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Oklahoma Lawmaker Files Bill to Establish Bigfoot Hunting Season

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posted on Jan, 23 2021 @ 08:22 PM
Is soo funny the guy that made this the bill in Oklahoma got a bad backlash, now he is changing he meaning of the bill

Did anybody read on that one,

posted on Jan, 24 2021 @ 12:08 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

We don't need to kill them all, we just need ONE body provided to civilian scientists, universities or civilian medical facilities to get answers. In reality the remains of an already passed over one would be just as good.

Was Laughing out loud over the electric fence idea!
A friend discovered even with their electric fences set on max the result was the 2 BF got tangled in it an dragged it 5 acres. The BF apparently was not hurt but they did get loud. Set on max an I forget the voltage but it's enough to drop a 1000lb bull in it's tracks. The BF also had a jolly old time setting off their driveway alarm just for laughs couple of nights a week for like a year?

Since we know that aren't stupid they rubbed it in by using logs to smash down the electric fence to continue getting at their horses an cows. The whole thing was a huge PITA.

Sad to say it, but for property owners who get so harassed or family members targeted I'm a huge fan of landmines.
Fortunately they're illegal, but that's the route I'd go if they weren't. Some BF just won't take no for an answer an
refuse to work things out for co-existance. Altho that said I firmly believe you should try everything you can first to come to some sort of arrangement.

Years ago had an older male here.
About 9-10 ft with gray hair. Pretty sure he was here when we bought the place.
He moved stuff in the yard, he'd randomly make himself known if you stayed outside too late in the yard, He'd move my garden implements to wind me up, but not ever anything the kids had been using so he had to have been watching.
He an I had a fine pissing contest going on but it was more humorous than territorial. I'd bless him out just like I would the husband an he seemed to get a kick out of it.

My husband would listen to me rant about the latest insult an with a straight face say " So stomping your foot an screaming is going to make him listen?" then burst out laughing his head off! Then he'd say "that's right! you make that Bigfoot behave!!" cue more gales of laughter....I swear some days I got tag-teamed by them.

He disappeared after about 5 yrs so either we got too boring for him or he needed a place with more deer/turkey/possums/raccoons to snack on. In all the years he was here he never scared us or the kids. He kept a distance but you occasionally would catch him outlined standing in the wood line. Our impression of him was he wanted company but not too much. Just some. He displayed great manners so we responded in kind.

No spotlights for the kids to play with or flashlights, just chemical glow sticks.
Dogs always on their steel cable leads. Cats rounded up before dark. No loud boozy parties, just family cookouts.
No loud music from the kids after dark.

Amicable. Things were amicable. The home we purchased had been owned by a lady that had been widowed so we figured he'd been surveilling her long before we moved in. Just guessing tho.

People never "get" that things can be completely normal with them in the neighborhood if you don't freak out and let things just be. You don't need to gift, you can't force interaction an while you know they're around sometimes ignoring the fact keeps the peace. Mutual ignoring can go a long way.

posted on Jan, 24 2021 @ 03:13 PM
a reply to: Caver78

Had me chuckle when Read Land Mines but I do get were you are coming from, yes if they are like that they need something to prevent them, the lives of people are far more important to me.

But what would it take to bring one down?.

posted on Jan, 25 2021 @ 07:40 AM
Not a hunter so have only limited experience with weapons at our local range, plus the few nifty types during my military service.

I understand they have been brought down with OTC legal weapons, but that would depend on the shooters skill.
Rather think a 50 caliber would be best, but I always go overkill when I'm serious about something.

Something I'd considered in reading different accounts of them being shot and wounded is people just "assume" they're invincible because they get hit an still run off. Adrenaline is amazing stuff and humans have been known to do incredible feats once pumped up. For a Being that's 4X our size the adrenaline dump from being shot has to be phenomenal!!!

People also underestimate their skull structure.
Pitt-Bulls AND Jaguars have such thick skulls a head shot is virtually useless. Now it's not like I've spent time trying to figure out kill methodologies it's just over the years I've been fortunate to get to be around exotics an read tons of BF reports. If they don't drop immediately there have to be reasons.

It takes a TON of focused energy to work with both Ley lines an naturally occurring vortexes. A wounded BF isn't going to be able to do it. Which is something "portal proponents" don't know cause they haven't done the work. It's just something easy to say.

You have a PM

posted on Jan, 25 2021 @ 07:23 PM
a reply to: Caver78

I absolutely believe you are correct, now I am coming from a far less wild place and nature has been tamed in my part of the world for a far longer period of time so other than the legend of Woodwose which were if real much smaller than Sasquatch there is not much similar variety in my part of the world.

Oh we have big cats that are possibly former pets released when we had changes to the law on owning exotic and dangerous species over here in the 70's when it is possible some irresponsible owners let there's go in the countryside and the legendary black dog's and other cryptids but these days if someone saw a Woodwose they would think it was a tramp (homeless person) or something more familiar to there frame of reference.

Our population density other than a few areas is also extremely high especially compared to that of the US, at least south of the border since Scotland is much less populace than the rest of the united kingdom (it would be much more densely populated but we had a period called the Land Clearances and several other tumultuous period's including the period following the Jacobite rebellions when entire community's were slaughtered by the victorious Campbell's that robbed Scotland of much of it's population the majority of whom settled in England or migrated to other nations including your own.

And we also being an island means our own ecosystem has been changed by man totally over the past ten thousand or so years with very little left of the modern human occupation other than a few relic species mostly of plants and very small animal's.

This all build's up to the likely fact that at least in our part of the world they are probably (almost definitely) extinct if there was ever a native population of such creatures here though of course we would probably refer to them as Giant's.

Though Scotland has a huge area (from our perspective nothing on the US of course) were such a creature may be able to hide and there have been some reports of big foot like creatures seen by witness though some believe these are probably more paranormal in nature.

That said the sheer size of the territory that is available for uncontacted tribes, other species and even big foot to exist that there is in the US, Canada and even in south America makes it and of course Siberia prime contenders for the undeniably likely existence of these and other unknown species.

Of course if portal's are a thing?.

What is more for your native cryptid there is far more evidence of it's existence and NO evidence to deny it's existence.

Some Native American legends talk of them hunting and eating people so they must be treated as dangerous, especially if they have a level of reason approaching our own.

And of course there is the bigfoot war of 1855 from Oklahoma as well.

So there is definitely something there, something that is NOT nice.

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posted on Jan, 26 2021 @ 05:48 PM
Saw something interesting.
Yes I was goofing off on YouTube. Steve Isdahl finally decided to address this issue and brought up some very common sense things.

No State or Province can open a hunting season on anything without first determining population size before hunting tags can be issued. Plus human populated areas are taken into consideration because tags in two counties here are issued for "shotgun only" for that exact reason. Don't want rifles that can shoot too far an potentially hit a home or business.

I feel so stupid I'd also forgotten that altho they beat home the Quota Stats in every season of Deadliest Catch. Those are determined by Fisheries but it's the same principle. Population size is always a criteria here before Deer Licenses get sold for the season.

I "derped" hard on this topic!!

So to redeem myself.
Why haven't we seen many reports coming from Fish Hatcheries?
Now they have camera's but in the 60's 70's probably not. Been to a couple an they have some huge fish!! The breeding stock I guess. They're tarped with netting cause of Herons/Kingfishers but they are shallow an ripping the netting off isn't that hard.

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