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The meaning of Genesis - creating a redemption story from wounds of deep psychospiritual trauma

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posted on Jan, 14 2021 @ 02:52 PM

From what I've heard, ATS may be going to that big 404 in the sky some time fairly soon, though I sincerely hope it's able to stay afloat. I've been through some crazy stuff in my life (I'm fresh from my first ever re-reading of some of my more important (to me) threads since joining the site back in 2009), and all things considered, this place has been a home for posts about my unusual experiences, creating threads on all manner of topics for all sorts of encounters with the WorldWideWeird. Sort of like a Facebook for the arcane & macabre, as well as the sublime & mystical. It has been my source for the real news behind the MSM, it has pointed me towards topics & resources which have generated endless fascination & have sustained me through times when otherwise I'd have been incapable of making any sort of sense of my own personal experience of life.

It would thus be remiss of me to fail to include in my archive of threads some significant commentary on what has started to come together in my understanding, specifically concerning my faith, and more specifically concerning my beliefs regarding the Biblical Book of Genesis - its subjects, its signposts, what it does & doesn't say, and what the implications may be. This comes about as these things often do - following a new shuffle of the memory neurons, tied together by fresh insight, gained from new materials under study. I hope you find them helpful. It will not be a mile-thick compendium & study guide - it consists at the core of a single insight, upon which a foundation of expanding awareness can be built, which I believe has the potential to re-frame the conversation on the matter of the inerrancy of Scripture, the wholeness of the Word of God, and how that relates to the salvation story intended for all peoples throughout the world, which we Christians are focused on in our spiritual walk with God, through our commitment to the person of Jesus Christ, and to the love of all people - to the ultimate glory of The Infinite One.



The Bible, in my 12 yr old eyes, suffered from a terrible failing, which meant that it couldn't possibly be real - none of it. I threw the baby out with the bathwater. I read about Adam & Eve, I knew it couldn't possibly be true that all human on Earth had come from only two humans at the dawn of time. There is simply too much genetic diversity in the present world, which can't possibly have come from a gene pool of two. I reasoned that if the first book in the larger Biblical text was so clearly based on a fallacy, then the rest of it was extremely suspect, and it seemed highly unlikely to be useful in the modern world. I came to the unvoiced conclusion that it was probably all fairy tales from an ancient source. I made a commitment to never get mixed up too deeply with Christians, because they clearly believed in a load of nonsense & probably weren't too bright.

My adolescence was a troubled one, for reasons that I won't go into here, and no, it doesn't have to do with God's divine judgment against me for disbelieving in a claim without rational context in the ultra-modern world we inhabit. After my troubles, came a redemptive tale which was full of the grace of God, miracles, visions, signs & wonders, spiritual gifts including prophetic dreams & a new heart which was focused on God & His Kingdom. I was happy with reading the Bible, even though much of it troubled me. I definitely knew who God was, because I had experienced His direct presence on myriad occasions, as well as having highly synchronous engagements with other people who were 'in the Kingdom' (those who are practically obsessed with God after coming to a knowledge of saving faith/grace..) I experienced multiple visitations from angels, at times being gifted with aspects of knowledge & wisdom which couldn't have come from me (& still don't come from me, almost 20 years later).

Yet through it all, I could never get my head around the Creation story & early parts of Genesis - it seemed a very shaky foundation for any engagement with rationalism to ever become established as a means of engaging the high tech, high science modern world, in which we knew intimately of dinosaurs, of geological time, the formation of quasars, pulsars & black holes. How could this fairy story possibly be a valid part of the incredible story of God, the Infinite One whom I had directly experienced, His love & care, the amazing gifts & exciting spiritual journey which came through faith, if He were to want to include modern people in His masterplan? How did that fanciful story of a paradisical garden & two protohumans getting mixed up with a serpent, have any place in the unfolding plan of the Almighty?

Precisely because it is what it claims to be - the beginning.

Wait, what?

It's a story, set at the beginning of, a story.

The story in question is NOT the story of the creation of the universe. It was never intended to be any more than allegory. It is the easily transmissible 'fairy story' which Semitic peoples from the lineage of Abraham, who came from Ur in the Chaldees, told to their children as the cold nights drew in & the oil lamps cast a fragrant glow within the walls of their tents. The stories of the history of the Semitic peoples who ultimately gave rise to the Jewish race, which then transcribed these memory stories as allegory-under-prophecy, woven in with divine truth by the spirit of the prophet as the scribe sat by him in his trance, as the mighty spirit of YHWH, the Holy Spirit, gave him inspiration to utter.

