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Well wishers stuck in the well pit

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posted on Jan, 7 2021 @ 08:43 PM
It really is completely true that we are all so brilliant and great! I mean, duh!! Why would anyone not be amazing?

After all, we all do enjoy a good bit of Personality (The Mask persona) and what great Personalities have been experienced, all around us. Such goodness to go around everywhere you look!

Yes, we all do enjoy a good bit of Character too (The Real persona), maybe even much more indeed!
Why can one not be what one is of course, anyone can be what they choose! Live and let live to all!

But oh no, wait a minute here, hang on!

Why should this person that we just watched do anything else other than what we do or think? They act differently, speak or even think differently and do things that we do not do! Especially when it gets in the way of "The Mask persona" how absurd should anyone dare to be different... can't be having that at all! Freedom! 😂


"What a f**king utter b*stard they are, how selfish, how unlike us that utter selfish b*stard is indeed! Let's strip them of everything they have, all of it and let them burn because they think they are better than us all!"


"Hey, remember that person a while back that vanished... they were really nice weren't they? Such a tragedy that they gave up on life and commited suicide isn't it? "

"If only, they had spoken out or reached out to someone. I would have helped of course, because I am a good person like anyone else.
Yeah we would all have helped, the whole community would have helped".

"But they never said anything at all. Nobody knew. Damn them for that, they were so nice really."
"I know, lets all fundraise in their memory and make everyone feel better to show how nice we are"" (Mask persona)

Wisdom declared unlearned (Mask) person speaks for all to hear and feel better about it all - "It is so strange that so many people commiting suicide these days... yes... but the Government organisations are needing to do something about this!"

Irony of the well wishers stuck in the well pit.

Nothing more or less than how I see this issue.
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posted on Aug, 1 2021 @ 11:19 PM
a reply to: XXXN3O

I’m honestly surprised this doesn’t have more stars flags and comments !! Was everyone asleep when you wrote this ?!?
Dude this is so on point i don’t need a pencil sharpener. That video of the model citizen is what is ingrained in so many! ‘Have a perfect yard .. a white picket fence’….oh my gosh… all the pesticides that are being used to make these perfect yards makes me feel insane .. just give me all the weeds for the bees 🐝

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