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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - They Don't Know Who We Be - -PART- -7H1R7Y sIx-

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posted on May, 20 2021 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Oh Boy

R ouhani: US In “Process Of Agreeing To Cancel All Major Sanctions” Against Iran, As Hamas Signals Imminent Ceasefire

“Rouhani: ‘Western countries have agreed to lift all major sanctions against Iran,’” i24News, May 20, 2021:

“We have taken a big step forward… to ease bans on oil, petrochemicals, insurance and central bank”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced Thursday, that Western nations involved in the attempt to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal were “in the process of agreeing to cancel all major sanctions” against the Islamic Republic.

Referring to the process of the talks being held in Vienna, Rouhani said that the countries involved in the negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal have already “agreed to lift all major sanctions on oil, petrochemicals, maritime transport, insurance and the central bank.”

“We have taken a major step and discussed the details. The main contract [the nuclear deal] has been achieved,” he said.

“There are still issues we are discussing to reach a final agreement,” he added.

Despite Rouhani’s pronouncement, there has yet to be an official comment from the United States, although it seems likely that sanctions relief is high on its agenda….

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posted on May, 20 2021 @ 01:13 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

Like I always say, "If I'm not on a government watch list, someone's not doing their job!"

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 01:14 PM

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posted on May, 20 2021 @ 01:23 PM


posted on May, 20 2021 @ 02:17 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

Times sure have changed.

Sept 11, 1343 = last of Templars were executed in 'Blood Alley' Vienna, Austria.

Obama Strikes a Deal--With Qassem Suleimani

According to the terms of the Iran deal announced in Vienna on Tuesday, U.N. Security Council sanctions regarding nuclear-related issues will be lifted on a number of entities and individuals—from Iranian banks to Lebanese assassins, like Anis Nacacche. The name that most sticks out is IRGC-Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani. Administration officials counsel calm, and explain that Suleimani is still on the U.S. terror list and will remain on the terror list. But that’s irrelevant. The reality is that Suleimani is the key to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Deus vult vibes...

9/11/1683 marks the anniversary of the epic Battle of Vienna, at a city the Islamic troops called "The Golden Apple." A battle where brave men stood side by side to stop the warriors of Ottoman's expansionist onslaught from entering into Europe. A relief force making up of the Holy League, included the Polish Winged Hussars, a legendary elite cavalry unit the world has ever seen. The cavalry charge of some 18,000 men came to Vienna's aid after Vienna endured 2 months of constant siege by the Turkish armies. The heroic battle that ensued not only saved Europe but Christendom as a whole.

My lineage roots according to my genealogy historian cousin were traced back to these Winged Hussars warriors and the "Thirty Years' War" era. Their nickname was the "Angels of death" because of the wooden frames on their backs. (see video) These frames held eagle, ostrich, or goose feathers, giving the impression of angel wings. The heavy cavalry with wings, charging at full thundering speed, was a shock 'n awe terrifying sight to the enemy according to various stories. The Winged Hussars were a unit where you fought because you wanted to. Not because a king conscripted you. The Polish parliament abolished them in 1776.

"It is chivalry that has no equal in the world;
without seeing it with your own eyes,
its vigor and splendor is impossible to imagine."
― Cosimo Brunetti, 1676 (clergyman and secretary to Jan III Sobieski)

King Jan III Sobieski (he was in his mid 50's at the time), personally led the charge from the front and later wrote a letter to the Pope saying, "Venimus, vidimus, Deus vicit" - "We came, We saw, God conquered."
Badass of the Week (Language warning)


Movie: Day of the Siege (2012)

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 02:50 PM
What little time I invested on my phone- ok' badtista looks pretty shady-LLC started 2nd Hussein term and shut down when 45 got it.

She does favor granpa - awwwwe

Thanks to Most

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 04:29 PM
Get A First Look At 'The Giant' Statue Coming To 21 Cities Across The Globe

The most exciting visitor attraction concept of the 21st century has been launched. Entitled, The Giant, it features the world's tallest moving statue (35 metres/112 ft). The Giant was conceived by The Giant Company based in Dublin, Ireland; the idea was initially inspired by Jonathan Swift's Gullilver's Travels.

