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Mexican voter laws and other things

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posted on Mar, 23 2021 @ 12:23 AM
This is an email I received and I thought I would post it for consideration.

Why can’t we be as good as Mexico.

Voter registration cards with photo and fingerprint with hologram to prevent forgery.

Be sure to read to the bottom or you will miss the message..

1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.

2. All ballots will be in this nation's language.

3. All government business will be conducted in our language.

4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.

5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office.

6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or any other government assistance programs . Any who are a burden will be deported.

7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

8. If foreigners come here and buy land, their options will be restricted. Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

9. Foreigners may have NO protests; NO demonstrations, NO waving of a foreign flag, NO political organizing, NO bad-mouthing our president or his policies. These will lead to deportation.

10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted and, when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All assets will be taken from you.

Too strict? The above laws are the current immigration laws of MEXICO!

Would that stop all the voter fraud...No... But it would make it harder to steal an election IMO.

posted on Mar, 23 2021 @ 05:17 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

How would Democrats get millions of new voters that way?

posted on Mar, 23 2021 @ 06:34 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

sounds a lot
common sence law.

posted on Mar, 23 2021 @ 09:07 AM
I am legally resident in Mexico (considering citizenship). This is all true. In the immigration office where I processed my residency they're is a BIG poster on the wall stating most of the things said here ... IN SPANISH.

It makes perfect sense to me. I respect it and I obey it. I have been invited to political demonstrations and politely explain that I cannot attend them.

Yes, the USA needs these laws.

posted on Mar, 23 2021 @ 10:42 AM
And now we know why the masses from central and south America travel through Mexico to get to the US.

posted on Mar, 23 2021 @ 10:47 AM
You know whats funny, Trump did better with Hispanics than most think... Those that came here legally.

"Many Americans were surprised when it became clear that Trump had done better than expected among Latinos. In places such as South Florida and South Texas, he did much better, but all across the country Trump won a greater share of the Latino vote than he did four years ago."

As a Hispanic, one thats family traces its roots to Texas on my mothers side, and California on my fathers, pre-becoming a part of the US, I saw this support through out my family for Republicans this past 8 years. Many were for the wall as well.

Mexican-Americans (those who came here the right way, or through generations of living here), usually are against immigration in mass like the dems preach, and know what This country represents, and Mexico Getting this right, its laughable we can't do the same Here.

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