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Large explosion, buildings damaged in downtown Nashville

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posted on Jan, 1 2021 @ 01:46 AM
Here's a line taking off from Purple People Eater: I saw the thing coming down from the sky, was it reptilian or a 5G eye?

Reminds me of the righteous paranoia of Cathy O'Brien who was targeted with satellite surveillance+ decades ago, see Trance-formation of America, One Woman's Life as a CIA Mind Control Slave, title changed in subsequent printing.
You can run but you can't hide from the big eye in the sky, handlers told her.

Catherine Austin Fitts new documentary Planetary Lockdown posits among other things that our minds will be uploaded to the cloud, outlines Trans-Humanism, title of a book by Daniel Estulin who also wrote The True Story of the Bilderbergs translated in 25 languages; both published in English by You cant say we weren't warned and I am not talking about the Bible here. Crypto currency a replacement for the cash economy just a trial run for the main event. a reply to: Identified

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posted on Jan, 1 2021 @ 03:52 AM
Part 1 of 2 Not an aviation specialist, I am aware the US military has been using 5G for years as have airports, a reason why children and pregnant persons not allowed to be screened through scanners: possible harm.

5G applications in China should be a warning to us-10,000 5G poles were erected in Wuhan reportedly, one of the first smart cities in China. China's draconian surveillance Citizen Score system many say will show up in US as 5G is deployed with facial recognition capability, China started planning for it circa 2014. In China after jaywalking observed by a 5G surveillance device on a pole or in street light, a ticket shows up on the smart phone by the time one returns home. Millions by the end of 2019 were unable to travel on planes, trains due to having low scores; others unable to secure loans. Everyone starts out with a score of 1,000.

If Warner had become paranoid it was likely because he was a relative insider compared with millions who blithely use wireless tech and allow kids to sleep next to WiFi routers or with smart phones under their pillows. Years ago a 10 year old down under died of brain cancer a year after dad gave him an iPod for his birthday. His dad unaware that the boy slept with the device signal on under his pillow. His activism resulted in parents after being surveyed voted to remove WiFi from elementary schools but it remained in high schools.

40% of girls 14-18 were keeping smart phones in their bras 40% of the time; a 21 year old gal with breast cancer and her mom appeared on Dr. Oz a few years ago before Xmas warning females not to store smart phones there, also warning men. She got breast cancer and places where she got it per x-rays matched to phone hot spots. A couple of my professional relatives got prostrate cancer probably because they had their phones in pockets or ‘holster’ near private parts. Another opinion: golfing on pesticide filled courses might have been a factor.

Yes you may know all this but reading a dozen books which I have done and hearing real life stories for a decade has caused me to be aware of increasing harm being experienced 3D scarcely discussed in educational institutions or government circles let alone corporate board rooms profit oriented or BIgWireless think tanks. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Germany + US, said safer frequencies could have and still could be used but would not allow super fast data pinging. Speed kills an old saying that may need revived.

The reason it is relevant to distinguish between 4 and 5G is that while 3-4G is damaging sentients, 5G may result in our species declining even more radically. When I heard Martin Pall, PhD, lecture with retired Brit military MW specialist Barrie Trower (both on YouTube) I was puzzled why they at the same lectern.

Trower flatly stated that if wireless communications already in use, 3-4G remained in use, only 45% of children born the 5th generation from now would not be deformed. He started whistle blowing when he saw the 1996 Telecom Act passed and bluntly stated that WiFi is a weaponized form of RF. Research of 150 articles by a med doctor friend resulted in his publishing a paper that reported that after the 5th generation rats stopped producing altogether living too close to a cell tower in 1 study and similar disturbing findingg in other peer reviewed articles he read.

Pall has stated that up to 60% of illnesses major and minor can be traced to exposure to electro-magnetic fields, MW, dirty electricity, an invisible toxic radiation soup called Electro-Smog causing an electronic silent spring. Also read Birds, Bees and Mankind: Destroying Nature with Electro-Smog by Ulrich written in Europe 15 years ago in both lay person and technical language. Europeans were ahead on this learning curve. It behooves those of us like you and me to present info as we discover it about the existing tech morass.

RE 5G: most are still not aware of the difference between very short but high frequency millimeter waves and microwaves and how both can harm people, sentients, habitats. People are deluded also because many phones and routers indicate 5G even though 5G not yet activated in many areas.

An International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology certified individual told me in 2018 that if a 5G beam, standing ray antenna, is aimed at a person in an office or home it can cause death as it can be focused within a few millimeters. A 5G pole was sited feet from his house so he had to figure how to try to shield from it and probably will move. in NY has a catalog of shielding devices including carbon paint BTW.

I used a cell phone for decades; after I stopped, except for emergencies, I no longer experienced a strobe light in my brain when trying to sleep at night which someone suggested could have meant that I was about to have seizures. to be continued a reply to: Flyingclaydisk
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posted on Jan, 1 2021 @ 04:45 AM
Part 2 of 2 Martin Pall, PhD, uniquely trained in physics, genetics, med sciences (taught basic sciences at WSU 9 years to med students) is not another pontificating intellectual but a renowned worldwide lecturer and scholar who collated analyses from dozens of researchers and concluded what he and many others now identify as the probable mechanism by which wireless ‘Smart Tech’ radiation can damage cellular health and precipitate illness.

