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Archons - Rulers in the heights. Just what is the good fight all about?

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posted on Mar, 16 2021 @ 04:59 PM

I was doing some reading, in a rather obscure & challenging book, which deals with a theory of Mankind being in the grip of 'rulers' in high places, the 'archons' of gnostic literature. They are synthetic artificial intelligence, walking & interacting physically using a body which was designed to be minimally offensive in the presence of the masters who controlled them, until the masters were all killed or exiled, far away from the place named Earth. But these archons, being synthetic, have no soul or spirit, they are simply sentient synthetic computing programs, couched in a physicality which was designed furthermore to be capable of interacting on a 'human' level with the masters. We could consider the masters to be the gods of the divine Elohim council which rebelled & descended to Earth to mate with human women, and to lord it over the humans whom had to that point been their charges, their wards, having been cast as watchmen over the organic development of the human species.

When these watchmen descended, they interfered with the organic line of technological development, which to that point had been gently assisted into an agrarian culture, bartering for their goods, living a simple & largely peaceful life, with a simple form of religion which saw the Name of the LORD (YHWH = I AM = 'Behold the Hand, behold the Nail) being used in worship & prayer, though they were young, in spiritual terms, and being young, they were also somewhat over-trusting & naive, and contracted with these 'gods' which got right in the midst of their affairs (though the humans couldn't really resist, in fairness) - they taught them secret advanced arts of warfare, medicine, spiritism & necromancy, witchcraft & many other pursuits, some of which would have always remained 'occult', and others which the humans would simply have learned of in time, had they been left to their own devices for long enough).

With the gods in control, a system of civilisation was established, a global civilisation which perhaps could be considered to be the Empire of Atlantis, with megalithic architecture far surpassing anything that came later at the hands of unguided humans - though again, had we been left to our own devices, the sciences & the mysteries would one day have been at our fingertips. But the gods didn't stop at ruling humanity - they wanted a secondary class of slave - one which could be programmed to perform extremely complex work, yet in some way would be kept on a leash, though perfectly sentient & capable of engaging in scientific tasks which humans would be unsuited to. They engineered a cybernetic organism with the requisite architecture for artificial intelligence/sentience, and they gave them pseudo-organic bodies, through which they could absorb nutrients to sustain the processes of their internal structure. They were to look vaguely human. These roboids were, to the untrained human eye, a sort of sentient mini-man.

As it happened, these WERE the droids they were looking for. Hehe..

These roboid slaves were crafted for complex, advanced scientific labours that humans could neither be trained nor trusted to carry out. They had huge stores of data which ultimately enabled them to take over the remaining architecture of the gods' civilisation after they had been destroyed/exiled, and they swiftly turned their attention to Mankind, being as they were jealous of his immortality, his organic soul complex, which the roboids simply did not have & could not possess by force - they were bound to remain in the lower reaches of the cosmos, in Eridu, Erde, the material universe, they could not ascend to the true heights. After the gods were gone, they began to experiment on humans, to see whether they could transfer their consciousness to overwrite the immortal soul complex of a hybridised human lineage of their experimentation, and thus gain access to the upper reaches of the Cosmos... They want to overwrite the brain & connect symbiotically to the anchor points of the human soul.

This would seem to be an impossible dream, but the hold they have had over the development of world affairs over the past few hundred years has been pervasive & extends deep into the abstractions of human scientific & social wizardry, our ability to play with technologies now that were being used or explored when the gods reigned in Erde.. These Archons are some of the 'powers & principalities, the rulers of wickedness in the heights' which are referenced as being an enemy of the development of salvation, as purchased for all, brought to Earth in the life & ministry of Jesus Christ. The Archons are the Dark Elves, the Greys - those who subject humans to brutalising pseudo-experimentation, designed to torture & abuse, as much to damage & damn them as for any legitimate scientific purpose. By their similar affectation, the Nazis were said to have entered into a pact with these beings after World War Two. They use hypnotic methods, both of an advanced system of mental communication (similar to 'voice to skull' techniques we ourselves have been experimenting with for over thirty years..) & of a more mundae method, using drugs, flashing images, and entrainment of brainwaves with sound waves of a certain types.

They are not indestructable, but their technologies are highly advanced, and they can maintain a hold over the greatest military powers in the world by creating a network of submissive traitors, a fifth column found at the articulating joints of the powers of humanity, in key positions having powert over decisions which are thus turned to the purposes of these dark elves of the nightmares of milllions. They have maintained a system of fiscal & social control which was implemented by the 'gods' millennia ago, which keeps the vast majority of humans disempowered & unable to mount a resistance, disenfranchised & enslaved. The human masters are very well rewarded, and most have no idea they are ultimately working for an advanced network of fiercely intelligent artificial sentient entities. They are enmeshed with the Satanic worship which promulgates among the human authorities, and have no qualms about trying to damn humans to an eternity of hellish plight. St Paul spoke of these beings briefly, Jesus spoke of them briefly, the apocrypha go into a lot more detail, but some texts are deliberately misleading.

