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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - They Don't Know Who We Be - -PART- -7H1R7Y sIx-

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posted on May, 30 2021 @ 11:55 PM
On this Day - May 31st - Q DELTAS:

No 3 or 2 year Deltas but 13x 1 year DELTAS:

#4362 Keyword - INSURGENCY

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 07322b No.9394984 📁
May 31 2020 11:44:56 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 116bf1 No.9394869 📁
May 31 2020 11:35:41 (EST)


I know we're beyond the need for Q proofs, but…

Q post May 30, 2020
POTUS tweet May 31, 2020

Keyword: Insurgency


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 07322b No.9395126 📁
May 31 2020 11:53:28 (EST)📁
Insurgency can be defined as ‘the organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify, or challenge political control of a region.’
Insurgents seek to subvert or displace the government and completely or partially control the resources and population of a given territory. They do so through the use of force (including guerrilla warfare, terrorism and coercion/intimidation), propa- ganda, subversion and political mobilization. Insurgents fight government forces only to the extent needed to achieve their political aims: their main effort is not to kill counterinsurgents, but rather to establish a competitive system of control over the population, making it impossible for the government to administer its territory and people. Insurgent activity is therefore designed to weaken government control and legitimacy while increasing insurgent control and influence.
Insurgents require supporters, recruits, safe havens, money, supplies, weapons and intelligence on government actions. A robust insurgency can be waged with the support of just a small percentage of a given population.
Counterinsurgency may be defined as ‘comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes’.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 07322b No.9395183 📁
May 31 2020 11:56:13 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 0074b6 No.9395159 📁
May 31 2020 11:54:58 (EST)
". . . and address its root causes."

Please and thank you.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: fc161f No.9396837 📁
May 31 2020 13:51:01 (EST)📁

#4366 ANTIFA Mapping started long ago!

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b9dffc No.9398032 📁
May 31 2020 15:10:23 (EST)
Antifa 'mapping' started a long time ago.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b9dffc No.9398389 📁
May 31 2020 15:26:53 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 5cf9bf No.9398276 📁
May 31 2020 15:21:54 (EST)

Oh, #

Trolling is fun!


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b9dffc No.9398590 📁
May 31 2020 15:34:45 (EST)📁
Buckle up.
Here we go.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 39ec33 No.9399444 📁
May 31 2020 16:14:52 (EST)📁
Humanity at its finest.

#4370 TrumpStudents tweet

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 387919 No.9399905 📁
May 31 2020 16:42:21 (EST)📁


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 9375a6 No.9402273 📁
May 31 2020 19:17:46 (EST)📁
Woodshed utilized re: intelligence management [monitor[ing] of situation(s)].


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b785d4 No.9402610 📁
May 31 2020 19:39:20 (EST)📁
All assets being deployed.
People used as pawns [controlled].


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b785d4 No.9402777 📁
May 31 2020 19:47:15 (EST)

#4374 Be Strong in the Lord

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b785d4 No.9403145 📁
May 31 2020 20:00:54 (EST)
Be strong in the Lord.

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posted on May, 31 2021 @ 12:15 AM
Could be something... could be nothing...

On 27th, the XVIII Airborne tweeted at 6:58pm/1858

Memorial Day weekend. Stick together. Look out for one another. Stay safe.

This pointed to #658

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 6f3736 No.230503 📁
Jan 31 2018 23:08:14 (EST)


Timestamp encodes May 31st... today!