Speaking about the launch of The Giant, Dunning said; "With patents in place, we are excited to unveil our plans! We have already had interest from investors from Europe, Australia, Abu Dhabi and cities across the US. The beauty of this attraction is that its exhibition can be tailored to individual cities and cultures and the sculpture can be posed in a number of positions to suit the location.

The Giant is pandemic proof i.e. Even in times of lockdown customers can scan themselves using an iPad and for a fee upload themselves to become a Giant and share their Giant selfie on social media.

The old state cults are being re-established under Woke cover. The statues currently being torn down will eventually be replaced by the icons & idols of the new/old state cult.

The Giants Are Coming in 2021

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 04:50 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

So this is what we get:

When this is what we deserve:

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: discordantone

I said before when Oumuamua came at us looking like a Zentraedi battle cruiser from Macross, and now they want us to have these "giant statues" going from city to city. I will remind everyone who isn't aware of the Macross Saga, that the Zentraedi stood about the same height.

Talk about foreshadowing full disclosure huh?

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 05:46 PM
They Might Be Giants.

Amazon giants may be for real; Research team finds several large skeletons near Peruvian border

Although Russell Dement says the tribe of giants has almost certainly died out, he and a team of German researchers have excavated two settlements in the Ecuador and Peru Amazon region and found a half dozen human skeletons that measure between seven and eight feet in height.

Clearly the signal has gone up, non-terrestrial something or another is on the table to distract from the The Rona, the Audits, the Inflation etc. It will be a mix of total BS, mostly BS and a tad of distorted truth. It will NOT be the long awaited "disclosure."

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 05:52 PM
CLIP Watch until the end, notice the reaction.

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 06:13 PM

originally posted by: MayRenee
They are not trafficking these kids. And this started last year. The Baptiste Association is taking care of them, they are schooled by competent educators during their transition, fed, clothed, medical, teachers, this is a resettlement effort. They are all 12-17, [snipped]

originally posted by: PioneerFigureSkating
So the Biden administration has been caught flying plane loads of illegal immigrant children into Chattanooga, Tennessee. From there they are being put on busses and transported to cities across the South East. I'm pretty sure this is straight up illegal. The "operation" began in Dallas, Texas, but they moved it to Chattanooga to avoid being seen because the airport in Tennessee is smaller.

This is absolutely disgusting. 85% of children who are trafficked in this country are trafficked through the courts. They are actively committing human trafficking right in full view of the public. Something needs to be done about this and it needs doing now.

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posted on May, 20 2021 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

told me that THEY ARE

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 06:57 PM
The Sad and Mysterious Death of UFOLOGIST Mark McCandlish

Mark McCandlish died on April 13th, 2021 in his home on Redding, CA of a shotgun blast to the head.
Shasta County Coroner’s official report cites his death as a “Suicide” from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A colleague of Mark McCandlish, a member of a UFO/SSP Disclosure group with which Mark McCandlish was associated, wrote on May 10th, 2021:

“Regarding Mark McClandlish suicide with shotgun blast to his head. He was going to testify for Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June. His testimony would have destroyed the “we haven’t made much progress” narrative. Also the one who showed the Tic Tac was actually USAF SSP drone … That would also destroy that narrative, came out and reversed and said he made it up. Mark probably didn’t go along. It’s an agenda. It’s complicated for sure.”

What's notable in the articles and interviews presented by Mr. Morningstar is that Mr. McCandlish thought that many of the recent popular UFO flaps were really about hidden technology that "we" humans possess.

The details in the articles posted by Morningstar do point in a couple of directions: 1) that underground "breakaway civilization", anxious to keep its secrets, and 2) another peculiar detail in the article, namely, McCandlish's belief that he had been in contact with someone claiming to be "an extra-terrestrial among us" in a human "biosuit" perhaps in disguise as it were and reminiscent of the old sci-fi tv series "V" and its more recent remake, and thirdly McCandlish's statements that "telekinetic" healing or murder was not only possible but that had been carried out on North Korea's previous leader.

From 60 Minutes (5/16/21)"

(4) quotes from the piece:
– “Former Navy pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves calls whatever is out there a security risk.”
– “It’s bizarre and unfortunate that someone like myself has to do something like that to get a national security issue like this on the agenda.”
– “Navy pilot calls UFOs a security risk.”
– “When Elizondo took over in 2010 he focused on the national security implications of unidentified aerial phenomena documented by U.S. service members.”

