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Artificial Planet Creation 101

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posted on Feb, 24 2021 @ 12:08 PM
Before the formation of the Feditary, Earth One transmitted information via beams of light across the solar system. These beams of light were detectable and could be deflected away from their intended receiver. When Earth One created the Feditary and sent it beyond the Sun Solar System, communication via single beam laser became highly inefficient.

As such, the Feditary developed hyperlight, the ability to transmit information faster than the speed of light via multiple beams of condensed nanoscopic lasers. Hyperlight used the radioactive emissions of itself to propel itself multiple times the speed of “one light” (the speed of light as it was emitted from Earth One's resident star, Sun).

Each beam exhibited its own unique frequency. To decipher the message, one would have to crack the frequency code for each laser beam.

Deflection provided the simplest path to determining the frequency code (light intensity X deflection angle / measured distance = frequency code within a 2F variance) so the Feditary created measures to transmit a single message via multiple laser beams following multiple paths, singularly in accordance with the Light Measurement 8-Scale Theory. This had a nominal effect on the speed of delivery and made deflection of the lasers a less significant event for the Feditary. When intercepted, the decoding process took so long that intelligence discovered within the lasers had become history.

The next advancement was Z-light (referred to as Zero light in its early days of usage); the ability to transmit enormous amounts of data via a condensed stream of laser beams no wider than a single atom. This minimization made detection almost impossible. Without a near-exact frequency code to the 0.000000000001Hz, deciphering the intercepted laser in a timely manner was almost impossible.

By studying how to further develop Z-light transmission, the Feditary discovered anti-light; non-emitting light created by the radioactivity of the illumination of positive light. Non-emitting, anti-light particles exert energy only detectable on a par/pro'negative-subatomic level at a rate that can only be described as thousands of times faster than the speed of one light. It is theorized that anti-light vibrates so quickly, it may exist in a physical form in multiple places at the same time, suggesting that-if researched further-it may be possible for space travel via "slots" in the time-space continuum rather than traveling "by the meter" from Point A to Point B at warp speeds.

Anti-light does not appear to dissipate under any circumstance of stress nor can it be intentionally bent, for example, by passing near a black hole. Anti-light is so small and fast, it is undetectable by any technology down to 1/64th the size of a single atom, otherwise referred to as the null level. The Tripidions have become very frustrated over this matter because they continue to look for messages transmitted via emitting light.

Tripidions deliver messages via negative light, a process the Feditary theorizes but does not understand until the 33rd century. Negative light emits inward, a process the Feditary had not yet discovered. Since negative light emits inward, it is impossible to detect using outward (positive) methods.

The theories of LBC (Light-Based Communication) combined with the ability to transfer wireless direct current allowed for the discovery of force shields, allowing the Fediatry to travel greater than the speed of One Light without concern for debris the size of a speck of dust ripping a hole through the entirety of the ship's hull greater than 100 meters throughout, resulting in an instantaneous atomic explosion at least 100 kilometers wide.

Inducing H2O directly under the force shield (by an incidental leak) allowed for the creation of an artificial atmosphere which, combined with Stockard Life Support System 121 and above, formed the first independently repetitive sopheric system.

Combined with the Tesla-Zuckerburg Anti-Gravity System created in 2132, these technologies fused together to create humanity's first artificial planetoid.

You asked. We answered. Thank you for your participation.
~Stockard Interstellar Industries
est. 2082 (Earth One)

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posted on Feb, 24 2021 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

Just a hypothetical tale on the subject.

The wreck of the dynasty floated through the void, the colony ship had failed in it's attempt to reach Zetan prime an habitable planet that a probe had detected a thousand years earlier when a small super dense object had passed through the ship during it's journey through interstellar space both destroying it's main power plant and knocking the ten million ton behemoth into an uncontrolled spin.

Those that survived the impact soon died of exposure as temperatures plummeted within the multi generational vessel and it drifted for millions of years until it was captured by the gravitation of a young star which was in the process of forming after it drifted into a nebulae.

It began to orbit the star and the Dynasty formerly a tomb became a seed as more and more of the material in the new stars accretion disc was attracted to the growing mass that now covered the ancient derelict, soon larger and larger objects were impacting it, the dynasty had long since been reduced to molten metal and now the mass was a glowing fiery ball of molten rock and metal as it grew.

Millions of years later life somehow arose on the new world, the star an early stage G2 was not yet visible through the thick young atmosphere but soon chemosynthetic bacteria thriving in the harsh conditions began to alter the chemistry of the planet.

4.8 billion years later the united earth directorate were preparing there first major colony ship a ship they had named the Dynasty, a multi generational vessel that would be able to sustain a population as they travelled through the long dark between the stars on there journey to a very earth like world that they had discovered using the mega solar lensing array around a distant star.

Like yours better.
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posted on Feb, 24 2021 @ 03:50 PM
We might need faster-than-light communication soon! Even colonizing Mars puts those colonists out of range of Earth to such an extent that they cannot participate in phone calls, video calls, or even use the internet!

Thanks for those cool ideas. I was hoping for some sort of quantum-entanglement-based communication system.
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posted on Feb, 24 2021 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: darkbake

Quantum entangled particles would allow communication millions of times faster than laser based optical communications systems.

And if we crack the ability to unlock the property's of other dimension's the day may come that we will be able to create portals that are even faster literally allowing you to step from one world to another, then wormholes may be even quicker with folding space time quicker again.
That is IF we ever learn to be able to do so and if it is possible.

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