The tweet also contains a 6 second video... #6

Anonymous ID: Eka5Om1K No.147166292 📁
Oct 29 2017 20:48:50 (EST)
Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs.
POTUS is 100% insulated - any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false.
Follow Huma tomorrow.
POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons. To suggest this is the plan is false and should be common sense.
Focus on Military Intelligence/ State Secrets and why might that be used vs any three letter agency
What SC decision opened the door for a sitting President to activate - what must be showed?
Why is POTUS surrounded by generals ^^
Again, there are a lot more good people than bad so have faith. This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of players (not just Democrats).
Don’t fool yourself into thinking Obama, Soros, Roth’s, Clinton’s etc have more power present day than POTUS.
Follow the money, it’s the key.
What is Pelosi’s net worth by way of one example. Why coincidentally is her memory apparently going?
Cover for possible future indictment to plead what?
What if John M never had surgery and that was a cover for a future out if needed against prosecution?
Why did Soros transfer his bulk public funds to a NP? Note this doesn’t include massive slush funds that are pulled by several high ups.
Why did Soros’ son have several meetings with Canadian PM and how is that related to Clinton’s?
Why is MS13 a priority?
Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure?
The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed. These people are evil.
Operation Mockingbird.

Again, bolded timestamp encodes today, May 31st.

We can also link the FREEDOM_ from #658 to #229, which has a May 31st MIRROR in timestamp!

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 3LaVfhm8 No.150870083 📁
Nov 25 2017 13:30:47 (EST)
Deleted: Nov 25 2017 13:56:13 (EST)
_FREEDOM-_vGER_US_yes_000BVx_LO_yes_[… + 1]_Conf_y

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posted on May, 31 2021 @ 12:31 AM
More possible comms through Archaeology tweets; @RomanBritain tweet; May 30th 06:32

A cluster of decapitated bodies discovered at a burial site in #Cambridgeshire were probably victims of #Roman military executions, archaeologists say. #RomanBritain #Archaeology #RomanArchaeology #Somersham

Cambridge >> Duke and Duchess of Cambridge = Prince William & Kate... Military executions?

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 12:40 AM
These guys are very good....

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posted on May, 31 2021 @ 12:43 AM
More possible comms from Guardian Science tweet at 01:20EST

Starwatch: track down the large but overlooked Boötes, the herdsman
Starwatch: track down the large but overlooked Boötes, the herdsman
Stars in this constellation were mentioned by the ancient Babylonians and later by Ptolemy

From the li nked article

This week it’s time to track down a large but easily overlooked constellation. Boötes, the herdsman, is an ancient constellation that was catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. References to the stars in this constellation date back even further, however, to the ancient Babylonians, where they represented the god Enil, the patron of farming.

The easiest way to find Boötes is to find the orange star, Arcturus. This is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, and the third brightest star in the entire night sky. It is outshone only by Sirius and Canopus, both of which are located in the southern celestial hemisphere.

The chart shows the view on Monday night looking due south at 23:00 BST. Throughout the week, the view will be similar.

Boötes is flanked by Hercules, the hero, to the east and Virgo, the virgin, to the south. If you can recognise the Plough, which will be even higher in the sky, follow the curve of the stars in its handle downwards and you will arrive at Arcturus, then use the chart to trace out the fainter stars of Boötes.

23 = PAIN
Food supply references: Herdsman, god of farming, Plough.

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 12:43 AM
There can be more than one Highlander...

Henry Cavill Transforms Into Highlander

Art Bell used to make reference to a phenomena he called "The Quickening" (tribute to the movie "Highlander"), a phenomena that would send all of humanity across the threshold of a complete paradigm shift.

In 1997 he published a book titled The Quickening: Today's Trends, Tomorrow's World

In the past, advances in technology have served as the impetus for far-reaching change; we are propelled forward, and our lives are changed forever. Technology is the difference between where we are now and the path not taken. Not only is technology an important example of how aspects of the Quickening overlap and affect each other, much like a patchwork quilt, but technology is the core of the Quickening.

Indeed you can see that the boundaries of the aspects of the Quickening are blurred; here you have seen that technology affects the way we behave in society, it affects our global safety, it affects our political ties, and much more. We can look forward to astounding numbers of technological advances in the very near future. For the "Millennium Generation" and beyond, the sky will be the limit. At any rate, you should take a good look at the world around you because it won't be the same when you wake up tomorrow.
The Quickening - Chapter 1

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 01:26 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow


There are two (or more) major branches of what we call science.

We are moving toward science as defined by our society. The end game is a blend called Transhuman.

The other major branch that is not where we are headed is called magic. No different spellings, just the real word Magic.

