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'The harmonics of Lingua Arcana - the music of mythic form'

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posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 02:05 AM
A brief discussion on the Ancient Unity of Language, and what it means for us..

Protolanguage ~

Once upon a time, as the story goes, there was a world of beauty & wonder, rich with all manner of life forms, from the blistering heat of the low-lying Savannah grasslands, to the lush forests of the equatorial latitudes, bursting with the sounds of nature - to the impossibly desolate, frigid mountains of the Far North, populated by reindeer & Arctic fox alone. This world has its own story, and a special, unique one at that – though it is not a tale for the faint of heart & it has no time for the crooked of step.


I'm taking a step back today, back from the lofty & improbable heights of my sometime vainglorious rambling, the reflections of a Fool with intuition to guide, with little thereupon to stand but the search for Truth. Having said this, with mystic reverie comes insight, and I'm privileged to discern useful understanding from the Ancient of Days when the time is appropriate.

And so ~ Words, words, lots & lots of words. Abstractions from which to elicit wisdom & understanding concerning the Truth of a matter, when one has ears to hear.. In the beginning of the human story, words were unnecessary. We did not live a life separate from the life of the Spirit – we were a part of nature & knew our place.. Every spark leaping from the coals, every rustle of wind in the trees, always & everywhere there was that Great Spirit to find, to reveal more & ever greater wonders as the Truth of the world soaked into our bones, deep within our psyche, written in our very DNA, the language of Life itself. For ancient man, when there was a concept to be grasped, there was no need to utter abstractions to reference what one intended to mean, in some manner gesturing to communicate the context of the action undertaken or the observation intended.. We lay on our backs & marvelled at the stars, and when language first crept into the creative coterie of our higher functioning brain, it was unified, infused with deep, rich, effervescent meaning, Truth & beauty, utility & play upon the tapestry of life.

Later, our first independent writing types were cuneiform & hieroglyphs – both were based around simple concepts, depicted by fixed characters in large part still carrying this unity & clarity of concept, fitted together in the whole. By means of this basic abstraction, the powers of Mankind had advanced immensely, within a cosmic whisper of an instant – but something didn't fit. The language was still largely unified, spirit & symbol wrapped together in fulsome embrace - but there was little metaphor or complex reasoning, hypothesising & so on. Simple topics were dealt with using simple abstractions.

Our language at that time was basic, but there was a danger hidden within this very mark of progress, which we will cover soon. For now, how did Mankind bring the deepest meanings of that unified protolanguage, which even then was ebbing away, slipping beyond reach as increasing abstraction robbed him of his memory of the mother-tongue, the Lingua Arcana, the language of the whole earth? He created mythology, which explained & demonstrated plainly the nature of a thing, a process, a place, a person, a force of nature, a wonder... This mythology reached deep into the collective unconscious mind of the human race, weaving its tales with ever-increasing coherence & poetic brilliance. It merged with music to become the way we speak of ourselves & others, through rhythm, through lyrical dance, through poetic passions & powerful symbols, of earth, sky, water, wind & life itself, the still voice within, the unknown God above it all, the God who ruled the lesser gods as they roamed in their orbits & governed the world of men & beasts. And these forces of song became our connection to Spirit, after we had stumbled away from what existed before, when the stars sang for joy, carrying the melody, the harmony, the beat of the drum, driven into our nature, making us one with nature, even if now it lasted only a little while, before abstraction ruled once more in the lives of men.

With language, with song, with mythology, came civilisation.

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posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 02:05 AM
Delineating the purposes of language

There are essentially two main functions for language, which can be delineated from the Owen Barfield (philologist) quotes below.. The results of this splitting of functions, edging us away each time from our heritage within the arms of the lingua arcana, our protolanguage, our universal mother tongue, as we complicate with our abstractions, is that a duality of meaning has become such that scientific language, and the language of poets, are in opposition to one another in their basic form & function, and indeed the consequences in terms of fracturing human unity should be obvious to anyone who cares to examine the matter.

First, we have the immediate scientific description of an object, or concept.

