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The mother of son's best friend infected...

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posted on Apr, 12 2021 @ 05:48 AM
So, I guess I owe an update on this story.

In the end, for some reason (I don't fully understand why), they ended up not going to the test site till this friday.

My son was playing online with his friend saturday and asked him, since I hadn't heard from the mother yet. Turns out the two brothers both were tested positive. But the crux... she didn't say my sons friend was tested negative. She only mentioned the other two.

The reason this bothers me, is because when I initially talked with her, she was being excusive about my son's friend's attitude to testing. So I'm worried that he didn't get a test

But the two brothers felt weak-ish and had a headache. So similar to having the flu.

So if the youngest did have a test, I'm just more confused about how random this virus is.
- Youngest, sleeps with mom and likes to kiss, doesn't get it.
- Two eldest, don't sleep with mom, get it.

I was acting as a semi laison to the school in this case, because the mother has been too great with the online system the school uses for contacting parents. So I asked her if I should relay the info to the school and she agreed.
I also followed up and informed them this saturday.

The school has been sending out messages whenever a new case has been discovered. Not with personal details, just that the parents who has near contacts to the infected would be approached by the school to isolate potential spreaders.

We had two mails since saturday.
1 that was about a teacher being sick.
The other today, about a single kid being sick.

Makes no sense. So I guess maybe they are acting "politically" or something. So the school doesn't get a high incidens number or something, which would force it to close down. But even though it wouldn't really help me having kids at home, it just feels wrong that they wouldn't openly report these two cases...

Gotta ask my son if his friend was back in school today, because that would make no sense at all :O

posted on May, 30 2021 @ 05:27 PM
So this little thread finally found its conclusion a month ago, but I totally forgot about it.

This is just to wrap it up:

- Mother ended up being sick for 28 days. She said it was terrible as she had no body strength and high fever for that long.
- The two big boys were sick for a weeks time or so. They only had slight fever and headaches.

- My son's class mate however..... didn't get sick.

This virus is tricky as hell.

We did however have a little outbreak in our youngest' pre-school class, with 8 kids and 3 grown-ups getting sick. My son didn't get sick.
Two days ago, we got an email that one of our big son's teachers had gotten sick and we had to get him tested.
So it's constantly back and forth, but we are avoiding it every time.

My own mother (past 60) and her husband had their first Pfizer jab and seem find so far.
My girlfriend, who interestingly enough works in Biotech, is having her 1st jab in a few weeks time. Crossing fingers.

To be honest, she is as down to earth as can be, but very bright and knowledgable, and she has actually managed to move my view on the vaccines. I mean, she wouldn't get Astra or Johnson herself, but Pfizer she is confident about (she has no affiliation... her company makes gene sequencing hardware).

She had an opposite story; a friend of hers, who has taken so much care to follow directions with masks, sanitizing and so on... got sick, and was out for 10 days. Go figure.

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