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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - They Don't Know Who We Be - -PART- -7H1R7Y sIx-

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posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 12:26 PM

originally posted by: PokeyJoe
So Project Veritas is at it again.

Theyve got a Senior CNN producer on tape admitting that their Biden/Trump coverage was straight propaganda, and that their sole focus was to remove Trump from office.


Now when I see or read stories like this I get as upset at president Trump as I do at CNN.

He complained about Republicans not being tough as democrats, and then showed himself to be just as weak, when it came to taking action.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 12:29 PM
a reply to: carewemust

Yup. He was just another politician. Scared to be the man we need. Too worried about his image and the next election.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 12:36 PM
a reply to: Charliebrowndog

I wont provide the link but there is a new report about 10 minutes long on a Turkish broadcast that basically says everything we talk about in these posts. The reporter calls out the globalists and their plan to rule to world. He specifically brings up the Ever Given as having contained a variety of things including some weapons that were designed to speed up climate change. It is all subtitled but it is worth a look if you can find it. If you are on Telegram I think Whiplash had the link.

You can find it here if you scroll down just a smidge

Turkey and Evergreen connection

Nice right up on the description btw.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 12:46 PM
In fairness, Joe might still be VP of Ukraine, so he can do this. He surely isn't VP of the US.

How much more in is reQuired for folks to wake up to at least this part of the Matrix?

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 12:47 PM
13 April 1973, David Bowie released "Aladdin Sane" album. Title track:

The name is a pun on "A Lad Insane" and it was inspired by Bowie's half-brother Terry, who had been diagnosed as a schizophrenic.

A massive computer system that could predict the future and keep society stable? Yep. The man who built & funded it was a banker, named Larry Fink. Back in 1986 his career collapsed, lost a $100 million dollar deal and became determined it would never happen again. He started a company called BlackRock and built a computer he called "Aladdin" or "Asset, Liability, Debt and Derivative Investment Network" housed in the apple orchards outside of Wenatchee, Washington, the "Apple Capital of the World."

His goal was to use the computer to predict, with certainity, what the risk of any deal or investment was going to be. This computer system constantly monitors the world, taking various events that it sees happening, and then compares them to events in the past. The system memory has the past 50 years, not just financial but many types of world events. It then targets possible dangers lying in the future and moves investments accordingly to avoid any radical change and keep the system stable. It proved to be incredibly successful & accurate. Let that sink in!

As of 2020, Aladdin managed $21.6 trillion in assets, the largest money manager in the world.

Here are 9 fascinating facts to know about BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager popping up in the Biden administration

Sidenote on Wenatchee: More of it's citizens were addicted to the SSRI, 'Prozac' than practically any other town in America. In the early 1990s Wenatchee had a reputation as the "happy pill town" and “Happy Valley” with psychologist James Goodwin, "the Pied Piper of Prozac."

Wenatchee: Little Town of Horrors - Then came a plague of grisly crimes, natural disasters and a child sex scandal.

Fast forward to today and now the "happy pill" has been replaced with "AI" that actually started back in the 60s by Joseph Weizenbaum, a German American who managed to escape Nazi Germany was a computer scientist and a professor at MIT who built what he claimed was a computer psychotherapist, people could type in their inner feelings & problems and get a response. He called the program "ELIZA", modelled after a real psychotherapist, Carl Rogers. The Weizenbaum Award is named after him and he is considered one of the fathers of modern artificial intelligence. What ELIZA revealed in an age of individualism, what made people feel secure was having themselves 'reflected' back to them. Just like in a MIRROR. Fast forward 55 years later and what do we see now?

I'm sure Weizenbaum rubbed shoulders with Freemason Vannevar Bush, head of the Masonic lodge at MIT, a true genius post Tesla and regarded as the godfather of the real UFO file, among many other breakthroughs in technology...One name towers above all the rest when it comes to the dominance of technology in our lives...