“Men do not invent those mysterious relations between separate external objects, and between objects and feelings or ideas, for which it is the function of poetry to reveal. These relations exist independently, not indeed of Thought, but of any individual thinker. And according to whether the footsteps are echoed in primitive language or, later on, in the made metaphors of poets, we hear them after a different fashion & for different reasons. The language of primitive man reports them as direct perceptual experience. The speaker has observed a unity, and is not therefore conscious of relation. But we, in the development of consciousness, have lost the power to see this one as one. Our sophistication, like Odin's, has cost us an eye; and now it is the language of poets, in so far as they create true metaphors, which must restore this unity conceptually, after it has been lost from perception.

“Mythology is the ghost [the living force, ed.] of concrete meaning. Connections between discrete phenomena, connections which are now apprehended as metaphor, were once perceived as immediate realities..”

Owen Barfield, Poetic Diction

posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 02:05 AM
CS Lewis' word games - lost word, lost world..?

I've been referring directly & indirectly to the work of CS Lewis in this thread, specifically what he termed his 'fairy tale for grown-ups', the novel 'Out of the Silent Planet', which relates as the first in a trilogy which outwardly tells an interesting story, but inwardly is discusses & exemplifies the ways in which language can & should be used, and how it specifically should never be used. The Apostle James said that the tongue was aflame with the fires of Hell, so serious was he about how we use our language with one another. This thread is inspired by what follows in the next paragraph, as I searched for the term 'Oyarsa', from the memory of having read the book (OOTSP) in 2002 – I stumbled upon a photocopy of a journal article from many decades ago, extolling the philological mysteries behind the Thulcandra trilogy (Thulcandra is the name for Earth, the Silent Planet, from which no good news, indeed no communication whatsoever, has ever issued forth towards other Oyarsa & Eldila since the time of the rebellion, and the Fall which followed..)

Obscurity followed by more obscurity then, but the truth will out, as the saying goes. I will refer more directly to OOTSP momentarily, but first let's examine the term (Oyarsa) itself.

The etymology has been obscured, probably deliberately a very long time ago, but Lewis himself claimed that he pulled the term from an equally obscure text concerning medieval magical rites &/or astrology (as I recall - it's been a decade since I first read of this fact, so I may have it slightly in error, but the point is that this incredibly obscure term was located in an incredibly obscure place, and Lewis utilised it in its proper context after figuring out what was meant in the correct manner of its use, to denote the ruler of a world, which modern man would call the 'Rex Mundi', to use the Latin phrase. The theory here is simple – all of this relates to the story of the Fall, in the Book of Genesis, in the Bible's Old Testament – but hidden almost is the undercurrent of philological exegesis. In the story which Lewis wrote, the ruler of our own world, the Oyarsa, is tasked with overseeing the 'eldila' (angels) who would oversee the wellbeing of Mankind, who would oversee the flora & fauna of the Earth – a natural & perfect hierarchy. However, our Oyarsa, at some point, gets 'bent' [out of shape, in moral terms, ed.] which is the most appropriate term the Oyarsa of the other world can use such that it could be understood by his own people – basically meaning that the rebel's heart has turned away from the Order of the Ancient of Days. Furthermore, because he intended to disrupt & destroy other worlds in addition to dominating & subjugating the sentient humans on his own world, he was locked down to the Earth, no longer capable of travelling the universal realms of star systems & other dimensions, which had been a privilege before the rebellion had formed in his heart. This is the story of how Lucifer, the shining one, tasked with being the ruler of humanity, became an Enemy to humanity. His first task, after it became clear that his wings had been clipped, so to speak, was to manipulate the humans in his charge so that he could establish a more punitive command over them – he intended to make us fall from grace, and as we all know, he was successful in this aim.

posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 02:06 AM
Adam as Patriarchal, mythic Mankind; the Ancient Church
- the divergence of Mankind & YHWH, Adonai, Elohim