Magic is what leads to the next step.

Science as it is now will bind us forever in Transhumanism. There is no higher order, we would stagnate because there would be no personal growth, just a continued technical spiral until we all believe exactly the same things.

That is when we all become drones. The Matrix is the end game. Total control of our thoughts.

By choice, we can put that genie back in the bottle.


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posted on May, 31 2021 @ 02:42 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Rituals = they follow/tie to specific events/timelines/sequences.
Playbook known = We have it all.
Patriots in FULL CONTROL.
Follow the Military = the only way = they are SAVIORS OF MANKIND

- same tactics used to target Eastern European regimes the state didn't like
- COUP = combines contested elections + "peaceful protests" (civil disobedience)
- same people running campaign against President TRUMP with same PLAYBOOK
- Remember the name: NORM EISEN

More on Norm Eisen
We Disagree on a Lot. But We Both Think Trump Should Be Convicted.
Norm Eisen was in the room where it happened
Democrats tap Norm Eisen to consult on House Judiciary Committee

When you are blind, what do you see?

We stop seeing each other as enemies = every lie will be revealed

Why do my eyes hurt = because you have never used them.

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posted on May, 31 2021 @ 06:50 AM

originally posted by: pheonix358
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow


There are two (or more) major branches of what we call science.

We are moving toward science as defined by our society. The end game is a blend called Transhuman.

The other major branch that is not where we are headed is called magic. No different spellings, just the real word Magic.

Magic is what leads to the next step.

Science as it is now will bind us forever in Transhumanism. There is no higher order, we would stagnate because there would be no personal growth, just a continued technical spiral until we all believe exactly the same things.

That is when we all become drones. The Matrix is the end game. Total control of our thoughts.

By choice, we can put that genie back in the bottle.


They can NEVER totally control anyone who doesn't allow it. SOOooooo, what they do is slip it in slowly so you don't realize you are doing the bidding of the false narratives, but you can always snap out of it with red pills!

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 06:59 AM

originally posted by: CrazyFox
a reply to: Caled
Get some antibiotics. I got the chills super bad one day and then I was up one day down to rinse repeat, etc. Felt better after getting some antibiotics. FTR I try to take as little of western medicine as possible.

Worst. Advice. EVER.

Please stop. Just stop.

There is one reason, and one reason to give/take antibiotics - if you have a serious or life threatening bacterial infection. PERIOD.

There are lots of far safer natural therapeutics you could take with ZERO negative side effects and ZERO negative impact on the environment.

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 07:32 AM
From the Lab leak thread I will respond here too.

originally posted by: NorthOfStuff
a reply to: network dude

From “that could never happen!” to “that sort of thin happens all the time!” In fine Covid style.

What else should we expect from the “experts”?

Yes, it is amazing that they constantly get caught in these lies. How do we deal with this to prevent lying weasels from telling lie after lie to move us to do things we wouldn't do otherwise. The founding fathers felt, as do I, that the people get tired of something they should be allowed to dump it but these Dems and their fake R buddy's are trying to bypass that thru hooks and crooks.

They shouldn't be allowed to continue. Here is what our next COTUS Convention should be about for sure: "How do we not allow the mass lies and misappropriation of science happen again?" This has happened more than once. Only a Totalitarian gov can do the things they are doing in Canada and the US is just a few heartbeats behind them but for Texas, Florida, and several other states asserting state's rights.

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 09:04 AM
Well this is interesting. The Daily Star in UK is a ragtag newspaper here in the UK. Whilst I was waiting at the petrol station this morning, I had time to peruse the front pages of various national and local papers. The Daily Star was the only paper to carry this story. See linky at bottom.
What really caught my eye was this "UK defence chiefs look set to investigate aliens again as the Pentagon say aliens exist"

Sometimes its the ragtag papers that do come out with stuff.....

