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Can anything good come from California? YES! Watch Kiss The Ground - share!

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posted on Mar, 10 2021 @ 09:01 PM
I've never been a fan of wishy-washy environmental films, and some of the stuff that California promotes in their questionable social system practices & tree hugging hippy shenanigans are downright embarrassing.

But 'Kiss the Ground' is different. It doesn't patronise, wring its hands or seek to overtly blame anyone (except Bayer, Monsanto, etc...) for the current state of affairs as regards the climate damage caused by aggressive farming practices which are directly linked to the rising CO2 emissions. They don't moan about the use of gas guzzling cars, they don't try to sell you solar panels, neither do they harp on about carbon credits or inefficient electric cars & wind turbine farms. Neither do they whinge about the melting ice caps or the burning of fossil fuels.

Instead it highlights the little-known danger of desertification, and the way that tilling of the soil on massive scales actually forces CO2 out of the soil (where it had otherwise been trapped as part of the microbiome of the natural soil), demonstrating that the annual cycles for increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere are directly linked to these aggressive farming techniques! The conclusion is unavoidable! It highlights the poisoning, sterilisation, erosion & destruction of the living soil we depend on to grow crops & raise livestock.

Without change on a massive scale, we have 60 harvests left. It's that simple.


Instead of dwelling excessively on the problems, or the failed 'solutions' touted to us for almost 40 years - which are basically get richer schemes for the already rich - the movie compellingly demonstrates an overwhelmingly positive new model for agriculture which actually, literally, has the effect of REVERSING the entirety of our present damaging climate change. It's called regenerative agriculture, and it's incredible to learn about. I'm all in on this one; everybody, no matter whether you're connected to farming or not, MUST understand what this all means for our global management of food supplies & the need to resist harmful agricultural processes which have been sterilising & eroding the soil in an aggressive way for almost seventy years.

As one perfect simple example, one farmer whose crops were destroyed by weather over a four year period finally started researching ways to make his land & crops more resilient in the face of natural inclement conditions. He found that by switching from the failing government-subsidised crop growth, to become a rancher of cattle living on grazing land planted with 19 varieties of grass & shrubs, caused huge benefits in both looking after the fertility of the land he had inherited, and developing a remarkably profitable business model, yielding 100% more profit as compared to the 3% profit of his desertified, government-subsidised land next door. It really is undeniably striking to see it unfold. Massive props to the film-makers, for bringing out a nourishing, healing process - even from nutty California!

Take the time to watch the film, and read up on the proven science & methodologies developed at the website - and share. To literally save the planet, we need to regenerate the soil, as healthy soil captures CO2 something like 150% more effectively than any other method known to man, even more so than plants alone - and it massively boosts the economy wherever it is implemented. This movie delivers real, true, crystal clear hope for the future - an incredibly positive movement has begun. We actually can do this, it's not a lost cause (as we are continually programmed to believe, eating their # food & calling it glorious) - but it requires some simple educational steps to be understood by all the people of the world, not just the farmers.

We can easily make decisions today to promote this information & get us on track to regenerate the Earth with these new & profitable agricultural methods, which are proven to be implementable just about anywhere.

And Woody Harrelson is the narrator! Awesome.

posted on Mar, 10 2021 @ 09:13 PM
PS - By 'climate change', I'm referring solely to the excess of CO2 which floods our atmosphere during the tilling season where the use of aggressive agricultural methods is in effect. Aggressive tilling forces CO2 into the atmosphere where it does destabilise the climate, causing all sorts of disagreeable effects.

I am NOT referring to the propaganda shenanigans in which we have been programmed to believe that our ordinary workaday human activity (such as cars, factories) causes the temperature of the earth to rise, leading to alleged catastrophic effects.

That propaganda has been forced down our necks for decades, but it's all BS (as was proven a few years ago by the leaked correspondence of some climate scientists, in their emails describing how the global climate science community was fudging the data on a massive scale). That propaganda is false.

However, we are seeing 'human-led' climate change occurring as a direct result of the aggressive tilling of soil for the government-subsidised crops, which are aggressively dowsed in DDT & glyphosate, with almost all farmers being forced to pay through the nose for genetically-engineered seeds which produce crops resistant to the chemicals, which in turn do not produce any seeds, meaning the farmers have to go back to Monsanto for their annual supply of expensive seeds & expensive glyphosate (etc.

Is there any wonder why the powers that be are not sharing the truth about how these farming methods are destroying our planet's harvestable land through desertification caused by the erosion of nutrients described, pushing all that CO2 into the atmosphere?! It's far too profitable a racket for them to tell the truth about where that CO2 is coming from! Far easier (& more profitable) to tell us that it's all our innocuous activities that are causing this increase in CO2 & the related whacky climate effects. Do you see how there's something like twelve layers of profitability enmeshed within the scam of aggressive farming & CO2 dumping as described?! These people are evil, and probably plan to rapidly starve us all to death in 2080 when the soils can no longer sustain the need of crops which we would otherwise place on that land!

