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What is coming.....More or less..

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posted on Jun, 30 2021 @ 04:16 AM
Couple of different seers have had the same visions about 1st, 2nd and 3rd world war. They were correct about the 1st and 2nd world war, and they agree with each other about the main course of the 3rd world war.
The seers agree that Russia will be the main aggressor. After the collapse of the Soviet Union this scenario seemed unlikely.
But then Putin entered the scene and became president in Russia.
He has received military training in KGB (Soviet secret service now FSB) and is a master of secrecy, propaganda and tough leadership.

Anton Johansson, SWEDEN

This simple man in December, 1913, left his village. He had saved 200 crowns for the journey to Kristiania (now called Oslo), the capital of Norway. In Oslo he called on Mr. Keilhug, the minister of war, and asked him to inform all other members of the cabinet, that in the next year, 1914, a great war would flare up. He implored the government of Norway to do everything in its power to prevent the war. He informed the Norwegian authorities of his intent to go to Stockholm and then to Berlin, in the hope that he would able to persuade Kaiser Wilhelm to abstain from intervening in the coming war.
After his arrival in Stockholm, Anton called on Mr. Emil Melander, colonel of the Swedish general staff. Melander received him in his office, conversed with him and then took him home, where Anton revealed to him all his prophecies, which Melander wrote down. Melander discouraged Johanson from journey to Berlin and assured him that his message of war could as well be made known to the world through the medium of newspapers.
Melander kept his promise and published Johansson’s message March 14, 1914, in Stockholm’s daily “Svenska Morgonbladet.” Johansson’s predictions aroused enormous attention, and when a few months later war broke out, interest in this strange man grew even greater. His visions and revelations were published in book 1918 and have been repeatedly reprinted. Translated into German and published in 1953.
When it appeared that Anton Johannson had been right about the outbreak of the war, a journalist from Stockholm came to his home and interviewed him. The newspaper “Aftonbladet” brought an article about him on April 16th 1918. In this article he correctly predicted the outbreak of the “Spanish flu”. This pandemic disease, which broke out shortly after the war had ended, killed more than 15 millions of people - more people than had been killed during the war.

His predictions about WW3

Before the war breaks out there will be a lot of talk about peace, but it will only be to prevent people from suspecting anything.
One night the Russians will invade Germany and France through Hungary, Austria, northern Italy and Switzerland - only France will give the invaders resistance, Germany will be taken by surprise.
The Russians will conquer all the American weapon depots on their way. Anton mentions terrible weapons not existing in his time.
The Russian army will subdue France thanks to French communists and then engage in war with Spain. The terrible new weapons mentioned before will be used in Spain with dire consequences for the whole world. One of the weapons, which causes the death of 25 million people, infects the victim with a disease, which makes the person mad.
Simultaneously with the invasion of Germany Johansson saw an explosion in the North Sea. He saw a great tsunami-like wave rise and hit all the North Sea coasts. The flood proved disastrous for London: Houses were destroyed, ships were wrecked and hurled against the buildings, people being drowned and crushed to death. A part of Scotland sank into the sea. The coastlines of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium were also affected, especially Antwerp and Hamburg.
He noticed that all these events happened in the late summer.
He is the only seer (from Europe) to have seen what happened in USA. From his description it is reasonable to conclude that the bigest American cities would come under nuclear attack.The entire sky was ignited, everything was hidden in smoke, and the bombs created hurricanes, which destroyed everything. Even the great forests in Canada were swept away by the fire storms, which also moved across the Atlantic Ocean and destroyed the south-western part of Europe before moving into Russia. “This,” he concludes, “is why USA cannot send help to Europe.”
India is occupied by China. Local revolutionaries instigate war to facilitate the occupation.
Persia and Turkey are conquered by the Russians.
It made a great impression on Johansson, when he saw how the Russians together with their French allies attacked Sweden and Norway going from North to South. If only Sweden had not diminished its military forces, fewer people would have died, he says. The Russians would conquer the Northern part of Sweden, while their French allies would bomb the cities on the western coast line: Göteborg and Malmö, and also Stockholm. The French army would then continue to bomb cities in Norway: Oslo, Kristiansand, Trondheim and others. After a few months of war the Swedish capitulated, and this forced the Norwegians to do the same. Sweden and Norway had to surrender a lot of land in return for peace. “If only the Swedish had endured another 2 weeks, they would have won over the French.”
He noticed that Russia was without Ukraine and Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) - these states only got their independence a decade ago - how could he know? Poland was also outside Russian influence.

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