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First it was madness now there's absolute confusion

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posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 08:52 PM
Within the last 6 months America has seen a gross state of madness infecting from the west coast to the east coast from north to south.
Through that madness people begin to realize that it's only a destructive means to an end. And that means of an end needs to a state of total confusion and where does that get a gets a nation of people wonders wondering aimlessly among the nation's landscape looking for leadership that can tell the truth and lead the country in a path of righteousness and fairness for its people.
As we can tell the hypocrisy between all parties that are involved what was once real the best thing to do is now the opposite is the worst thing to do and this is what is really confusing those people with the sound mind.
We have to take a look at the coronavirus and the effects of what is taking place for a good example.
People all around the world have lost their means of livelihood and that's a fact.
But now we have the leaders come out and say we need to reopen up the economy after it's been destroyed it's been a joke all along.
This coronavirus is highly contagious there's nothing been like this even the common flu that affected so many people so quickly within my lifetime.
But the fact of it is millions of people and I mean millions of people have the symptoms of the coronavirus and never been tested yet and they no longer have the symptoms so was it really a con job by people that want to take control of our lives and lead them to where their life is going and that's to a casket six feet under.
I think that was your plan all along if you noticed all our leaders are old and many of them probably don't have children so they don't really care and as we all know many of them are psychopaths.
Just look at the mirror of New York City kumo said well it's time now we got to reopen our businesses we killed all the mom and pop stores and we got all the big chain stores functioning pretty good so let's see who can reopen up their businesses now.
I guess what I'm really trying to say in the final sentence of this thread is had too much convenience have left to a state of confusion and that's going to be the downfall of many nations.

posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 09:46 PM
Well, on the bright side, I guess the police are funded once again, now that the US needs protection from boorish pro-Trump Minotaurs.

Welcome back police state!

Almost all is forgiven, if you get them.

Good grief, bring back law and order!
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posted on Jan, 12 2021 @ 10:12 PM
Fifth-generation warfare (5GW)

Fifth-generation warfare (5GW) is the battle of perceptions and information including complex networks of cyber warfare. 5GW is also a cultural and moral war, which distorts the perception of the masses to give a manipulated view of the world and politics.

We are no longer fighting a defined adversary in a defined battlespace for a defined period of time. Instead the 5th generation mission space is a continuous global battle of narratives that will play out over both virtual and physical space and encompass a range of violent and non-violent actions and effects.

And so to war...The slow escalation through the phases towards the open commitment of military forces in phase 5 will be achieved with subtly and ambiguity to such an existent that it will be difficult to know at which point the phase of conflict has changed. It will be extremely difficult to set ‘Red Lines’ and threshold for when to act. We may well find ourselves way past the point of intervention without having realized we were even in a contest, akin to the fable of the boiling frog. In this event the adversaries setting of the narrative will have achieved, at least partially, the desired outcome, without the commitment of forces to the lethal fight. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, This is the supreme art of 5th Generation War.

However, in 5GW, the state of war will never be declared as the adversary will seek to impose its values on another through the cognitive effect. The next conflict, be it between a state, a non-state or a combination of the two, will certainly be an economic and a social contest, whether or not it becomes a lethal military fight: it will be a contest over the cognitive mission space.

Fifth Generation Warfare, THE ART OF WAR, COGNITIVE EFFECT [PDF]

Hope everyone is ready for pandemic and a war... err "conflict'. The war hawks & hypocrites are back and the C!A has returned to the White House.

Pondering the there anything going on presently that is NOT typical of an empire in the early stages of collapse? Guess depends if you see America as a satellite of the British Empire or the Roman (Vatican) Empire.

Don't worry, the Great Reset will fix everything.

Have faith, most of the garbage being pushed will drop off into an abyss.

Parody break to keep us sane...Trial By Combat REMIX


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