Share, promote, lobby - their evil practices will be the death of the human race, and true poverty will once again come to America (remember the dust bowl events? same root causes)..

Please, please discern the strand of truth which is woven throughout this material - we owe it to our children.

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posted on Mar, 10 2021 @ 09:51 PM
Another silly mind control exercise to convince people that CO2 is dangerous.

So bend over and kiss the ground while they shove carbon taxes up your arse!

Carbon taxes will save your children! Total BS!


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posted on Mar, 10 2021 @ 10:21 PM
a reply to: pheonix358

You are wrong. I addressed the scam carbon credits nonsense & this is NOT it. This is organic, legitimate techniques, going back to the old ways, nothing to do with taxes or credits. It's actually all focused on escaping from dependence on the government welfare farming. If you had read carefully & thoughtfully you would have discerned this, but clearly you are too ignorant to give a bit of thoughtful reflection to what is potentially livelihood-saving information. This is all about railing AGAINST companies like Monsanto, getting the info & the skills shared, getting back to nature in self-sustaining ways - it's NOT propaganda, and it infuriates me that you're so intellectually lazy/ dishonest! Seriously! Read it again, carefully, and suspend your disbelief just long enough to witness how it can save livelihoods, communities, and the goddamn planet.

posted on Mar, 11 2021 @ 12:38 AM
Imagine for a moment that a gun is trained on you, and on all your family members, including the children of your children who are yet to be born. Imagine that the gun has already fired a magical array of bullets, and that there's no way to escape from the path of those bullets, no matter how much you wish that you could, no matter how you screamed & raged in view of the enemy who fired that gun.

There is no way to stop those bullets - there's at least eight & a half billion such bullets, all of which are on their unstoppable path to tear your life away from this planet.

The only sliver of hope that remains is found in the knowledge that the bullets will take sixty years to hit you. But when they hit, it will be an unparallelled disaster, quite possibly culling the human population of this planet to what the billionairres would consider a more 'sustainable' number of individuals **cough, cough - 'slaves' **

Your family, friends, children & grandchildren are all likely to be hit by these bullets.

Those who fired the gun will tell you that human life on this planet is unsustainable, and that the disaster that awaits us is unavoidable because of all the horrible nasty climate change which is in fact all your fault - it has become a trope of tropes, a sort of champion of concepts bundled up together, in a sheaf of accusations & blame, guilt-tripping & induced paranoia. It is propaganda, pure & simple, and that crazy schoolgirl who choked down all that propaganda has been screaming at you as the champion of propaganda queens, utterly deluded, arrogant beyond measure, puffed up & self-righteous, an idiot who doesn't realise that she has been tricked into being simply a useful idiot.

Please don't forget the Georgia Guidestones. It's not a conspiracy - the people & powers behind those 'guidestones' are absolutely real, and committed to your extermination, by any means necessary. Everyone's focused on the dangers of the new vaccines, and sure there's quite a bit to be concerned about there, though I'm not sure if I buy the idea that the vaccines contain a sort of 'kill switch', which Bill Gates, largest investor in the World Health Organisation, a man with zero medical background, appears to be fostering in his personal fantasy of getting rid of us all in the most efficient way possible. Perhaps this pandemic though has been primarily an exercise in social control, and the destruction of the middle class, creating a 'masters-slaves' social dynamic as the remaining effects of the social experiment unfold in the coming months & years.

You will own nothing, and you will be happy

Dear God in Heaven, can it be any more blatant, disheartening & disgraceful? It oozes a spirit of abomination..

Certainly the levels of propaganda & information manipulation have been blazingly obvious - the first year on record where influenza deaths were zero, with Covid-19 deaths at influenza-type levels when compared to the deaths from influenza in the previous years leading up to 2020. Doesn't that seem suspicious? That suddenly, nobody has died of the flu, but everyone who died had Covid-19? Did Covid-19 enlist the help of the Stasi or the Mafia to go round killing off the flu virus, just to make room for the Covid-19 virus? It's patently absurd, when you look at the numbers. Clearly Covid-19 is being vastly over-reported as a factor in deaths within the segment of society that would usually fall prey to the flu. Sure, Covid-19 exists, and it seems to have been engineered to do some pretty funky things - but the flu just decided to take a holiday over the course of 2020-2021...? Let's be reasonable here.

Back to the magic bullets.