Since the origin of our race, we had been growing towards sentience & we were at one with Spirit.. We were at peace, we had everything we needed; the Lord, Adonai, walked with the patriarchal King & his Consort; we had the beginnings of a civilised world. As our sentience shone forth, the Ancient of Days awoke the soul of Mankind, and there was formed the most arcane church of the Creator, a state of heart between creature & master over all, when there was a unity in language, in lived experience, in Spirit. However, these halcyon days were not to last, when the Enemy stepped in with jealousy & rage hidden beneath a veneer of charm & persuasion. Adam's consort, Eve, was tempted to turn her heart away from the Truth which Adonai, the Lord, had planted in their hearts, instead choosing to believe the lie. The moment of separation from the will & purposes of the Divine authority had occurred, and from that point onwards, our 'walk of Spirit' was disrupted, and we began to pull away from that original intended path, displaying our own streaks of rebellion as time went by, though our language was still intact, all the world speaking the Lingua Arcana, still with deep wisdom being apparent to all who had eyes to see & ears to hear.

How much of this has a basis in actual fact & how much is metaphor is somewhat unknown, but it's probably best that we consider it a mythological construct rooted in actual events. There was hierarchy between men & angels in the days of the Patriarchs, and there was likely a named King of Humanity, assumedly Adam. However, the construct of the fruit in the Garden of Eden & the serpentine Enemy is at least partly mythological, unless movement of persons between dimensions was involved, which I cannot deny is a real possibility (I have had some minor angelic contact, so I know there is the possibility of movement between the worlds..) Perhaps we had access to the actual tree of life & the tree of knowledge, etc. However, the basic fact is that there was authority in Adam's kingship which Lucifer could not directly usurp. He had to resort to trickery, and by so doing, he established an automatic compact with Adam in which Adam forsook his kingship & gave away his authority to Lucifer, for all generations yet to be born.

Now at a later time, there was an apparent second rebellion event, probably inspired by the first. The 'Watcher' angels (an embodied angelic, messenger race, set at a fairly low level of authority in the universal hierarchy) – these rebels, 200 of them, immortals, descended to Earth & basically took over in the near-East, and likely throughout the world. They were the ancient builders, employing advanced technology to craft incredible megalithic structures & technological installations across the earth. As things had originally stood, it should have taken longer for us to advance technologically & sociologically than it ultimately did, because these Watchers basically brought all their knowledge to bear on increasing the capabilities of the young, somewhat naïve human populace, to serve them in their new capacity as 'gods' who took charge of the humans & manipulated them into subservience.

Now whether that was a definite second rebellion, or whether the story of Lucifer in the Garden is actually a mythological construct based around the arrival of the Watchers, I'm not 100% sure, but either way the outcome seems largely to be identical. Indeed, it seems that the Watchers actually dared to genetically manipulate Mankind, to better suit their purposes in their planned use of the planet & its resources. So whichever way you slice it, there was a massively abusive rebellion sparked against the Creator's hierarchy, using humans as pawns, indeed further upending the proper order of things by siring offspring with the human women, which turned out to be 'giants', the demigods, heroes of old. All of this is sourced in the Bible itself, and in other documents from Sumer, Babylon, Akkad & Assyria, etc. Much of what had been classed as 'mythology' quite possibly has a basis in actual, living flesh & blood facts – though naturally, mythological tales were also being wrought at the same time, which has made untangling the facts very difficult..

Finally to mention in this unfolding space opera, a battalion of the warriors under the LORD's authority were despatched to put down the rebellion, and it seems that they were successful, because at some unknown point in the deep history of our world, the ancient builders suddenly disappeared, with evidence scattered around the world of massive destructive events, some of which involved wide scale flooding, as well as warfare of an intense & severe nature (for an example, see the destruction of Puma Punku, which couldn't really get much more decimated than it is..) There are examples of huge blasts involving intense heat, even nuclear events in places, some of which were recorded in the ancient Hindu texts, and elsewhere. Some research will show you a host of fascinating images, of these scattered destructive events.

posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 02:07 AM
The Flood & the Tower of Babel Event