G. Pascal Zachary wrote in a 1997 WIRED article called "The Godfather"

Vannevar Bush is a great name for playing six degrees of separation. Turn back the clock on any aspect of information technology - from the birth of Silicon Valley and the marriage of science and the military to the advent of the World Wide Web - and you find his footprints. As historian Michael Sherry says, "To understand the world of Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, start with understanding Vannevar Bush."

"As We May Think" describes a device - Bush called it a "memex" - that was meant to tame the then-novel problem of information overload by enhancing human memory (hence its name). Bush envisioned it as a universal library, relying on microfilm to store vast amounts of text, crammed onto a desktop.

And I suppose this quote alone would probably have gotten Bush deplatformed today:

"Science is not enough if it leads to a materialist reductionism, if it is abused by the state, if its practitioners become arrogant or its nonpractitioners too fearful or dependent on its wisdom."


I guess now we know why Vannevar Bush never became a household name, and why so many scientists whose accomplishments were nearly nothing in comparison to his achievements.

What was the Memex?

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 12:58 PM

originally posted by: onehuman
Do you guys think Q knew the day that would be the last post, or did something happen? I wonder if they know or estimated how many of us would stay in the game to keep the momentum going and how many would throw in the towel. Are those of us that stayed the critical mass? We reached the point it was okay for Q to bow out or that was the day planned regardless?

Planned. They knew the exit date.

Everyone graduates from school at some point. I said waaaaaaaaaay back during the longest Q break that folks must learn how to expand on their own. They did then. Q returned. Most continued connecting, Q left.

It was built into the process. Even the shills and trolls can recognize traditional - non 20th century, learning and how it works.

This is a bigger process, much bigger, dating back a very long way in linear time - a very short way in non-linear time. Q team operates out of non-linear time (Q approved POV), as such, the point of exit was determined based on a myriad of factors, one of which is folks graduating from "gee when it Q coming back, see, Q left us, see, we're now..." stuff. Sadly it gives the shills and trolls what they need, but comically it is the weakest argument from the superior POV simply because the task was complete and worked well. Better then I had figured if I am honest.

Folks must now take the journey on their own, literally. They've been given tools from this library, which, for many was their first exposure to taking full responsibility for their awareness. The disdain most have at this point is the idea that government idiots and their minions control their process of life and not themselves. Now the must include new levels to that awakening.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:18 PM
This Instagram influencer "received 2 campaigns paying thousands of dollars to get the vaccine and record a selfie and video while receiving it"


posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:29 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

I do, you watch
I do, you help
You do, I help
You do, I watch

This is “How to Train Someone 101”.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:31 PM
a reply to: F2d5thCavv2

The more and more I see though I get hope because I see the masses of people that once followed the media and big corporations moving away. As you see today with Project Veritas their lies are continually being exposed and many have had it.

If I knew it wouldn’t have many terrible consequences as a result I almost hope for an EMP attack just for the sole reason to get rid of TV. There is barely anything of substance on anymore.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: olaru12

Who do you think is driving the speculation in Gold and Silver to drive up the prices so rapidly.
And why?

Firstly, I'm not a financial guru and this is NOT advice - merely a personal view:

1) The financial cabal got stuck with a lot of short positions, whereby they need to buy Gold/Silver to fulfil their contracted deliveries. Here's how their shorting tactic seems to have worked in the past but is now blowing up:

Usual situation:
a) On Jan 1st, when price is say $10/Ounce, Contract to sell/deliver 1000 ounces of Gold at $10/ounce on March 31st , knowing that it's price usually goes up very little over 3 months,
b) Account that $10k sale as your Asset from Jan 1st to March 31st,
c) Use that Asset as backing to do other business to make a profit before March 31st; buy and sell $10k of Apple shares making profit of $100,
d) On March 31st Gold price is $10.05 an ounce, which is therefore worth $10,050 dollars - but you have to sell it at $10/ounce = $10k to fulfil original contract, = $50 loss,
e) Net gain "worst case" = $100 profit on Apple - $50 loss on Gold price = $50 dollars,
f) Net gain "best case", if Gold price has gone down to $9.95 an ounce; $100 profit on Apple + $50 profit on Gold sale = $150 dollars!

