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General Talk about DoorDash

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posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 09:57 PM
I know I haven't posted anything in a long time but I got bored one day and watched a few things on youtube. So, after seeing some DoorDash complaints in the news and watching some of those videos. Like where the lady flips out on a CVS manager for cancelling the order. Or even the newest ( though oldest) one where the lady takes the guys food over traveling 12 miles in 40 minutes and wanted more than an 8 dollar tip. I figured I'd talk about it from a person who Dashes and a person who even orders the food.

First we'll tackle the order being made, there are three types now. One that is already paid for and you just need to go pick it up and take it to the customer. Then there is ones that you have to either place and pay for the order ( you get a card from doordash so you don't use your own money) or just have to pay with said card. And now in certain locations the third one is you go to cvs, walgreens and those neighborhood walmarts to pick up items for the customer.
Now onto the next phase, when the dasher is notified, you'll see how much you'll get for the trip can be anywhere from 1.50 to the most I've had 25.00. It doesn't break it down into how much doordash gives you and how much is the tip you just see the pay. In fact you can't see the break down of what was what unless you call customer support, which is a real hassle or after completion. It will also show you where the pick up and drop off is, and how many miles it is. So the lady freaking out about that knew when she accepted. My only complaint with this side of things is it doesnt tell you what the items are until after you accept. I have food allergies, so not being able to see if the order has shrimp or not till after I accept is a little sad. Specially the one time I had a shrimp lovers feast, they ordered every shrimp product this place had.
Also a little note, we don't pick the place it orders, cause one time I had a delivery from a place that was 5 or 6 miles from the customer, when they had the same restaurant a few blocks down from them. You'll get those a lot too they just down want to go right down the street, I had a delivery for McDonalds and the person lived right behind them on the next street over.
Think that covers the first basics that lead up to the next point, if the customer cancels. If they cancel or you do you'll generally get half the pay. So if the pay was 8 dollars you'd get 4. Also you can deny orders, mean there is a small penalty your acceptance rating goes down. And they say that there is a small "wrist slap" by limiting your orders, example : You have a 80% acceptance and another dasher is in the same area with a 95% the order supposedly will go to them first. I honestly haven't noticed a difference and I've knocked it down to 70 once. Also I don't think hotspots do anything either. I've sat in hot spots and I've driven around I seem to get them same amount regardless.
So I don't get why these people freaked out, the one lady knew how far it was and how much money it was. Plus 12 miles unless it was busy traffic should of barely taken 20 minutes. As for the order cancelled you still get half and if they said the order wasn't delivered you get to defend yourself. I had that happen. I had to fill out this incident report, and they said would contact me if they needed anything else. It ended up being a misunderstanding so no penalization on me.
Also if you have any questions or comments or stories about your DoorDashing experiences driving or ordering feel free to share them.

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 10:23 PM
a reply to: Jedite

Not strong enough to communicate my loathing.
Ordered twice.
Last time they didn't Beting anu food.
Or call. Af 3 hours hours of waiting we cancelldd. Then they showed up the next effing night! ! And wanted payments. we Said screw off.

Always pick up from local biz and tip direct.
Or use their in house delivery

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 10:26 PM
I haven't used door dash, but awhile back I was stuck at work for about 16 hours. I ordered Five Guys delivery and it went through something called Postmates. Anyway, Five Guys placed a seal on the bag, a sticker keeping it closed. The delivery person was quick to make their escape, and then I saw why. The sticker was ripped and the bag was open. I guess the cajun fries just couldn't be resisted. I had to make a complaint. That was BS.

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 10:37 PM
I'm not using any of that. If the restaurant doesn't have it's own website to order food for delivery, I am calling in for take out. I don't want a middleperson unconnected to the restaurant with my food for 12 miles and 40 minutes. I'm not that much of fat slob yet that I cant get in the tamumobile and wheel it to the restaurant. They even come out to your car here now, if you text them when you get there. I might expect that service after the pandemic. If I'm ever back in the office again, I will take leftovers from the previous dinner for lunch.
edit on 5 1 2021 by tamusan because: I might expect that service after the pandemic.

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 10:47 PM
I just can't understand why people will pay fifteen bucks for door dash when they could call in the order and just drive down to get it when it is two blocks away. People do it all the time. I think the driver gets about half of the door dash charge. My daughter called for a price of delivery and her Husband was delivering door dash, and he knew about what he would get. He was doing it for about two weeks and he is thinking of doing it for a day on the weekend once it gets farther into January.

He likes doing it once in a while when he goes shopping down in Marquette, it helps to pay for his gas and he gets enough to buy lunch from one of the restaurants for the family.

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 10:52 PM
Further more, on the first delivery the food showed up about two hours late , freezing, spilt and the kid admitted 'no one wanted to take it's to my face

a reply to: Jedite

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: rickymouse

Exactly what I said. And the restaurant gets more tip then

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 11:01 PM
I fully agree with all of you, I'd rather go to the restaurant, or store. But the few times I did use it on the ordering side my worst issue is it's always wrong.
But as the delivery driver, I've never eaten or been tempted to eat others food. I've nice to the customer and the restaurant. It always throws me off when people are like " You're one of the nicest door dashers we've gotten" and usually comes with extra tip. I keep thinking I'm not doing anything different it's common sense.
Maybe it's cause I have customer service experience, along with retail and restaurant. I'm not complaining over a weekend I can make about about 150-300 dollars. I just do it part time to fill out my main job since they refuse giving raises and took our over time away.
But yeah I've heard so many horror stories from DoorDash, Postmates, Ubereats and I'm just baffled, like one poster said their fries were eaten, and another they never showed up. It's fairly easy job and I'm in my car with my own music.

