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posted on Mar, 30 2021 @ 05:34 PM
Anybody in here noticing random manifestations? I personally see material things manifest around me like weird random stuff. idk what to call it but it's random and it also happens in front people around me. I dont say anything I just observe what happens and try to make self experiments and explanations about it.

I came to he conculsion, is that i believe it is the spirit or soul inside of me that affects the way I see reality.

One time me and a friend did have intentions of manifesting a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and due to the fact cards have less mass, it was easy for it to manifest.

After that day I began to ponder if I could also do it again but with my mind. Apperently, it works and I just don't try to do it as much unless I'm buying stuff.

When I would practice this type of mentality in stores I would see original products morph differently as if I quantum jumped realities. About a week or so ago, I remember taking a random walk to my parents business and I would try to understand how it happens. I began to see the dirt form material objects but it was random..

I wanna do a Livestream or video of this because it would be cool for people who have a better mindset or focus point to actually manifest something like anything..

I haven't been on this site in awhile but I hope that someone could also relate or know something about this.

Personally I believe it is the soul or spirit or whatever is controlling the human body, is pulling random elements from the air or whenever to randomly make things happen.

I also have been able to move the Earth and sun and moon and stars and almost anything in existence.

I've tried to do it while watching TV or movies and it really changes the whole reality I see.

It's crazy it happens but I believe what im seeing and I'm sure a few of you guys that know who I am or where I am know what I'm talking about, if you guys have seen it while I was present in stores or any around, then I believe I could be an entity or higher order being but I don't want to put skeptical ideas about me. And if I get request to do a short video or whatever I'll do and I'll try my best to point out where in the video it happens while I record it.

I'm sorry for everything that has come up to this point, about reality but I believe once I pass on to the next life, I want to spiritually evolve this planet and fix it and probably create another existence for myself to enjoy and if I ever do come back to earth I hope to make it better than what it is now.

I know some of you want proof so I'll try to record later in the future and if I do ill post another thread on here.

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posted on Mar, 30 2021 @ 05:39 PM
Only with really small things. Nothing significant. Still, sometimes you really need a pen and it's sure nice to have one just suddenly "be there."

The trick is to avoid manifesting stuff that is not good for you. Getting mentally wrapped up with something bad happening to the point where it happens is a total bummer.

posted on Mar, 31 2021 @ 03:52 AM
Have been thinking about how the world would chance if we ever get the ability to convert energy to matter.
That is what you are essentially doing, connecting to some form of energy and converting it to matter, would you agree that takes a very intelligent brain or high level spirit to accomplish? Once you can alter the state of matter with your mind you can essentially manipulate every aspect of it. Its almost a god like state of being. It can be dangerous grounds, thinking you have a god like ability that nobody else possesses.

I miss being young and having a active imagination that could easily be linked to reality by just thinking to much about it, doesn't mean it is wrong or bad, it just isn't true reality and its easy to forget that, then again who is to say what reality really is..

posted on Mar, 31 2021 @ 04:20 AM
a reply to: Blue Shift

It's actually possible to manifest anything small like a pen..
But I believe the reason why it would manifest on the ground (sometimes, depends.) instead of the table is because the same elements humans make from the Earth to make a product, the same earth would use those same elements of itself to manifest it.

how to manifest stuff.

The way I would describe how to do would be mixing a bit of reality with imagination but not overthinking it.

Kinda like law of attraction but instead of pulling the energy or pushing it, you would need to feel your spirit or soul energy.

One way to do it is to practice with energy movement.

I think a psi wheel would work to understand how to turn the wheel right or left.

Then using the same feeling around in and out the mind body.

The more you practice moving your soul or spirit or whatever in and around your body then the next thing you need to manipulate
Is your own brain matter.

The way I did it was to make my blood flow upward to the brain touching my prefrontal cortex and forming new neurons.

Unfortunately when self explaining and self observation with experiment, without recording how to but remembering how to do this, my memory kinda decreased. But I'm also aging so I don't think too much about my past because some of it i don't really need anyways.

Idk how else to interrupt how I see reality so maybe someone or something benefits from not only manifesting material possession but a different reality.

Since this Earth is made of spirit and physical, the mental ability has yet to be learned by the Earth, I believe the day I die and my body decomposes in the Earth, it will probably evolve faster because of my incarcerated being.
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posted on Apr, 4 2021 @ 10:05 AM
Yet, most eastern forms of thought try to distance themselves from most forms or any idea of Solphism, and usually bring up "Detachment" or the practice of "Nothing."

