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Good thing these protestors were there to help this sick man!

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posted on Jan, 19 2021 @ 04:32 PM
Portland police were notified that a man had jumped out a 2nd story window with a knife and began threatening to take his own life. A Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team officer was on site to assist the police with the situation. For 90 minutes, the ECIT officer and police tried to calm this schizophrenic man down and get the knife out of his hand before he hurt himself.

Of course, protestors showed up and were angry about not being able to see everything happening, assuming the police were trying to hide something. They had a portion of the block sectioned off, allowing for protestors to gather on the North and South sides of the incident. The man’s mother showed up and pleaded with the protesters to calm down as they weren’t helping with the paranoid schizophrenic by any means, however, the protestors did not care and kept on acting like the sane, responsible adults they are. They were so sane and responsible, the police felt they needed assistance and had to stop taking calls to handle the two situations, one entirely preventable, on this street-

The negotiation lasted for about 90 minutes before two separate crowds of protesters began showing up to the north and south. Some in the crowd began chanting, and one even started using a bullhorn. The extra noise and distraction made it impossible for the specially trained officers to speak to the man. Officers implored the crowd to stop interfering, but their energy only increased. Even when the suicidal man's mother arrived and begged the crowd to stop, most in the crowd continued. Some in the crowd began threatening the officers. A supervisor requested resources citywide, and all available officers responded from North and East Precincts. This caused a major resource drain citywide and all but the highest priority calls had to wait. The officers had to don helmets and face shields to protect themselves as they stood in front of the hostile crowd.

I’ve mentioned this YouTuber several times now as I think the majority of ATS would LOVE his channel. He’s a former cop/SWAT officer and he built his channel breaking down police-involved videos. The guy is a riot and seems like a genuinely good dude. He’s covered pretty much every officer-involved shooting over the last couple years and has called out cops when they’ve been in the wrong, but more often than not, provides logical and lawful information on why the police had to do what they did.

Here’s his video on the sane and responsible protestors who rushed to the paranoid schizophrenic man’s rescue that the police and ECIT officer were clearly unable to do-

He covered quite a bit of the protests over the last year and since YouTube will demonetize his videos depending on the language he uses, he often has to come up with alternate words/phrases (as evident in the title of the video above). Like I said, the guy is a riot (no pun intended) and more people should see these videos.

For a bunch of “woke” people, they sure do seem awfully f*cking dim.

posted on Jan, 19 2021 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: Drucifer

They aren't woke. They're angry little puppets doing what they're told.

If it wasn't what they're protesting now it would be something else. All these movements have two important similarities. The first is that the movement has ultimate moral authority which gives them carte blanche to use any means necessary. The other thing they have in common is that there is an overwhelming need to not only avoid a rational discussion, but to ensure nobody else can engage in a rational discussion. Shouting, rage, and violence are used to ensure no resolution. Those controlling them don't want change. They want continued breakdown of the most basic forms of peaceful and rational political discourse.
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