The stories of Genesis, and the allegory which prefaced them, tell of how the redemptive story of the human race began. The ancient memories of the first of Abraham's seed, and the almost indescribable length of time over which those stories were maintained orally, amounts to the story of stories. This story did not remember a local hero in a local war, or a poetic epic following one cosmological deity-hero who lived a long time ago. This story spoke into the inner parts of each man & woman who heard them first as children, huddled under the blankets in the oil lamp's glow. It describes the overshadowing of humanity, over the heart of each man & woman, by some mysterious 'ancient serpent' [IE a reviled & deadly creature], which somehow poisoned the human race, to a man, with dire circumstances which had an effect upon us all. We came into the gravity well of the cosmic incident in which our innocence was lost - the Fall from grace (which was not our own, but that of the serpent; the serpent it seems, may have had an intended role as a planet-wide protector of humanity).

Until the Fall, we were an innocent, trusting race, unprepared for the cunning treachery of the divine being which came down among us, when we were still innocent, living as a pure & undefiled race in natural harmony with each other, with the universe, and with regards to our spirituality. We were tricked into a compact with the demon seed prince who had been cast down, permanently snared, into the material universe from lofty celestial heights, in the outworking of a cosmic war which came to involve us as hostages. It may have unfolded suddenly, within a moment, a hundred years, or a thousand long years in which the golden age was upended & the harmony of nature & our place in the cosmos was utterly warped.

posted on Jan, 14 2021 @ 02:52 PM
However it came to pass, it did indeed change the face of our local system - and it may have altered worlds beyond our current awareness, certainly there were powers represented in the telling of the event (the cosmic war) which aren't accounted for in our present understanding of the ecosystem of sentient beings in the wider universe of which our system is only a tiny part. The angels of Biblical scripture, the many 'divine emanations', or avatars, which either took direct action to affect the story of mankind, or were referred to indirectly, allusions to phases of matter & realms of information far away & above & beyond our own existential dynamic. Some sort of local event took place, when the line in the sand was crossed, when a local system at war was eviscerated by a particular lightning strike of ignominy, occurring as a direct result of what we could struggle to define as an intergalactic, metaspatial, eternal/temporal cataclysm of the greatest possible magnitude. When that occurred, when what was left of humanity as refugees from a forgotten planet, establishing a community found itself suddenly interfered with, by those who had lost the war yet exalted themselves as gods, wielding all manner of psycho-spiritual & technological powers over the humans struggling after the loss of Eden. The gods exalted themselves, and mankind suffered. Mankind was corrupted & abused in equal measure.

Enslaved, fetid with the corruption deliberately wrought by those who tricked us out of our inheritance, just as Jacob tricked Esau out of his inheritance, an action that was unfair & yet from which we could not walk away free, owing to complex rules of which we knew nothing - yet. But patience is a virtue, and in time, healing comes. Ultimately, the city states ruled by the gods, grew complacent to the extent that warring & rivalry between the overlords spilled over into yet more chaos which in some cases, I suspect, threw them back into periods of mini-dark ages dependent on global position & local politics of the city-state dynamic. The gods were brutal, merciless, banal & perverse, but they were not shoddy in the maintenance & conservation of their economies & infrastructure. Insurrection over an abandoned citadel led mankind to the brink of powers & reach far beyond what they could possibly handle as their own, for the time had not yet come for those powers to rest in human hands.

The 'Tower of Babel' moment, as far as I understand it, was when human hearts & minds took the opportunity presented to them, by fate as the result of an ousted overlord, which would have enabled them (a select few of them) to ascend to heights of knowledge & understanding that they were not socio-psycho-spiritually mature enough to fully process & actualise without potentially destroying the world by mistake. At this time, divine beings were despatched & represented to assess the situation & a decision was taken that Mankind was in severe danger & their as-yet limited grasp of who & what the gods & their city states were & were capable of accomplishing when wielded with the knowledge & understanding attained through a combination of divine emanation &/or aeons of slow, peaceful evolution through a natural striving towards civilisation, made them incapable of operating in the world as a coherent force under controlled leadership. And so, the decision was taken to lower a veil of forgetfulness, with a confusing of the languages, to prevent them from appropriating the knowledge & power of their former masters. They were taken in groups & transplanted far away from the cradle of civilisation where they had been birthed, or at least, where distinct racial types had been brought together in communities likely adapted to a caste system of sorts, possibly even directly genetically engineered with certain traits, qualities & strengths which were needed to fulfil certain roles withing the civilisation which the gods ruled over.