I won't deny that Solphism has some merit too it, but there always going to be a bigger brain. I think what usually ends up happening, is that said manifestations or idea end up doing the manifesting.

After all, if the self is an absolute an in control, then self is completely liable for whatever comes it way...good or bad.

Why not Western thought you ask... the idea of Communism comes to mind.

posted on Apr, 4 2021 @ 09:29 PM
a reply to: luciferslight
I can move the sun from one side of the sky to the other....but it usually takes me all day.

posted on May, 9 2021 @ 04:58 PM
Any chance you could clarify this bit?

"Then using the same feeling around in and out the mind body.

The more you practice moving your soul or spirit or whatever in and around your body then the next thing you need to manipulate
Is your own brain matter"

Also, did you manage to record some manifestations like you memtioned you would?

posted on May, 11 2021 @ 07:22 AM
If anyone on this earth actually had this ability they could end world hunger or turn every instrument of war into plowshares (or the modern machinery that does the same function, i.e. instruments of tillage). If they weren't selfish about it that is, as in using these abilities for their own selfish interests or their own aggrandizement (for selling books about it for example, more attention and admiration = more booksales, more paid interviews and more visitors that could donate to a website or temple if one operates out of such places; or for selling stuff like crystals, stones, talismans, meditation bells, psi wheels, etc.).

What Is the New Age Movement? (Awake!—1994)


A Religion of Self

In her autobiographical film Out on a Limb, famous actress and New Age author Shirley MacLaine stands on a windswept beach with her arms outstretched and exclaims: “I am God! I am God!” Like her, many New Agers promote the search for a higher self and the idea of a god within. They teach that humans need only raise their consciousness to find their divinity.

Once this is accomplished, they claim, the reality of a universal interconnectedness becomes clear​—everything is god, and god is everything. This is by no means a new idea. Ancient religions of Mesopotamia and Egypt believed in the deity of animals, water, the wind, and the sky. More recently, Adolf Hitler allegedly encouraged others to embrace the “strong, heroic belief in God in Nature, God in our own people, in our destiny, in our blood.”

New Age culture is saturated with literature, seminars, and training programs dealing with self-​potential and self-​improvement. “Getting in touch with my inner self” is a popular logo. People are encouraged to try anything and everything that can help them unleash their own possibilities. As one writer put it in the magazine Wilson Quarterly, the “movement’s central teaching is ‘that it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as it works for you.’”

Margot Adler, a New Age guru, explains that many of the women who join women’s New Age movements do it “for reasons that are very personal. . . . They hate their bodies, they hate themselves. They come into these groups which basically say to you, ‘You’re the Goddess, you’re wonderful.’”

New York magazine describes one group’s quest for the higher self: “A woman intones, ‘We are the teachers of the New Dawn. We are the Ones.’ Other participants, wearing horned headdresses, feathered masks, and wispy gowns, dance through the forest, grunting and gesticulating, keening and moaning.”


“Another Drug in a Drug-​Ridden Society”?

“THE New Age movement​—the latest contribution to our long history of bizarre spiritual fads and panaceas—​invites a mixture of ridicule and indignant alarm. Not just the degradation of piety but its blatant commercialization prompts the suspicion of large-​scale religious fraud. . . .

“The New Age movement tries to combine meditation, positive thinking, faith healing, . . . mysticism, yoga, water cures, acupuncture, incense, astrology, Jungian psychology, biofeedback, extrasensory perception, spiritualism, . . . the theory of evolution, Reichian sex therapy, ancient mythologies, . . . hypnosis, and any number of other techniques designed to heighten awareness, including elements borrowed from the major religious traditions. . . .

“The New Age replacements for religion soothe the conscience instead of rubbing it the wrong way. Their central teaching is that it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as it works for you. ‘It’s true if you believe it’: slogan of the New Age. . . .

“The question is not whether New Age therapies really work but whether religion ought to be reduced to therapy. If it offers nothing more than a spiritual high, religion becomes another drug in a drug-​ridden society.”​—“The New Age Movement: No Effort, No Truth, No Solutions, Notes on Gnosticism—​Part V,” by Christopher Lasch, Watson Professor of History at the University of Rochester, New York, U.S.A.

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