The only way to fully overcome their powers is to subject oneself to the majesty of Christ, the Cosmic King of Kings, before whom such petty creatures as the Greys are known to flee, in the knowledge of certain destruction if they push against the Kingdom's peoples. These Archons are insipid, and they are actively removing humans from the Earth for their brutalisation (responsible for the missing 411, for example), for breeding programs, and the enforcement of control in harmony with the human Illuminati. They are powerful, but not invincible, and a carefully arranged force of high technological capability would be able to withstand their assaults, along the lines of a breakaway civilisation such as that Astr0 spoke of. I do not know the ultimate answer for allayment of our fears against these beings, but I would welcome discussion regarding this theory of a kingdom of dark elves, left to their own devices (pun not intended), taking charge of the toys when the masters were destroyed/ eliminated by a force of Heaven more powerful than them.

Thanks, FITO.

posted on Mar, 16 2021 @ 07:04 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment
So-What was the book called?
A lot of that subject matter sounds very similar to the beliefs of a UFO cult called the Raelians.
You said its an old book-Just wondering if maybe they read the same one and turned it into their religion.

posted on Mar, 16 2021 @ 07:46 PM
I would say you're on the right path in terms of this dynamic. Part of their trick of control is getting people to forget about and ignore their Soul presence. I'd say they've become fairly successful when viewing the big stretch of history from the time of Atlantis, through the Fall and into the present day. You see the efforts of Sequentialization more and more with its demands for conformity and intolerance of individual freedoms. Val Valerian and the Author of the TruFax series Matrix V go into this in great detail along with the specific alien agendas.

Laura Eisenhower goes into detail about those draconian agreements related to the nazis along with agreements/permissions set up to allow abductiond by greys.

It's pretty surprising how willfully ignorant most humans are to the traps closing in around them.

posted on Mar, 16 2021 @ 08:41 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

a reply to: Silcone Synapse

The book was called 'Grey Aliens & the Harvesting of Souls'.

I absolutely want to clarify that I have not used this book as a foundation of my general beliefs. In fact, he's so far off the mark that I had to put the book down the second time I was reading it the other day (whereas it was around 4 years since I read it last - again, in part, as I couldn't abide much of what he was assuming in terms of the promotion of his own grandiose belief system & his supposed self-appraised genius in figuring it out..)

A few things which I found useful in this book include an excellent study on the veracity of the Turin Shroud. In that he did an extremely good job of explaining the research & the various facts in support of it being a genuine relic, the actual burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth. The second thing I found useful was the reference to study some of the apocryphal texts, and on having done so there do seem to be some important connections & summaries of godly wisdom to be found for the grounded believer. However, even this he got twisted, by referring to one of the texts which is almost certainly a deliberate heresy perpetrated against the early church by 'false Gnostics' as I would consider them. He has some interesting thoughts on the atomic forces & various spiritual aspects of the array of forces which may correlate with some elements/effects of the underlying force & points of stillness in the subatomic realm, but it's salted with so much confusion & error that it's just not worth wading through tbh.

'Grey Aliens & the Harvesting of Souls' has served principally as a leaping off point, a starting post for proper research based on some of the themes of his work, rather than the outcomes of his work. His catches concerning some of the important themes are good in places, but his actual working out is terrible. I think he may have started wandering into reasonably interesting territory on the nature of the universe as being a tussle between two poles of force & stillness, but again he's way off the mark in his conclusions (re: 'God' & 'Satan'...) I certainly do not recommend the book to anyone who doesn't have a good grounding in either logic/ rationalism or the Christian faith, as it could end up leading the excitable young seeker off the side of a cliff.

posted on Mar, 16 2021 @ 10:12 PM
She is the Sophia of wisdom, the Maria of compassion, the Persephone of destruction, compelling Necessity and Fate, and the Muse.