Situation now:
g) It's March 31st and Gold price has gone up to $20/ounce because you never had the Gold in your vaults (US took it) and there's less available to buy for same reason;
h) Net loss = $100 Apple profit - $10k loss on Gold = $9,900 dollars loss!

Situation future:
i) Gold has gone up to $100/ounce and Apple shares have crashed to $1 because it's been indicted:
j) Net loss = $9.9k loss on Apple shares + $20k loss on Gold = $29.9k loss

Now let's put some real world figures into the equation:
k) On Jan 31st; the contract was for, say, 1 million ounces of gold at spot price of $1.9k/Oz (link), total value $1.9 billion,
l) On March 31st, using Dollar to Gold value from US debt value is $37k/Oz,
m) Net loss on 1 million ounces contract is roughly $35.1 BILLION
n) Books are out of balance and Chapter 11 approaches.

2) They need to use the shorting process to maintain the vastly over inflated derivatives market whereby $1 dollar has been turned into $1000s. If you can't mathematically prove production of profit then you are left with the base product values; Dollar = Total dollars should reflect total owned products = mainly Gold/Silver + profits,

3) Anons have been buying physical Silver in large numbers/small quantities - thereby reducing the quantity available for purchase. White Hats have been "repatriating" Gold from the Vatican, various central banks and from the hidden stores in DUMBs,

4) Demand for any product pushes the price up, especially when there is a limited quantity,

5) The cabal has control of the STOCK MARKET information flows. It has been telling us that the VALUE/price is lower than it actually is so that they can buy it at a cheaper price and keep above fraud going.

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posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:37 PM
a reply to: fiverx313
I feel it was all part of the “plan”. In order for the plan to actually work Trump HAD to lose. Once the loss was “accomplished” what else was there for Q to drop? The start of that phase of the plan could commence.

There is a link in this thread to a Majic EYes video on the law of war on Bitchute. It is hands down the best explanation of the Q drops and how they tie together with the “plan” that I have seen. If you are interested in the drops it is in my opinion the best video I have seen on it

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posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:40 PM

originally posted by: Charliebrowndog
a reply to: fiverx313
I feel it was all part of the “plan”. In order for the plan to actually work Trump HAD to lose. Once the loss was “accomplished” what else was there for Q to drop? The start of that phase of the plan could commence.

There is a link in this thread to a Majic EYes video on Bitchute. It is hands down the best explanation of the Q drops and how they tie together with the “plan” that I have seen. If you are interested in the drops it is in my opinion the best video I have seen on it

thanks for the tip
can i ask, what do you think the next phase will entail?

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:42 PM

originally posted by: onehuman
Do you guys think Q knew the day that would be the last post, or did something happen? I wonder if they know or estimated how many of us would stay in the game to keep the momentum going and how many would throw in the towel. Are those of us that stayed the critical mass? We reached the point it was okay for Q to bow out or that was the day planned regardless?

It was over before it began. When you're outside if Ti-me things get a lot clearer.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:42 PM
Polarity Reality in action...

Trending on the twat

Interesting new paper... Not much new, but condensed.

Important New Paper: MASKS DO NOT WORK; CDC Sticking With 6% COVID-Only Deaths; More! — Coronavirus Update LXI

The polarity reality is what we live in, the "opposite" provides us with contrast, which, helps define where we are. Not all realities are such, but this one, dominated by m.A.L.I.C.E. is not only a polarity reality but one that has run amok hair splitting nonsensical made up polarity points like a million genders and a million races.