In those racial groupings they were relocated to habitats throughout the world where their various traits would seem naturally endowed with the passing of long ages of peaceful evolution. In truth the various races of Mankind may have been intended to be 'understood' as different species of sentient human, likely a 'design' originally lifted from the genetic cose of the gods. There is no sense getting caught up in the difference between a supposedly spiritual being such as a 'god' which can in some manner take a solid form within the world of matter, and a human who had developed an understanding of hidden arts reserved for the gods, which gave him or her abilities ('siddhis') that enabled a transition between matter & energy/information. The DNA code may be, in its original form, a form of pure information which is designed to interact with energetic fields of sentient awareness which are able to phase between matter & those other more exotic, 'spiritual' forms. In this manner we can consider that designing a particular type of human to work in your civilisation wouldn't necessary have necessitated the use of 21st century medical technology & laboratories, chemical industries & so on.. It could have been a simple case of using will & intellect to interface with these exotic or spiritual phases of matter, a form which is more directly imprinted with pure information overseen by the coordinating consciousness which in this case would be a 'god'. And so, it gives me no discomfort to say that potentially we are all a combination of hybridised species with traits adapted for the purposes of the god who had charge over each particular human. All the traits of the oriental phenotype for the folded over skin of the eye which protects vision from the dust & grit of sandstorms, may have been created with some particular need to operate as watchpersons or sharphsooters in desert environments.

We can look at all peoples around the world where we know there are very specific traits 'belonging' to each race, and look at the bigger picture which is that perhaps we didn't 'suddenly' evolve within the 30,000 years all humans are supposed to have diverged into theose starkly different racial profiles, instead accept that potentially the Sumerian tales were in part truth, that the spirit of the god mingled with the blood of the creature intended to be hybridised into members of a purposeful caste-based cultural typology of civilisation ruled by a particular god according to their own ditats & personal taste.

The point I'm driving at is that there came a moment in this god-ruled, caste-by-the-numbers culture at which one of the gods lost control (or maybe many of them did) - suddenly, powerful human mandarins who had picked up all the knowledge of rulership which was to be handled on behalf of their god-emperor, were able to all at once take over the management of a city state on their own behalf. And suddenly, a new movement was driving the humans forward, enabling them to take control over the technological infrastructure of the city state/s, in their own interests rather than on behalf of their dead/gone god emperor. Those who had been despatched to get a report on the situation came back to their superiors (whomever they were, regardless of the 'plan' that had been in place before (remembering that the gods were deeply hierarchical, an

A deep forgetting came to exemplify the state of our actualised knowledge & understanding as a whole.

posted on Jan, 14 2021 @ 02:52 PM
For this to work, there had to be a singular moment of dispersion of all the people groups. Over the many thousands of years that followed, language was eroded & reformed at the edges where the various territories overlapped & butted up against one another, and by this process, came the vast assortment of true languages we now know, and the myriad dialects for each one true language, even coming down to the different accents within the true language groups.

The consequences of this were huge, and definitely intended - but, I believe, for a good reason at the core of the decision making process. At this point I want to insert a really quick takeaway point, which I only learned about & became comfortable with quite recently, which is that the Almighty in the Heavens above does not rule by dictat; there are layers of authority & a distinct hierarchy within the loose constraints of which decisions are delegated to orders of beings lower down the pecking order, exactly as it would work in a human military power. The orders come down, but there is a measure of discretion permitted to those who are expected to carry out the orders by making just decisions which best exemplify the core intent of their nature/ character as a soldier within Heaven's armies. 'The LORD of Heaven's armies' is actually one of the titular appellations of God the Father. He does not rule by dictat - that needs to be clear. All beings in the universe are/were created free & that is how it has always been. Circumstances may render a man a slave, but he is free in his conscience to serve the order of life, or the chaos of the darkness. Becoming a better civilisation takes a lot of care & a very, very long time, because men & women down the ages are subject to ebbs & flows of the same temptations & sufferings as those who came before & those who will come after. That is how it has always been, and in this world life is winning - though we are in danger, as a human race. More on that elsewhere.

