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if Telepathy is real would you be able to tell the difference between your IM?

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posted on Mar, 1 2021 @ 08:46 PM
Then what about deaf people? What kind of interior monologue do they have? Concept forms?

posted on Mar, 1 2021 @ 08:53 PM
a reply to: Blue Shift

I imagine it’s like that sign language guy they have on the news sometimes.

posted on Mar, 16 2021 @ 02:32 PM
I would chat your ear off about this in private mail if you want.

It's real. If not, it can be developed to levels of detail it seems very real. I take medication now just to center myself and cushion the volume.

I'm on my phone and I rarely check this website anymore. I consider myself an efficient psychic medium but outside my experiments i've been too shy to test my findings.

I developed whatever it is I have through meditation and relationship building between the part of the mind that opens receptively to this as well as building relationships with the voices. The voices have unique tones, they have accompanied images and it hits me like a blast. My muscles twitch aggressively sometimes. I read recently that is the brain's reaction to processing communication that it tries to adopt or jive with. It tries to make it it's own. I would have to find the article.

My lessons with all this began with paranormal hunts.

I should mention i've traumatized myself more than a few times with this. I would not recommend it. It's impossible for me to get my previous body and lifestyle back but i'm trying. Some wiring has been changed. I am followed by a few ghosts n whatnot.

I'll share anything except if I think it does more harm than good. Just be careful with this. We like danger yes but I came to realize how special and great it is to be a regular dull human and I wish to get that back. I'm fine with how it is for now. But i would like to avoid more mental breakdowns.

I should also add that if there is a lot of mental noise that isn't true, then encouraging it's mechanism seems to welcome complications and worry. I am also herassed a little bit, sometimes a lot by these personalities.

On the plus side it's very spiritual. Its useful to gain information and make strange friends? It is awesome, if it's true. I just want to be happy mostly.
Please be careful. Wires get crossed, spiritual potential seems to come out but its a lot of extra work from day to day. I have an easy job and it helps a lot. The stress makes it a terrible experience. It has to be happy, stress free, and then it passes through me like a welcome message from a friend, no bad thoughts about it. If stress comes with it then every message feels like a jab, and a phone you wish you could turn off but never can. Certain foods can make matters worse.

Anyways. I've been this way 3 years. It's been...interesting.

posted on Mar, 16 2021 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: Xiden

It'd say yes, because I don't believe that things like telepathy are "easy" to do. The electromagnetic waves impulses that relate to human thoughts are very weak and don't travel very far. So somebody using telepathy would probably struggle to hear anything and would need to concentrate to make anything out.

posted on Aug, 21 2021 @ 09:18 PM
Yes they are real, the US military has the power to develop it in some people, im a member of Project Stargate.
It only works when all points in space are on the same coordinate though, you can't actually communicate with another person via the mind though, you essential have to insert your consciousness into them, your only really talking to yourself, but where you've inserted your mind into they can hear your thoughts.

posted on Aug, 21 2021 @ 09:48 PM
Not being in other people's heads so having no frame of reference; I think I have a higher developed inner monolog than most.

I constantly have full on and indeith conversations with my self. A lot of the time I have to stop my self from moving my lips, or even stop myself from talking audibly so as not to look crazy to the other people who might be around.

There are times when I feel like I am having a conversation with a whole other person entirely rather than some inner monolog. These conversation usually occur at times of greater contemplation, before a big decision or times of trouble that sort of thing... or during times of euphoria; like after a good work out or a wee nip.

When thinking about these moments its alluring to imagine that I am in fact speaking to someone or something else entirely. And its not a God thing or a deceased relative come to give me advice. Were it to be true, then its some sort of companion; something thats also observing my existence and is telling me their opinion. It's not as if they have some magic knowledge; but because they don't have the burdens of my life they do sometimes have a better prospective on a situation.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:02 AM

originally posted by: KansasGirl
a reply to: Xiden

I know telepathy is real. My twin brother and I have been aware of it with one another since we were in junior high. Strangely, it only works when he is the sender and I am the receiver.

Twin telepathy is always fascinating. The bonds of telepathy are always stronger with family.

My grandmother used to have a saying though. She said "Sometimes what you think is an angel talking to you, isn't an angel at all. Sometimes, somehow, it is another person. And other people aren't always trying to help you, sometimes they mean you harm. So if you think it is an angel talking to you, question it. And if it seems they intend you harm, ignore it and put it out of your mind."

I was thinking of my grandma last night and the unusual telepathic bond we had. My grandmother had a classified job in WWII in Washington D.C. In 1995, past the 50 year mark, she sat me down to tell me that even though 50 years had passed since the end of the war, that her job would NEVER be declassified. And that she would never be able to share it with me. That she would have to take everything she knew to the grave with her.

After that, I kept trying to drill grandma to get her to talk. I tried just about every angle to try and get her to talk about it. But no matter how hard I tried, she wouldn't utter a peep. She kept saying, "You know I can't talk about it." And I would say, "Grandma, maybe I ALREADY KNOW, I just need to hear you say it." And she'd say her lips were sealed.

Grandma thinks she took her classified knowledge to the grave with her. But I don't think she did. When I was a kid, and grandma came to visit for the holidays. She had these reoccuring thoughts and images and I picked up on them. Used to give me nightmares.

The one that haunted her the most... My mother is an OB/GYN and during the holidays when grandma came to visit my mom would be talking about her OB/GYN job. Grandma was haunted by these images of photos taken during WWII in the concentration camps. Photos that will never be declassified. Photos too gruesome for the public.

The specific set of photos she would dwell on were Jewish women in the autopsy room after they had been gased. They looked like skeletons with flesh. They died with their mouths open gasping for air. And the SS doctors had cut open their abdomens after they were dead to pull open their uteruses. In some, the Jewish women had been transplanted with cancer then given "meds" to try to accelerate their cancer growth. After they were gased, the SS doctors cut them open on the autopsy tables to see how the cancer had spread in their uteruses.

And each Thanksgiving, each Christmas, when Grandma came to visit, as mom would talk about her OB/GYN job, Grandma's mind would remember the horrible photos she saw in her classified D.C. job in WWII. And since I had a telepathic bond with Grandma, I'd pick up on those images and have nightmares about them as a kid, every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So I really did need Grandma to tell me. But she wouldn't utter a peep. Grandma thinks she took what she knew to the grave. I don't. I still remember.

And somewhere in some archive in D.C. sits those photos never declassified that haunted my Grandmother. I just wish someone would re-open dear Gracie's Nightmares so that others would know. What she saw should have been declassified in 1995.

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