I can't imagine shilling for the medical mafia at this point, the biggest system of oppression on the planet, trillions of dollars in mechanisms of control every year. No "cure" for cancer, no "cure" for The Rona, no "cure" for anything at all - just approved treatments rooted in expensive addiction to the system.

But their grip is huge. I've seen folks rail against cancer treatments and the criminals who push it, then poof, off to get the poison at the first sign. Same for jabs. So no surprise there are folks willing to sell out humanity for a few bucks, as if the impact of the fallout won't be a part of their lives. Oddly, several posts here have linked to stories of folks impacted - loved one's died from the jab or the lockdowns and yet they seem oblivious to the trauma. Their polarity reality wakeup will be very awkward indeed.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:54 PM
Well, there isn't a one of us that didn't wish the child trafficking wasn't true. If you think most to all of that story is untrue, then you have some "getting a grip on it" times ahead for you.

The number of kids being rescued in the News stories the Media is willing to tell us is staggering as is. By those numbers alone being the tip of the iceberg we can infer millions of missing children ended up in these peoples clutches we call the "Cabal".

Be warned now that this is not a joke, and never was one either. Children have been suffering at the hands of these asshats.

originally posted by: TheElectricAnt
a reply to: Justoneman
Looking at this from a European viewpoint. I think, that the real hopium should be that there are no child eating cabal.
The world is not as evil, as depicted by Q. Real hope is not based on division, its based on unity. The American 2 party system creates division. Us or them, with little or no shades of gray. It slowly destroys your country, leaving everyone and everything biased, in there own little party affiliated echo chamber.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: fiverx313

Logically thinking in my mind it has to be arrests, I think right now you are seeing is the dismantling of the Cabal money system and infrastructure but also a soft disclosure to the awake that things are happening.

The issue that many people seem to forget is that it isn’t a one sided fight. As the walls close in desperation also sets in. For sure that was planned for and much of what has been going on was to help mitigate the damage of that. The safety of as many people is what is critical right now. The next phase won’t happen until the safety can be assured to a high percentage and threats are occurring daily which affect the timeline.

The pain people are feeling is real and a lot of scary stuff is happening right now but in actuality it pales in comparison to let’s say a nuke going off or a large portion of the water supply being tainted (which I have heard as potential Cabal backlash). There is WAY more going on than what it seems and has been that way for a reason, it just the news won’t report it.

Long term I feel we are never going back to the way they were, it will be better. Trump will not be President again but more of a figurehead/vocal leader as the military cleans up and temporarily leads while they move us to safe elections and go through the military tribunals.

Elections I don’t think will be until 2024. With how screwed up stuff is here and worldwide this isn’t going to be something done in 6-12 months. Most of the government was involved in some way here in the states and also worldwide. There isn’t going to be anyone left to lead like we have had.

We have come along way but if you believe in a lot of the “conspiracies” you understand the enemy is patient and we only have one chance to do this right so hopefully it never happens again.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 02:00 PM
Former Navy SEAL Shannon Rusch (BUDs class 236) is a motivational speaker, and writes books like "A Warrior's Mind" had joined Proud Boys march. Rusch participated but did not go inside the Capitol.

Former Navy SEAL Admits He Marched on Capitol on Jan. 6
"Strom"? Energy, electricity, current? Die Stadt hinter dem Strom.

I'm not on FB but someone posted this today:

Shannon Rusch has extensive experience in communications, team leadership, and the delivery of solid results in high-stress environments, with experience as a United States Navy SEAL and a record of success in a deployment to mitigate terrorism and narcotics trafficking throughout Central and South America.

SilentShadow USA Inc. - note the companies he has advised.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: Charliebrowndog

i can't say i'm a believer as such but i thank you for sharing your thoughts on it.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 02:24 PM
a reply to: PillarOfFire

Ron and Jim Watkins are beholden to the laws of time and space just like the rest of us, and they damn sure do not possess a time machine.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 02:30 PM
a reply to: PokeyJoe

That you are aware of.

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