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No vax, no escape.

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posted on Apr, 12 2021 @ 08:17 AM
a reply to: schuyler If you want to blame someone for fake news, blame the news outlets that reported it. This is the breaking news section, it was breaking news. If it is proved false later, fine, but that is what THEY reported?

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:02 AM
a reply to: DanZek

Ya! The world is heading toward hell in a handbasket. And all the idiots and bubbleheads are nodding along. Like they say the easiest way to control a population is the control the most common denominator in any factor. Its just so happens to be that on planet earth among great swaths of people?

The most common denominator is....Well by now people get it who they are, and many people think that they aren't. But yes. Yes they are, that. They are the? Idiots.

Oh well # happens. Welcome to the new normal. Though personally I am waiting for the whole getting the newer generation chipped and processed happens.

I mean people have only just signed away there health and the future generations health and life's into the gentle hands of big pharma and government and tech companies, and all future generations. I mean its good that they were thinking of the children.

You know the ones born with covid. They to need to be vaccinated, and inoculated even after the womb. And just for a double dose of protection, make them wear a face shield and a mask underneath, while in the Maternity Ward.

Oh boy, does the future sound peculiar. Guess you all will see.

So take your jab yearly. Wear your mask. And dont forget to fill out your vaccination card before getting new tabs.

Or else your license will be revoked till you get a jab...Have a nice day.

posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 01:25 AM

originally posted by: DanZek
St. Vincent

I had to look up St. Vincent.

She's Hot!

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posted on Apr, 13 2021 @ 02:32 AM
I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I want to help the world, but I'm starting to feel like it's a lost cause. Most people just think you're crazy if you try to warn them, or talk about anything that isn't mainstream. I'm not getting the vaccine and I'm not sure what will happen to me and my family over this, but every ounce of me feels this is sinister. Everything has been so convenient to those running the show. Amazing how Covid gave them all the edge they needed to really get us in a stranglehold. Almost as if it was planed, hrmm... I don't know how to convince anyone reading this. I know that no matter what I cite or claim it won't be enough. Some will label me a science denier, antivaxxer or whatever. I get it. I really hope that if you have an appointment for this shot, or are thinking about scheduling one, please reconsider. Look into the SPARS document.

I have always listened to my intuition and it has never failed me once. I knew from day one that something was off with this Covid thing. I just felt it. I can't prove it, maybe it's just discernment. Why anyone would think they are making a vaccine to help us is beyond me. I know that the people behind this shot are the same people that keep Americans on prescription drugs, use our diet created illnesses to keep prescribing more drugs, then the deficiencies cause by those drugs cause you to be on more. All for a sustainable, passive income. I know because I have lived with major stomach related issues that have caused me severe damage and required major medications my whole life. After a bit of research, I was able to remove most of my issues with change of diet and stress management. I take only vitamins, feel better than ever and reduced my blood pressure from 190 over 110 to something manageable all through diet.

My belief really took hold after speaking with several nurses who stated that what's happening doesn't correlate with their medical training. One even told me to not take the shot, and most definitely not to give it to my kids! I know many of you want to get back to normal. Hell, I do too. But let's face it, it's not going to happen with the vaccine, which now you need a booster every 6 months. They keep moving the goal posts further and further, and they will continue to do so. They hint that you may get a little break from Covid soon then Bam! It ramps back up. People can't even be evacuated off an island with a volcano that's erupting without the vaccine for God sakes. This is madness. It amazes me how some people can argue that we should allow unvetted "refugees" to just waltz across our borders for the sake of empathy or to be humane, but can then argue in the same breath for these cruise companies to not evacuate these people off an island with an exploding volcano! All because they don't have a vaccine for a disease that's like over 99% survivable for almost all of the population. Even the CDC claimed that only 6% of the actual deaths were a direct result of Covid. I hope this isn't the power grab I fear it is, but every day that passes just makes me feel more and more like it is.

I'm open to being wrong. Are you?

Rant over. Let my reeducation commence hahaha.

posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 04:35 PM
Those who take the shots are motivated by fear of a virus. Effectively, they are willing to have an experimental drug injected into their bodies, a drug that kills quite a few people and maims others. By way of fear of a virus with a 99% survival rate, they rationalize taking a dangerous drug.

That's what fear and incessant propaganda can do to the herd. Herd stupidity my friend calls it.

posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 08:09 PM
Yet, they never could catch that cold that got away, and the wanted posters are everywhere.

posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 08:47 PM
a reply to: DanZek

According these reports there is a volcano going off on the island of St. Vincent. The cruise ship industry is kind enough to help evacuate the island as long as the people are vaccinated. Let that sink in for a moment. The cruise ships will only let man, woman, or child flee from a volcano if they have the jab.

Hotels turned to emergency shelters are 'asking' that people be vaccinated as well:

your covid passport please.

what no passport?
Security Gate 7, Security Gate 7 non complaint covid passport deteinee.

posted on Apr, 17 2021 @ 04:09 PM
Now that we're seeing deaths 'from covid' starting to appear amongst the many millions of innoculated Americans, I wonder if any of them are beginning to experience buyer's remorse?

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