ukraine is vulnerable to Russian absorption because a large portion of the Ukrainian people support Russia. NATO is attempting to issue threats, but Russia knows the EU, and specifically Germany, will do nothing except grasp their pearls. It is all false bravado on the part of the NATO alliance; they have no teeth and their electorate have no desire for another conflict.

Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t care about words. Words, without action are meaningless. Putin knows the Biden administration is weak domestically because the majority of the U.S. electorate view his administration as illegitimate. Putin also knows Barack Obama foreign policy is essentially Biden foreign policy, and Putin accepts that both Obama and Biden are intent to weaken the U.S. globally.

And don’t forget… the number one asset of Russia is energy (oil and gas); JoeBama’s energy policy has effectively assisted the Russian economy. So there’s that…

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: TheLead
It wasn't an illogical caveat because they had no way of testing for whatever it was that was causing the spanish flu. They just had that bacterium which was proposed as a contender. They also stated that asking about symptoms was all they had to assess if the participants had been exposed or not.

I know why you are giving me a hard time. I don't have a problem in admitting that a took a quick glance at something and drew hasty conclusions. I at least took a look at the source instead of just accepting what some blog posing as a news site says.

I never said I was an arbiter of truth, I just point out that a group of people who claim to be good at digging often don't do any digging at all.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 06:22 PM
@snowden snowden, Mr. Contractor is tweeting again after a long layoff...

Not necessarily related, just interesting, as both are unneeded.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 06:34 PM
a reply to: imthegoat

I just keep thinking better days are coming.

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 06:41 PM
This Outlaw_Marine telegram post explaining execution by firing squad has got me thinking...

So y'all know how it works...?

7 men with carbine rifles and 3 bullets and 4 blanks.

Nobody knows who holds the 4 OR the 3. They're pre loaded.

I wonder if we have another meaning for 53-47 from 6 posts?
5 = Eye, as in 5:5 = Eyes On,
3 = real bullets,
4 = blanks,
7 = total soldiers in the firing squad

This seems to tie in best to #2626:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0365ff No.4381127 📁
Dec 19 2018 18:11:25 (EST)📁
The clock is ticking.
When will the 1st alarm ring?
If the Senate was the primary target (majority control)….
53-47 active when?
EO (designated_target(s)) active when?

Ongoing investigations…..
"There are a lot of sealed indictments" - SC
"It's all going to come out, U1, Dossier, CF, etc…." - SH
"I have pretty good sources…" - SH
There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.

Looking at the other 53-47 posts, I wonder if their timestamps record dates of key executions?
Oct 2 2018 = #2318
Nov 13 2018 = #2493
Nov 20 2018 = #2495
Dec 19 2018 = #2626
Jan 11 2019 = #2671
Jul 29 2019 = #3533

Now consider that key numbers 17 (Q) and 34 (QQ) incorporate the 3+4=7 from above!

posted on Apr, 15 2021 @ 06:44 PM
Intersting Thread

Omg I just learned about vaccine shedding and I’m kinda freaking out ngl.

It’s anecdotal obviously but women are reporting miscarriage, suddenly bleeding while pregnant, heavy periods and irregular cycles after merely being in contact with people who are vaccinated

Medical Mafia. "We find no cause and effect with the jab and any adverse issues."

Medical Mafia. "We find the jab is 100 percent safe and effective, the cause and effect is clear."

Medical Mafia. "While the baseball did hit the bat, we find the connection between the bat and the ball leaving the yard as unfounded at best."

Medical Mafia. "While the sun does indeed rise in the east, we do not find a correlation between the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, more study is needed."

There are, Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics and then there are Medical Statistics.

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