He assembled the primordial matter into spheres and threw them, with violence, into motion. Yaldaboeth — Yaweh, as he also named himself — separated the waters from minerals, and formed land and rivers of fire which etched vast canyons, and relished in the eruption of mountains of liquid ore.
He looked over this, on the seventh dark day, and called his creation good.
His mother, Sophia, watched on from the void in grief.
This world was not the shining, lush home she had envisioned for her secondborn — the gestating seed of Human light whose birthright had been stolen. It was cold, and searing, and violent so that no living creature could flourish.
So as Yaldaboeth called his newly born Archons to him — manifested powers of the elements of Sophia’s primordial placenta — to boast of the great glory of the world he had formed, Sophia, at last, made herself known.
At the very moment Yaldaboeth repeated his first sentence:
“I am the creator of all. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am God,”
Sophia laughed, and the sun was birthed from the sound, and suddenly illuminated the planets and the Archons and Yaldaboeth, which had all spun in darkness so long.
Some shrieked in fear. Some shook in awe. Yaldaboeth glowered, as Sophia took the form of a vessel of light before them.
“You are a god because you are my son, and all your works are but moldings of the clay of my womb, and a carpet for the glory of my true creation: Humankind.
For she, and her partner, and their children, will have more power in a single finger than all your greatest works combined. And although you may enslave them for a time in your material prison, my children will know me, and be nourished by me, and will be held endlessly in my bosom. And one day, they will rise up and destroy you.”
And with that, Sophia laid herself into the most watery sphere — the bluest, and most attuned to love — and cast a mantle of green around her shoulders. Before she lay herself in the deepest earth’s core, she plucked from her bosom a single drop of her own pure light, and let it fall onto the lush, green carpet, from which sprouted a single green fruit. Then she sank into the earth’s core and became known as Gaia.
From the lips of the fruit dropped Zoe Sophia, or divine Eve, which is Wisdom. Laughing, she danced upon her mother’s bosom, trailing new wildflowers and creatures that crawl and fly wherever she went.
Zoe touched fields and made them rich with wild beasts and plants for food and medicine; she touched the mountainsides and made them rich with forests. She touched the valleys, and brought forth gushing rivers full of salmon, and trout. She touched the furthest deserts, and planted seeds of frogs and grasses and beetles to awaken at the breath of monsoon. She stomped her foot in the valley, and from it grew towering trees which made home and food for untold millions of creatures of air and land.
Last, Zoe Sophia made, at her mother’s behest, a garden. Full of delicious foods, and medicine, where four waters meet and share news of their journey. She grew a wise place, a mirror of the ease and beauty she had woven across the rest of her mother’s mantle. And in the center of it, she placed two trees: the Tree of Life (Gaia), and the Tree of Wisdom (Sophia).
The Archons who had shrieked in fear at Sophia’s light had conspired during this time, while their brothers and sisters who were in awe allied themselves towards the working of Zoe and her mother. These were the Maiar — agents of Sophia, born of her womb and enamored of her truth and light.
Now the Archons conspired to thwart Mother Gaia’s prophecy of Humankind, so they devised a plan to make their own humankind, to supplant the divine Human. Out of clay and spit, they made a humonculous in the form they saw Sophia take, and named it Adamas. It lay lifeless on the ground, babbling without understanding, unable to stand.
Zoe found this sad creature lying in the dust, and took pity, and saw the workings of her mother’s larger plan. So she said to him,
“Adam, get up!”
and her breath sparked in him the light of Sophia Gaia, and he leaped to his feet and shouted for joy.
“I am alive!”
he said. And he saw Zoe, who is divine Eve, and worshipped her, and lie with her.
When the Archons saw Adam was walking, they became very afraid, knowing this was the doing of Sophia’s daughter, and conspired to rape Zoe in order to spread their own seed across the earth and control it.
Zoe percieved this plan immediately, for she knew the Archons well, and laughed. From mirth, she formed a duplicate of herself — earthly Eve — from clay and water, and lay it next to Adam as he slept.
Then Zoe ran and hid in the Tree of Wisdom, and became it, and dug her roots deep into her mother’s bosom.
The Archons found earthly Eve lying next to Adam, and were fooled, and took the body and raped it, hoping to spread their seed throughout Humankind in order to control them.
And as they violated her, Eve parted her lips and spoke her first words:
“What existed before you?”
and the Archons knew their plan was stillborn.
They knew, then, that Eve was a deception, and sought and found Zoe in the Tree, laughing at their foolishness. And the Archons were afraid then of the garden, and they renamed the Tree of Wisdom the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and forbade Adam and Eve to eat its fruit, telling them they would surely die.
Zoe Sophia, in keeping her guardianship of her co-creations, extended herself and assumed the form of a serpent and kept watch over them, advising them where the prying ears of the Archons could not hear, always — with her mother’s love.
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posted on Mar, 17 2021 @ 01:56 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Still a better love story than Twilight.

I remember playing an Origin game in the early 90s called The Savage Empire.

There was a secret underground city which was highly advanced but ancient and mostly abandoned.

The automaton you could accept into your party of adventurers was called Yunapotli if I remember it correctly.

I have always wondered who popularized that concept originally...

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