“It is the very nature of thought & language to represent what is immaterial in picturable terms.. To ask how [these two separate types of language, ed] first came together [in the lingua arcana, ed.]would be great folly; the real question is how they ever came apart” CS Lewis, 'Miracles

Most people know & understand the basic narrative of the Biblical flood – there is in fact more evidence to support widespread global flooding in deep antiquity is actually more prevalent than the shills would have you believe. Archaeological/ anthropological excavations around the regions of the far North, around Alaska, Canada, etc, have found evidence of huge forests washed suddenly away, great creatures such as mammoths also being washed away in the mud & destruction, apparently showing that their last meals survived intact within their stomachs, as they were held within the permafrost as the aeons went by. A pole shift was potentially to blame for the sudden shift in the environment which led to such devastation. Evidence in the form of shared mythology around a sudden global flooding event is present in the folklore of almost every single tribe & race on the planet, and it is easily sourced if you wish to look.

A great book covering the lost continent of Lemuria, which also examines the global flooding evidence, is also a fantastic read describing aspects of the culture & purposes of the ancient builders, and what seems to have happened at the end of their reign:

The Lost Civilisation of Lemuria – the rise & fall of the world's oldest culture

The 'Great Flood' event is seared into the subconscious of the human race, and as a result there is no denying it – it happened, and it happened at the end of the last ice age, around 10,000BC or thereabouts.

A second event which everyone is aware of, to some extent, has a central bearing on the purpose of this thread, and that is the Tower of Babel incident, described in the Hebrew Old Testament, the Book of Genesis, part of the Christian Bible also. This thread is largely about how language has been central in the understanding of who we are, how we came to be, what our spiritual circumstance is, and how an understanding of the philological history of our language can help us to move into a position of proper righteous authority in our lives.

The tower of Babel is often misunderstood, and it's easy to see why. On the surface, it appears that God has come down to Earth, in person, with a couple of angels alongside him, saying that humans should not be permitted to work together as one, because if they do, they will be a threat to the authority & kingdom of God. This is not true, it is a false interpretation, and the deep meaning, the context of why the incident was necessary, is actually a story of compassion, knowing that the future risks to the wellbeing & the very existence of humanity, was dependent on them NOT engaging in unilateral expansionism/ research as a monoculture, particularly because of the artificial advancement of knowledge beyond our psychic maturity, due to the influence of the Watchers who rebelled, the immortals, we could call them (though Psalm 82 describes the LORD's judgement against those rebels, that they would die like men - ultimately that is, in point of fact it may not yet have happened for some, or all of them).

The risks of such a path for Mankind would have been dire. The potential for epic global conflagration became greater when the humans were unified with charge over so much knowledge – because any sudden fracture would lead to immature drives to conflict so brutal & extensive, that nothing would be left in its wake. Although the incident led to a confusion of language, this actually served to ensure that for a very long time, conflicts remained local & minor, in regional relative to what could have resulted otherwise. The problem was that the Watchers had imparted so much knowledge to the fledgling human race, that they would not be psycho-spiritually mature enough to handle it wisely, in a way that didn't end up with something like Darth Vader in control of the ultra-fascist technocratic Empire searching out cultures to destroy & peoples to assimilate. We were supposed to have matured slowly, discovering all the wonderful information the Watchers imparted, but piecemeal & slowly, over a very long period of time, measured in millennia, not centuries.. The artificial advancement of the timeline was crucially seen as an immense risk, thinking in terms of the deep programming of the unconscious psyche.

I find the very idea that God confused the languages & separated the peoples into different territories incredibly fascinating, and it's wonderful to learn of all the different cultures that sprang up afterwards, indeed the ancient history of the world is fascinating in itself, but once you add the fact that at least some of the Watchers & their offspring, the Nephilim, appear to have survived all attempts to eradicate them, ever more fascinating. Consider that these immortals may have been hiding in the shadows, living 'life after life' with knowledge of incredible technologies, some perhaps at their disposal, though not sharing them with humanity until we were almost at the point of discovering certain things for ourselves, perhaps they were waiting for us to develop certain technologies so they could take advantage & leapfrog over us due to knowledge they had retained, though we ourselves were scrapping our way along in the knowledge of what they were up to. I think that time has certainly come now, we have parity or near-parity with these surviving immortals.