The Daily Star


posted on May, 31 2021 @ 09:16 AM
Nope Russia did an autopsy against WHO orders and discovered it was a bacterium I was sick 4 a month took zpack antibiotics and quit being sick. You stop and go find the thread oh and my mother in law same effect. I normally do not take any big pharma snake oil "cures"_so for me too advise it let's just say it is the only time in decades I have promoted any pill from snake oil pharma. Deny ignorance
a reply to: [post=25911679]tanstaafl[/post

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 09:48 AM
a reply to: brewtiger

DELTAS = Circle Back
Seeing the old clues with fresh eyes
The message hasn't changed... just our understanding
Grateful for the sharing from so many here.
It has been very up-lifting.


The world is made up of a colorful cast of characters.
All different, unique and special in our own ways.
Yes, we have flaws and are rough around the edges.
Quick to anger and boastful at times.

But despite all of this, the majority of the world is good.
Especially when we overcome the tricks our mind can play on us.
At this stage in the game, we all know each other's buttons to push.
And in these trying times, it doesn't take much to trigger worst behaviors.

But if we take the time to go beyond the mistakes
Stop & listen, allowing others to honestly share their frustrations
We might calm the storm to better identify the roots of the issues.
We may also realize we are more alike than we dare to admit.

Remember to say SORRY and THANK YOU... and mean it.
Then give ones that transgressed an opportunity to make it right.
No one wants their moments of weakness relived in a loop over & over.
Kindness & forgiveness go a long way.

We have the choice to transform this Earth into a Heaven or Hell for all.
The journey to making this a better place for all our children has already started.
Be the light & set the example you want to see in others.
Soon spreading & offering a path for others to gather the courage to do the same.

Be still... Stay Humble... Have faith... Be best.

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 11:08 AM
a reply to: brewtiger
I really like that the message hasn't change just our understanding. So very relevant to where we are now.
Has anyone looked into SR post about Cuomo getting ready to destroy evidence and servers?
Just a coincidence I am sure but there was a fire yesterday in the basement at 633 3rd Avenue in New York which, eye roll, is the same building that Cuomo has his office. An electrical fire that is being investigated since no one knows how it started.
I wonder if the co location server farms for the building are there. Where are the back ups for these servers?
Interesting that this location is also close to the U.N.>News>Breaking News

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 11:27 AM
a reply to: Thoughtful1
The murder committed by Cuomo has been so documented and the ridiculous media effort to 'look over here' at sexual allegations has worked in an unintended way to make the public even more focused on the real issue of placing ill people in senior assisted living facilities. But BT's post about looking at evidence in a "circle back" which will help us move up the slinky.
Interesting that Jen Psaki has used that term so often when she does not know the answers. Right away it made me want to circle back and relook at things.
Looking at servers being destroyed from our original point would support the destruction of evidence relating to the nursing homes but with a fresh perspective built on all of the accumulated knowledge more critical information may be destroyed and that is his link to the CCP. There may be evidence of collusion between Cuomo and the CCp. How He should direct the C-19 response, how to lock down, how to direct vaccine roll out, which vaccines to give, direction on introducing passport mandates, destroying businesses and removing police enforcement. Specific directions not to use the floating hospital, demand unrealistic numbers of ventilators which would deny other states access and more that demonstrated a foreign power using Cuomo as a puppet.

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 11:34 AM
"The high courage and the supreme sacrifice of Americans who gave their lives in battle have made it possible for our land to flourish under freedom and justice."

ST-C194-10-63. President John F. Kennedy Lays Wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

John McCrae

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 11:49 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

that was a different land in a different time...far, far away.

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 12:46 PM
Who wants their consciousness manipulated by a mind controlled millennial psychopath with a god complex?

Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

“Badass” new method uses a magnetized protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively

Several earlier studies have shown that nerve cell proteins which are activated by heat and mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered so that they become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields, by attaching them to aniron-storing protein called ferritin, or to inorganic paramagnetic particles. These methods represent an important advance – they have, for example, already been used to regulate blood glucose levels in mice – but involve multiple components which have to be introduced separately.

Aren't there a bunch of videos of people sticking metal objects to their jab location?

posted on May, 31 2021 @ 02:53 PM
any takers on this tibbit, found in a ATS introduction thread. A possible sky event?

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