Aggressive farming practices of excessive tilling, poisoning & sterilising, eroding the soil & expropriating the trapped CO2 from the soil into the atmosphere every time the fields are being prepared for planting, all of it is leading to some whacky climate issues, but global warming as we have been sold it is a myth, and the most deadly long-term factor is desertification. If we don't address the problem of desertification, then in 60 years, the land which has fed us & our livestock for hundreds & thousands of years will not be able to sustain crops of any sort - particularly if at some point in the proceedings, Monsanto decides to shut up shop & simply stop providing seeds, at a strategic moment when they can ensure the maximum deaths from starvation, while they in their 'gated communities' (read: elite DUMB-type bunkers & heavily patrolled open territories around those DUMBs) can get along just fine while the outside world is reduced to starvation & societal collapse on a literally global scale, making New York look like Port-au-Prince, quite possibly. Perhaps at another strategic moment they will whip out a kill switch biological weapon, targeting those who had certain vaccines given to them historically, making them susceptible to said kill switch.

I wouldn't put anything past them at this stage, but I can't pretend to know exactly what route the depopulation agenda will follow.

Magic bullet. The only way to fight back is to implement citizen-led sharing of critical information that provides for REGENERATIVE FARMING PRACTICES. We need to re-cultivate the microbiome of every square foot of natural soil across the lands that support our food cycles - it is the only way. Simple & proven techniques also literally cancel out 'climate change' (the expropriation/out-dumping of CO2 from the soil during heavy tilling just prior to the planting season..). By making the soil healthy, by agricultural methods which hark back to the old ways, resisting the urge to till, we will trap vast reservoirs of CO2 in that healthy soil, giving the 'cancel culture' a dose of its own medicine, by cancelling 'climate change' completely, forever. No more propaganda, because the truth will be undeniable.

Regenerative agriculture. Multi-species grass-fed ranching & so forth. Cancelling industrial methods of agriculture which sterilise & toxify the soil, bringing nourishment back to the Earth beneath our feet. Watch that movie, and lobby against big agriculture's methods, support the regenerative agricultural models instead.

The best news?


Godspeed ATS - bring it home.

Take it to the world, rail against Monsanto & the like. Vote with your conscience, as a matter of the heart, deflecting those magic bullets with some Matrix-style shenanigans...

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posted on Mar, 11 2021 @ 01:13 AM
There is a very strong argument to made that by releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere, humans have actually saved the planet. The level of atmospheric CO2 has been steadily decreasing over millions of years, much of it sequestered by small marine creatures. If it had continued to decline reaching a level of around 150 ppm, all life on earth would have died. So we are very close to an extinction level event, just not the one the climate alarmists would have you believe.

posted on Mar, 11 2021 @ 02:19 AM
a reply to: Flatcoat

Thanks for the post - it's an interesting line of further enquiry, and thanks for remindding me of the keyword 'sequestration', which as I tried to indicate (ham-fistedly) is what happens with the regeneration of the soil microbiome when regenerative farming methods are used. CO2 is held very efficiently by the soil, far more so than all plants in the world even, which I found a staggering fact.

I must confess that I find your statement that all life on Earth was headed for destruction due to a lack of CO2 to be exceedingly unlikely - LIFE has a very, very canny knack for achieving balance, filling every niche, balancing every outgrowth with a retraction or a change of focus in some other area. I really doubt that Mother Nature would just croak without our presence.. That said, I have long been a strong supporter of the truth of long-term warming & cooling cycles on planet Earth which are barely affected by our workaday activities. This is why I tried to stress that I don't buy into the propaganda version of 'climate change', but rather I hold that we are witnessing some erratic climate effects (as opposed to climate change....) due to the aggressive farming techniques which clearly release massive amounts of CO2 in the planting season each year when the ground is tilled; CO2 levels which are reduced visibly by an extreme amount once the crops which were being planted begin to grow & re-sequester the CO2.

Regenerative farming is absolutely necessary, and that includes measures such as seaweed farming, with loads of other techniques hinted at towards the end of the movie (which I now look forward to researching!) - again, to trap that CO2 & in some cases to provide feedstuffs for agriculture I presume (even human food in the case of sushi..!!)

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posted on Mar, 11 2021 @ 12:27 PM
California heh! Kiss the ground heh! Could they find a clean piece of ground to kiss that hadn't got human excrement on? When California have looked after the poor and homeless THEN they can try to dictate what anybody else should do.

posted on Mar, 13 2021 @ 10:52 AM
a reply to: crayzeed

It's nothing to do with the state of California, the governor, or anything like that. The film just happens to feature quite a lot of people who have bought into the idea of regenerative farming. There's no active endorsement by any of the California officials or organisations. If you actually watch the film, you'll see that they utterly dismantle the propaganda of 'climate change' or 'global warming'. They focus on the release & sequestration effects of the soil when it is well-nourished, ideally with up to twenty grasses, herbs & shrubs growing on it, which cattle can feed on, using organised movement of the livestock across the land you will find that a) The soil is regenerated & causing amazing effects when used for crops, etc. and b) You make a lot of money. So regenerative farming is the way to go - it's the only way to stop the desertification & sterilisation of the land by big agriculture which depends on single generation seeds genetically engineered to resist glyphosate & other nastgy chemicals produced by Monsanto & their ilk. I wish people would watch the video before adding pointless, ignorant comments.

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