For 70 years UFOs have been weather balloons or unexplained phenomena. We get to 2020-21 and they’re suddenly a "national security risk." Why the sudden change? Sometimes I suspect much of the highly organized UFO disclosure scene nonsense is more about running experiments on mind control and mass manipulation techniques. Keeping sheeple sedated with high interest mysterious subjects to various forms of digital entertrainment so they don't notice Rome is collapsing.

Everytime I look there's a new UFO piece from msm. Not that long ago this was considered taboo and no journalist would touch the subject or careers would be destroyed. Now, they're trying to drill it in your brain like you need to know it by Sunday or else the world is going to end.

It’s an OP.💰💰💰 UFOs as 9/11 is next.

DeLonge is out and I guess they recruited that Corbell clown or at minimum feeding him propaganda.

USS OMAHA encounters transmedium Sphere...

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

OK I have watched all 4. I don't know how I feel about it all yet other than a knee jerk no way. It is deeep. It will take a while for me to digest that and try to make whatever out of it when I have had time to sleep and wake up at least once. Important to wake up or I won't be able to participate the same way.

Our usual curmudgeon on such things probably will call it BS and I might be there too. I want to see tomorrows episode. The "founder" guy was at least interesting who spoke.

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 07:38 PM
Mr Pool is hinting that something shocking is about to break... that will leave you open mouthed, praying and heads exploding!

Nine pictures of shocked people watching their laptop or phone screens... followed by one of a yellow triangle electricity bolt.

Timings (twitter followed by telegram) focus on mirror of 911 - OR COULD BE POSTS 1 & 19:

12:35 PM / 01:19
12:35 PM / 01:19
12:36 PM / 01:19
12:36 PM / 01:19
12:36 PM / 01:19
20:36 .... / 01:19
20:36 .... / 01:19
20:36 .... / 01:19
20:35 .... / 01:19
13:36 .... / 01:20

Timestamps all worth looking up on the post MAP!!

a) Times denote which row each goes into,
b) Note yellow jumper guy in middle, underneath yellow bolt of electricity... GOLD shall destroy FED pyramid scheme?


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posted on May, 20 2021 @ 07:49 PM
Soooo...does this mean we will all have to quarantine at home because of the UFOs? Will the vaccine protect us? =)

originally posted by: EndtheMadnessNow

It’s an OP.💰💰💰 UFOs as 9/11 is next.

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 07:54 PM
a reply to: Justoneman

Watched all 4 as well and a few others on their YouTube channel. It is pretty deep stuff but really makes you think. Some of the concepts I had heard before and doing some readings I tend to agree. It is an exciting time.

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 08:33 PM

originally posted by: Justoneman
a reply to: crankyoldman

OK I have watched all 4. I don't know how I feel about it all yet other than a knee jerk no way. It is deeep. It will take a while for me to digest that and try to make whatever out of it when I have had time to sleep and wake up at least once. Important to wake up or I won't be able to participate the same way.

Our usual curmudgeon on such things probably will call it BS and I might be there too. I want to see tomorrows episode. The "founder" guy was at least interesting who spoke.

Glad you watched.

Of course it seems far out, I would expect nothing less. Here is something to ponder. If you listen to the various events, it is pretty easy to see folks here playing out those scenarios. The panic over "global warming" is just a group rooted in the history of atmospheric destruction. Folks yelling nuke-um, are folks living out that pattern. Genetic manipulation is the idiots merging scalps to rats. Musk-faithful = let's run from earth to mars is just the mirror of running from mars to earth.

Our "history" is complex depending on POV and DNA, I've mentioned this often. We don't need to know all this in order to expand, but it can be helpful to see the POV from those way out - IMO. It also helps to see that those of more refined densities are not perfect, and are bound by immutable laws established at the outset - very complicated and often heartbreaking.

Oddly, for some this information will be a relief, for others the opposite. We really don't need to be experts in it all right now. The star to follow is our heart, it contains none of the programming, none of the fear (past or current) and using that as a guide folks will be fine overall.

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 08:39 PM
a reply to: Caled

Maybe, who knows but it'll come after Covid is deemed no longer relevant by the msm or rather the Davos crowd says make it so. No idea yet other than wild speculation as to how they're going to pull this one off. The world will be watching.

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