Which makes the way that current events have been unfolding doubly fascinating, and indeed exceedingly worrying,if your perspective is the same as my own.. One particular quote I think we all should bear in mind in these times is as follows:

“Truth must ... use force, where deception has gained the upper hand”

And I refer to the dangerous route espoused by the far left, subversive radical anarchists, working as a loose collective to take over in society, social justice warriors, snowflakes, 'cucks', and all the cancel culture, BLM Marxists & so on. Police being stood down, alternative thinkers & conservatives being treated derogatorily as 'alt-right' as a means of shutting them down, any resistance to the narrative shouted down and such persons unjustly accused as 'conspiracy theorists'. And of course the gender wars & the woke revolution have a lot to do with this inflaming of social media groups as well, though I won't go into that here.

We can only hope that in some measure, we can rise against this tide of destructive BS, to reclaim our heritage & provide a path towards a better, more connected, liberty-filled future, not ruled by the Davos elite, not ruled by Tech Giants partnering with nation states..

posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 02:07 AM
Conclusion ~

I feel that I haven't quite connected all the dots here, there's just so much that's relevant, so much to unpack. I want to end with a brief missive regarding my own personal faith, in large part inspired by the intellectual fortitude of academics such as CS Lewis, a remarkable man with incredible talents, who influenced my faith 'adventure' in the early years, whose 'Out of the Silent Planet' had a huge effect on me in my understanding & search for wisdom.

The truest path is the one which brings you close to justice, mercy & humility before God, refusing to bow to Lucifer, placing your trust in God.

The road to Calvary was founded at the very outset of the Patriarchal epoch before the Fall, with what theologians term 'Christologies', occurrences in ancient times with patriarchs such as Abraham in which the person of Christ, who would later be born as Jesus of Nazareth, would come to see & speak with the various persons to whom this gift was given. The title of Christ in these situations is often 'the Angel of the LORD', and there is a great wealth of theological treasure which discusses these events, and the ways in which they had an influence on the developing path beyond the Patriarchal times towards the time of the Hebrew slaves, those who were liberated from Egypt, becoming known as the Jews, who would clear the way for Christ's incarnation at Bethlehem, the mission to undo the damage of Lucifer/ the Watchers.

He said “Those who are not against us, are for us”. His sacrifice was a spiritual coup d'etat, revoking the privilege that Lucifer had usurped through deceptive trickery in the mists of pre-Adamic time. By placing your trust in Christ, asking Him as Cosmic Lord to be near you, to communicate with you, to demonstrate the love of God for you, as an individual, you will see the potential for a personal destiny which is truly wonderful, and you will enjoy a relationship with the Creator. You do not need to throw science & rationalism out of the window, and it's fine to start as an agnostic. In my case God proved His existence in a single day & night after I prayed a desperate prayer of tragic bottoming-out, when I was as low as I'd ever been. I was instantly lifted out of the fear of death, reassured of supernatural blessing, gifted with information that helped me to focus my pathway through life, the most wonderful adventure in my life as I began to uncover who Christ is & what He intends for us as God's children. I would like to invite you to test the LORD in this matter, to uncover His love for you by simply asking from a sincere heart.

You do not need to speak out a formal prayer word for word. Christ is the Living Word, through whom all was made, everything was spoken into being, creation is a continuous process which is sustained by the Lord.. You don't need to fret about what words you speak or think in order to involve yourself with HIm. You need not worry about which church you choose to belong to (a middle of the road, modern evangelical church with some charismatic leanings is a great place to start).

The true church is within your heart, and it is 100% solely the province of Christ, submitting your authority to His authority – as He said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”. This is a wonderful journey – happy travels!

