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Merry Christmas--McCartney III

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posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 12:35 AM
Macca is back!

With...McCartney III (3)

Just when you think Sir Paul has reached the end of the line, he continues to produce new music! I've already ordered my special edition.

"McCartney" was released in 1970, "McCartney II" was released in 1980. Both albums were solo vanity projects wherein Paul played all instrumentation and had total control over the final mixes. This is Paul just being Paul and its a unique look at the artist who doesn't care about the critics.

Here we are at the end of 2020 with McCartney III. I listened to a lot of Wings and Paul's solo career while undergoing cancer treatment. It has a very special place in my heart and I'm thrilled that the legend is still rockin'.

There are tracks available on YouTube now, but I haven't listened to any yet. I don't want to spoil the discovery.

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posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 12:48 AM
Thank you. Made me drink my beer faster, in a happier mood. a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 12:54 AM
a reply to: CopeLongCut

His last couple albums were so good, you got the feeling like each one might be the last. I will definitely be crying the day Paul McCartney passes.

posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 02:55 AM
Love this man and his music.

I was fortunate enough to see him perform in Liverpool in July 1990.

Hopefully, as I have been a good boy this year, I may find a copy in my stocking tomorrow.

Merry Christmas 🍺🍺

posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 10:41 AM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

I gotta be honest, this was a hard album to endure. I am a Beatles/MACCA freak. Most of his new stuff like his release 'New' was utterly incredible. But it took half my commute to work to get through the 8-minute pysch-rant that is 'Deep Deep Feeling'.

posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 05:54 PM
I haven't heard anything he's done since his 80s singles.

But firm fan of Wings.

Red Rose Speedway, Band on the Run, Venus and Mars, Wings at the Speed of Sound, all great albums and on my playlist.

And definitely the musical powerhouse behind the Beatles.

Wouldn't have been anything to write home about without his contribution.

posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 06:58 PM
a reply to: NightVision

It wouldn't be McCartney without a few rotten eggs here and there.

I haven't listened to anything yet though. Saving it for when my order arrives.

posted on Mar, 2 2021 @ 12:00 AM

My pre-order got canceled

"Lack of availability" my pingas!

posted on Mar, 4 2021 @ 07:00 AM

originally posted by: CJCrawley

Red Rose Speedway, Band on the Run, Venus and Mars, Wings at the Speed of Sound, all great albums and on my playlist.

Actually, add McCartney to that list, his first solo album. Circa 1970.

First heard it when I was about 11. I was living with my older brother being cared for by my recently married sister and hubby. Separated from my mother, so a very sad little guy for this mercifully brief period in my life. I would cry buckets listening to this album; not surprising because it is quite a melancholic album. I still get waves of sadness washing over me when I listen to it now, all these years later.

I think Junk is my favourite track. Kind of a lamentation for, well, junk. There's musical genius for you, writing a sad song about garbage. And this is before Wings so Paul plays all the instruments, bass, drums, guitars, keyboards. Fine album.
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