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Latest South African Covid19 News

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posted on Jan, 19 2021 @ 11:51 AM
The South African Veterinarians President asked the South African government via e-TV news if they could come on board in help solving the Covid19 crises. Although Onderste-poort is one of the leaders in the world on corona viri they were never asked to join or give input by anyone. Please do not try and tell them the Covid19 is novel as they will tell you to F-Off. They have been vaccinating animals successfully for years against the corona virus mutations.

The news anchor had to do it and ask him the question about his opinion on Ivermectin for humans. He stop just short of endorsing it himself that but said that too many positive studies came out and it cannot be ignored and must be investigated (He know that it works ā€“ his body language and face gave him away. He nearly blew it but in the end kept his cool).

Then a new subject: are the South African strain more contagious, deadly and will the current vaccines still work on it?

Yes it appears to be 50% more contagious, no it does not cause more deaths % wise and yes the vaccines will still work or could be easily adapted if needed
Then the news changed to that South Africans will have to pay more taxes to help pay for the vaccines and I switch off the TV. Ja the fat-cats ANC stole the country nearly bankrupt and still blame apartheid after 25 years.

A Photo Story ā€“ not on the news

Some of their kids bragging

A property and some cars

Not going to make a new thread

Smartphone irritation

So I was exposed but do not seem to be affected. Still think I had it in February 2020 but decided to play the game and self isolate. I also have from Ivermectin to Hydroxychloroquine and zinc supplement, vitamin C, bla, bla. Yes Iā€™m prepared as I do not have all the body parts due to serious operations over the years. (Still got those that count and yes they are still working)
My sisters asked me for a list of items I will need in the next 2 weeks. I opened my permanent spreadsheet on the computer, mark the item I thought that will run out and e-mailed it.
Hi bro, can you please make a list I can read on my phone?
Wow, they got a full office at home with printers. I kept quiet and made a short list.

Cyril my friend (#&@*) can you please open or reclassify the beaches? The holiday peaks are over and the wind blows 90% of the time on the beach. The malls are full and where I currently stay there are never more than 50 people on a very large beach in peak season anyway. Currently you are lucky to see one or two people walking their dog in the early morning or late afternoon.

Come on f_ck-face stop acting and do!!!

posted on Jan, 19 2021 @ 01:33 PM
a reply to: ICycle2

Interesting news RE ivermectin spiced with some random corruption photos. I hope you get to go to the beach mate. Just do it. Why wait. They going to arrest you for being in the fresh air? lol

How were you exposed to the novel virus?

posted on Jan, 19 2021 @ 01:45 PM
a reply to: chris_stibrany

A friend had it and he didn't know, he became sick later. Luckily we were able to spare him some Ivermectin and his doing better since the first dose

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