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posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 02:08 AM
Oh no, this is the beginnings of another language of vampyre thread, I got lost in that one for years. Its going to take me awhile to get through everything you laid out and wanted to comment for quick reference later on, thank you for posting this.

posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 09:12 AM
Me as well
a reply to: Brotherman

posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 11:39 AM
a reply to: Dalamax

I look forward to your input! Thanks to you both for taking the time to read through & share your opinions, I hope you enjoy the material. As noted in the conclusoin, I felt that there were a number of strands that I didn't properly integrate into the overall narrative, for example I should have included more reference material from the trilogy that CS Lewis wrote, I will probably add an epilogue to provide deeper thoughts on that side of it. Additionally, I could have gone deeper into the exacting philological reference material, and indeed I feel that I should do so at some time soon. I hoped this would become a living, breathing discussion on faith, the juxtaposition of natural & revealed spirituality, the possibility of life on other worlds, angelology & even demonology based on the understandings gleaned from the Bible, and the other source material (mainly Sumerian & Egyptian) - and ultimately a brief presentation of cosmology which we can perhaps one day expect to see played out before our very eyes.

People have been predicting the end of the world for aeons - the very first Christians believed that the Second Coming of Jesus would happen in their lifetimes, and ever since then it has been a perennial obsession for many, many well-intended Christians (& some not-so-well intended). The reasons are usually the deepening corruption in the world around us, which has apparently been going on for the past two millennia, and even before then, customs concerning family integration & public/private behaviour were far more acutely understood & observed respectfully, equally people would be respectful in general of other faiths, other groups vying for public discourse.

As for myself, I sincerely do believe that we will witness an actual apocalypse in our times. The timeframe for our remaining harvests is 60 years - 60 years until the soils have been sterilised & made useless for agriculture on any scale, let alone on the scale that the burgeoning population of the world is going to need in the coming decades. Mass starvation, the retreat of government, military & elites into their well-provisioned DUMBs, leaving the rest of us to scratch out a couple more years if we're lucky, as society disintegrates around us, in one fell swoop. The problem of agriculture will be compounded by the massive overfishing which has been taking place in recent years, which also will lead to the collapse of a vital ecosystem - we will lose all fish from our tables by around 2060, in 40 years' time.

How are we going to deal with that? Why do you think that morality has been sliding down the scale in a fully amped-up mode of debauchery, leading the way are the elitists who know what's coming, who have been milking the hedonistic fetishist paradise they have created for themselves over the past 60 years (since the Woodstock 'summer of love' revolution in the 60's, in which free love was enshrined as an acceptable norm & on principle it should be permitted - never mind that obsession with debauchery leads to a living hell when your house of cards eventually collapses..)

I expect that even before we get to these overtaxings of the environment, we will see war on a near-global scale, with myriad local conflicts popping off around the globe as nation competes with its neighbour nations for control of vital resources in the final decades we have remaining. In essence, we will see the true meaning of what Jesus intended when He said "...when you hear of wars, and rumours of wars - rumours? Because our global communication systems will break down, and our access to information will devolve to the sort of action the OSS & MI6 saw during World War 2 (a paper & pencil standard of technological spyware equipment - though some fancy James Bond toys will doubtless remain in pockets holding out across the world as the chaos begins to unfurl). I also have concerns about the looting of the financial system in the years before the years before the crash - and that is when we will collapse into a literal Apocalypse.

What strikes me is that there is a possibility among all this, that the Biblical prophecy of a ruler gifted with the ability to appease and placate all peoples, with supernatural capabilities apparently being deployed. There is not only one side to this secret war though, there are two directly competing sides, which are both diametrically opposed in their objectives - one side wants the desolation of the world & the destruction of the living soul of Mankind; the other wants to decimate the evils which even now can be seen to be unfolding. At some point the gloves will come off, what is hidden shall be revealed, and the Antichrist will take control. 'He' will be resisted fiercely by those with any power to do so, those who are, as the saying goes, "On the side of the angels".

God bless folks, please do join in and post any comments that come to mind, I will be interested to see how the thread develops from here. I know it's a lot to get through, so thank you for your patience in getting through it. I hope it proves worthwhile & helpful in at least some ways..

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