Wireless radiation activates Voltage Gated Calcium channels triggering calcium imbalance at cellular levels which can lead to inflammation and a host of maladies. This counters Big Wireless pablum that this tech can do no harm (warnings notwithstanding on manuals).

Neuro-psychological disorders especially in youth whose brains with fragile blood-brain barriers can be more drastically affected are one noteworthy consequence. A dozen illnesses from cancer to miscarriage, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, seizures, premature diabetes and dementia, insomnia+ can be sourced to exposure to this tech in his estimation.

I’ve wondered if the huge increase in school shootings (when schools open) might be attributed not only to excessive game addiction particularly by boys but also to wireless radiation effects. Wireless E-tablets, phones, routers, TVs.

To rectify the situation? The tragic essence of the problem laments Dr. Pall is that he does not think decision makers will make remedial decisions soon and smart enough to curtail this harmful technology before it is too late. He points the decline in population that will probably continue due to harming ova and declining sperm and miscarriages which he observes particularly in advanced nations adopting wireless communication and tech faster, even the US. Due to declining birth rates in almost all nations that have added advanced technology at a rapid pace, he predicts a decline in our species and others. Decimation of pollinators another Tragedy of the Commons that mindless technology gone amuck has precipitated while we ate took selfies.

Another widely accepted precept in those who have researched or studied these issues is as you have stated: RF can be problematic. Notice recent findings that 2 dozen American diplomats were targeted with RF and still experience health issues. An important book to peruse is The Invisible Rainbow which traces electricity and RF history. Author Arthur Firstenberg was harmed by medical equipment while attending school and was unable to complete studies to become a medical doctor; recently he scribed this volume. In it he reports that after Merconi sited the first antenna on the Isle of Wight, England, within a year a 75% decline in insects was observed, not gotten any better, huh? It is free to view to find out how many cell towers and antenna are in your hood, not all are listed however, I dont think all 5G erections have showed up yet

While miffed by media speculating reptilian overlords as a possible motive for Warner’s miscreant action, I am outraged that broadcast media would sequentially mention reptilians immediately after speculating about his '5G paranoia.' Local newspapers completely omitted the 5G speculation although broadcast media brought it up as documented earlier.

Perhaps Warner’s radical action is the post-modern attention grabber 2 centuries after the Bastille by a lone wolf knowing that his warnings may have been ignored otherwise. But he should have torn the reptilian pages from his journals. While we may be indignant about his violent destruction instead of non-violent civil disobedience, it is important for public stewards and the public to be made aware of what is at stake. Dylan sang: Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late. It is tragic that one man knew so much that he had to go off the deep end and destroy so much.

ps Not implying that you are talking falsely as you are obviously better informed than I about numerous technical issues. I have not been criticizing you; forums exist to allow constructive dialog. As Blake said: Opposition is true friendship. Although sometimes dismissed as a Romantic, Blake was a true revolutionary visionary opposing mind forged manacles, single vision, suppression of women, sexism, and perfidious ways industrial civilization developed at the expense of the health of women, children, freedoms and creative expression.

A true Christian, he pronounced, is not the most repressed but the most creative soul. Blake would be wildly indignant of current mindless movements toward Artificial Intelligence. I personally would like to punch Siri if she dared reveal herself. AI continually interrupts my writing! Robotic dogs, mini walking boxes already admonish people at airports in some places to wear masks!

'Keep your nose clean, You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.' Something to ponder as we look Janus faced embracing or fearing the past and future.

Apparently no laws protect us from outer space surveillance, at least that is what my brother, a Georgetown educated lawyer, concluded when I asked him to look into it a decade ago. Maybe that is why 100,000 satellites in the planning stage, some already launched. Anyone know anything about this?

'You can run but you can't hide from the big eye in the sky' they told Cathy O'Brien, MK Ultra mind controlled victim until she liberated herself from the mind-forged manacles with a friend's help. If concerned or alarmed about satellite surveillance (A New Breed: Satellite Surveillance in America title of another book by John Hall, MD, TX) express your outrage to Congressional reps now! The freedoms you save may be your own and lives of your children-if they are even able to have children to remember you. While you are at it, tell the FCC to ban drone deliveries.
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posted on Jan, 1 2021 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: EarthShine

You're not saying anything we haven't heard a million times before. These posts are better off in one of the pre-existing 5G/signal pollution thrrads, or make your own thread.

This thread is about the Nashville bombing.

posted on Jan, 2 2021 @ 01:26 AM
Interesting on news today the reptilian and even 5g paranoia possible motivations were omitted. I watch the media as I hope you do too to monitor our freedoms. You are welcome to your opinion and discussion but bullies are so passe.

BTW most books I quoted, statements made have not appeared in ATS forums, I have been here for many years and some issues be aired if we choose to explore the topic of a motivation of dead man who chose to teach USA a lesson on Christmas Day in the country music capital. If this info is just too enlightening or hits a chord, sometimes listening to the truth can be very difficult. a reply to: AutomateThis1

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