The advanced beings who had been tasked with assessing & responding to the situation had an impossibly huge & daunting task laid out before them. More intense & complex, and heart-rendingly painful than anything you will see in typical space opera sci-fi. Their decision was the right one, as far as I can tell given the infinitely complex inputs & outcomes available to them. Ultimately they chose to separate & humanely segregate them as best as they possibly could, knowing that tragedy would be awaiting all of them further down the road. They entered into a phenomenally complex scientific operation to literally re-tune the mechanisms of their brains to respond differently to sound, form & gesture, such that complex linguistic & social cultural customs would necessitate complex & fraught negotiations to avoid conflict if they possibly could, as each civilisation developed along its own axis of development, as each studied themselves & the 'Other' which happened to be nearest to them. Alliances, treaties, negotiations, conflict, skirmish, battle & total war - the complexities & the heartache impossible to resolve. Ultimately, once they groups had their hardware retuned, they were transplanted & VEIL OF HYPNOTIC FORGETFULNESS WAS LOWERED UPON THEM. tHEY ALL WOKE AS IF FROM A DREAM, AND STORIES OF THEIR ORIGINS BECAME THE GREATEST POSSIBLE CURRENCY IN THE LORE OF THE POETS & THE DRAMATISTS & musicians who treaded upon the wafer-thin ice on which their understanding rested. Ultimately, good men & women must unite, study, act in positive & holistic manner, so as to bring forth good consequences in the world. The aim of each of us is to leave the world a little brighter, a little less twisted as the result of our ppresence here as living souls.

Furthermore, in all of this there certainly does rest an overarching 'plan', the plan of the Almighty, which is not to turn us into forced, indentured servitude to Himself, but rather to set us free from the curses we have lived under, as human shields & hostages to the devil, the dark power which preys upon all of us in one way or another, to the extent according to which we can be corrupted, weakened, picked off from the pack, running a little too distracted when the lion pounces, chasing after that individual who for all manner of reasons, is weakened to the point of becoming an easy target - for sport, for malevolent future purpose or out of simple lust for blood. When the Tower of Babel moment occurred, we were separated as innocents, newborns ready to learn the secrets of this material universe we find ourselves occupying. We are hostage to a fiendish & devilish, demonic power. The souls of those gods & their demon offspring who died corrupted at some point during the great forgetting, with the blame of the ruin of humanity on their shoulders, became waste & desolate spirits wandering in an arid land, corrupted, their capacity for any wholesome purpose exhausted & dead. They became a haunt for jackals & screech owls, but there was worse still to follow.

As mankind wrestled with creating virgin culture in the wake of a forgotten golden age, before the serpent & the fallen gods had arisen to take control of this world, another spiritual evil was brewing, in the ranks of the peacekeepers & various political, sociocultural & spiritual overseers, those assigned the duty of the human protectorate under their aegis. The story says that 200 rebelled, that they came down to a mountain in Northern Israel, on the contested border with Syria. They came not for reasons of altruistic support, or to quell some threat which may have overspilled into the protected human enclave, but rather they came for lust & blood sports. They rebelled against their command, and took human females from the menfolk, using their superior powers, technology & knowledge to at once control & compel the fascination of Mankind. They accelerated the accumulation of knowledge & skills among their new human servants, teching them all manner of arts & sciences, in rudimentary form. They had claimed Earth as their domain, to destroy the chances for a largely peaceful evolution towards new knowledge, insights & spiritual advancement. They caused the humans to war for sport, they amassed wealth, resources, power & all the tappings that come therewith, and with their superior science & understanding of reality, they embedded themselves the hidden elite within a human civilisation they were building up to new heights of glory befitting their intended station, befort they were drafted into a protection detail in what was otherwise a sleepy backwater, now that the overlords had been defeated & their civilisation stripped of assets in technologies & knowledge. They knew more or less what they needed to do to get it back, but they also knew that it would take a very, very long time to get back to what they intended to achieve.

They wanted to upgrade from protection, to become gods amongst men. The additional burden of psycho-sociocultural dissonance which was thus established in the collective unconscious of Mankind was shot through with so much corruption, deception & purely evil parasitic spirit/phasing material 'creatures'. The world had already been infected with an ancient evil that had been made to lie dormant at the forgetting & refreshingafter Babel - until now. With the second rebellion, came the awakening of Satan. Nothing else makes sense of it all.

To Be Continued.
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posted on Jan, 24 2021 @ 12:43 AM

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