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 11:18 PM
I can't wrap my head around any of it. I like going out to a restaurant now and then. The food straight from the kitchen, having a person serve you, a person who if you go enough becomes almost a friend.

But this bit about food packaged and driven to you is not fresh, or hot enough and there is on ambience, it's eating at home. And how often delivered in cardboard boxes.

Here at our home we cook. We cook and eat and clean up. We experiment with different things, make them up ourselves. But ordering from a restaurant and paying them to cook and make their profit and then paying to have it delivered so the driver can make a living, hell, just how much can that burger end up costing anyway? And just who are these people that cannot fix for themselves and afford this ''service''anyway.

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 11:35 PM
I own a restaurant. We get a lot of door dashes now.

Door dash charges about 20% so we up charge 20% on our food to cover the loss. We used to do our own delivery for a lot cheaper and people would still chose to pay a lot more. We stopped doing delivery and just let door dash or Uber Eats take care of that since it's a lot easier and lower wages than keeping a delivery driver on full time.

Most of the door dashers that come in don't speak a lot of english. They probably will hire anyone who has a car is what it seems. Most of them are really nice, some are really weird, but it seems like they don't have the biggest vetting process in their hiring which probably leads to a lot of problems and some of the videos you see like that crazy lady pissed about an 8 dollar tip.

Whats funny to me is people will order for pick up through the Grub Hub app or some other one, then call in and ask how long it's going to be. They are getting charged 20% more because they didn't place their order over the phone.

Not the brightest people out there.

posted on Jan, 5 2021 @ 11:47 PM
a reply to: booyakasha

Yeah the process was pretty easy and honestly felt kinda shady.... like walking into amatuer porn kind of shady. When I applied it was an online application, they ask you usual questions. Driving history what kind of car if you have licence and insurance. A simple little lie detector test. Then they sent an email saying I had to go to some building, first of all the building was in a shady side of the city and the building itself looked like it fell out of the 80's even had carpet from the 80's. In the office that had a taped "Door Dash" sign on the door was two well pretty much "Bro's" goatees and backwards caps the works.
Said it was a temporary office until they can get the more permanent one open in this city. They had me watch like 30 minutes of videos on my phone. Walked me through setting up my account and the "Red Card" door dashes debit/credit card to use on orders Then tried to sell me door dash gear. That's right I had to spend my own money if I wanted to buy a door dash shirt or hot box. Was pretty expensive too, think the cheapest thing was 10 hot bag.
I was the only one who showed up was suppose to be a small "class" of 3 others. I was scared of dashing first handling other people's food without any regulations worried me. Mean as a pizza driver I had regulations and people that monitored me. Not that I did bad but customers felt safer that way I guess. But now it's like second nature to me, I just act how I would if I was delivering pizza still. My first delivery the customer was so happy and amazed that I told her that I think her order was wrong and I didn't want to/shouldn't touch touch her food so she should check it, and if she like I'd go back and fix it for her.

posted on Jan, 6 2021 @ 12:15 AM
a reply to: booyakasha

people would still chose to pay a lot more

I'm a lazy person and I can't understand how someone is too lazy to look up their restaurant. To be honest, I am only ordering out 3 or 4 times a week now to support my favorite restaurants. My wife and I might've gone out a dozen or two times a year before 2020.

posted on Jan, 6 2021 @ 12:54 AM
I've used them all on occasion, Door Dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub I really got started when I traveled for work. You would check in late be tired from driving and not want to go out so you get delivery. That said when I stayed with my Dad when he was going through chemo he would have bad evenings anyway, he wasn't eating a lot, and ordering out his favorites did sometimes get him to eat better. But I try and tip well, I used to deliver when I was a teenager it's not all that fun.

And yes Five Guys is a favorite damn those fries are addicting

Now with COVID and being home we use it occasionally usually when somebody wants something specific and nobody feels like cooking.

posted on Jan, 6 2021 @ 07:55 AM
I use DD regularly. It's been about a year now. In that time I've only had two problems.

One was a driver who did not bring the food to my door. He dropped it on the property and left.

The second problem I encountered with two different drivers. They told me I should give them five-star ratings. I didn't. No one tells me what to do.

I've had a couple of problems with the orders themselves, which was the fault of the restaurants. DD always gave me a credit when the order wasn't right.

My only real complaint is their fee. It's exorbitant. It should be half of what it is.

posted on Jan, 6 2021 @ 04:54 PM
I was looking at the Doordash website for the first time just a minute ago. It got me thinking there are probably many reasons to use the services. Variety is at the top of my mind. I am limited with what I am willing to drive to. I think I would use Doordash if I really wanted something that was 40 minutes away between the pick and drive. I am content with the choices within my limit of 20 minutes drive. I'm fine with eating in a restaurant now if it was open, but maybe I could be enticed to try Doordash if I have to wait for the further away choices much longer.

posted on Jan, 6 2021 @ 08:30 PM
a reply to: Creep Thumper

I never really worried about my rating, I just go with treating everyone how I'd want to be treated route. And explain things where and when I can. I think I'm sitting at a 4.98

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