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First Evidence of Microplastics Found In Human Placentas

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posted on Dec, 22 2020 @ 11:12 PM
Dear ATS Readers, Writers,

I did a search with the above title, and nothing came up..

Anyhow, here we go...

"Plastics" found in placenta's on both the maternal, and foetal side of the membrane.

I remember back in my youth that people would disparage someone by saying they were "plastic"... a very 1970's terminology I think..Ha

Dark humour, poked at something, if quite true,; I find very disturbing.

First Evidence of Microplastics Found In Human Placentas

For the first time ever, microplastic particles were detected in the placentas of unborn babies, according to researchers who warn these "potentially harmful (plastic) particles is a matter of great concern."

The study, published in the journal Environment International and titled "Plasticenta: First evidence of microplastics in human placenta," found microplastics in four placentas of women who had pregnancies and births.

Researchers noted microplastics were found on both the fetal and maternal sides of the placenta and in the membrane within which the fetus develops.

A dozen plastic particles were found in the four placentas, mostly 10 microns in size (0.01mm), meaning they were small enough to travel through the bloodstream and were analyzed to have come originally from packaging paints or polymers and personal care products.

"In total, 12 microplastic fragments (ranging from 5 to 10 μm in size), with spheric or irregular shape were found in 4 placentas (5 in the fetal side, 4 in the maternal side and 3 in the chorioamniotic membranes); all microplastics particles were characterized in terms of morphology and chemical composition. All of them were pigmented; three were identified as stained polypropylene a thermoplastic polymer, while for the other nine it was possible to identify only the pigments, which were all used for man-made coatings, paints, adhesives, plasters, finger paints, polymers and cosmetics and personal care products."

Surprised they didn't find any "glitter".. that terrible tiny shiny tinfoil micro-pollutant.

Combine this above info with the DNA changing vaccines coming your way.... we might just see..

Homo Erectus Plasticus; a new species of hominids, that every fourth DNA linK in their double helix is actually a chromosomal gap bridge from " cellular recycling" of micro-plastics from a $5.00 bottle of "spring water" from weeks at the gym.

Glad I am not wanting another family at my age... another weird thing to be concerned about with humans eh?



posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 12:30 AM
We are being fleeced.
Literally...a fleece pumps out tons of micro plastics though your dryer exhaust vents, into the air, the water, then back into the water supply.
Are you morgellon?
Creereeepy topic. S&F

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 12:39 AM
Sounds like charming stuff.

Ingested microplastic particles can physically damage organs and leach hazardous chemicals—from the hormone-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA) to pesticides—that can compromise immune function and stymie growth and reproduction. Both microplastics and these chemicals may accumulate up the food chain, potentially impacting whole ecosystems, including the health of soils in which we grow our food. Microplastics in the water we drink and the air we breathe can also hit humans directly.

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 12:48 AM
a reply to: pravdaseeker

Yeah well when did they start looking for micro plastic in that area though? They may have been existing there for decades.

This is very concerning though, I hope this doesn't cause us major problems because it would be pretty much impossible to keep them out of our bodies. Something gives me an ominous feeling about these micro plastics.

We may soon be the next victim on the extinction list. "Nah!" You say, "its possible!" I say.

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 02:27 AM
So it's really not just fish having their stomachs full of plastic so they cant eat.
I thought that once it's small enough to cross the gut, body can as easily expel it too.
I dont feel good using angle grinder on plastic. Is there anything worse than that? Maybe our clothes shedding tiny filaments all the time.
I'm a fan of cotton. It's creating dust too but it's bio-degradable (except the color). Linen or hemp would be it was is not so expensive.

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 02:31 AM
a reply to: PapagiorgioCZ

Doesn't really matter at this point. Apparently these microplastics are in everything you eat and the very air you breathe, and even the deep Amazon rainforest and the pristine antarctic snows are carpeted with them.

We really messed this planet up good. Dumb hairless apes, messing our own nests.

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 06:17 AM
That’s awful, micro plastics are theorized, or maybe somewhere in between hypothesis and theory, as one of the primary drivers toward altered gene expression. One of the others is endocrine disrupters, things like glyphosate.

We’ve destroyed and polluted the earth so badly with these things, that they are everywhere and they take forever to break down. Food, water, ground, bodies, animals, plants and this stuff is even in rain.

At the organism level, it messes with hormones, nervous system and development, maybe even cancers. I’ve only touched the surface at the molecular level but it can influence DNA, RNA, protein expression and damage organelles and other parts of the cell.

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 09:11 AM
Well that's just great huh?! That industry and it's lobbyist are so powerful I don't see what will stop them, coupled with the general public's fondness of plastic bags for shopping. I wish Walmart would set an example and bring back paper bags....made of hemp instead of trees. In Oregon they banned plastic bags voluntarily and the public just made the shift to carry their own bags into stores or paid 10 cents for paper bag. If every state would volunteer to do this it could make a difference.

Now plants are up taking plastic through their roots as well and fertilizers for the plants have plastic too. Now if scientists could only create a microorganism that feeds on plastic and it's waste is biodegradable. Microbe that feeds on oil

I sure would like to see a president address this and increase public awareness...
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posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 09:22 AM
a reply to: pravdaseeker

Some relevant info below about the synthetic chemicals used in plastic and Big Oil (now Big Pharma).

See 4:20

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posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 09:39 AM
Anyone who is in denial of the fact that mega corporations are destroying our biosphere could do well to look at this subject of micro plastics.

It is one example(of many) of seeing just how bad things have got.

That we have collectivley allowed this to happen proves to me at least,that humans are a destructive,thoughtless species.
We are turning paradise into hell.

The reason aliens have not formaly introduced themselves to us is not because "we are not ready"-
It is because we are a terrifying,super predator species hell bent on the destruction and eradication of this miracle we call life.

Just my opinion

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 09:57 AM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

Your ATS name is quite appropriate for this thread.

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: TheAMEDDDoc

Thanks Doc,

That's why I had to deal with it using some dark humour.... yep, all you said and more mate!

Quite disturbing.



posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 04:50 PM
a reply to: pravdaseeker
Its really very disturbing.
But not surprising sadly.

You may have read the articles from a while back,about the research which showed that an average person eats approximately 1 credit card of plastic every WEEK.

Well,I did some calculations on how much plastic we would eat by the time we reach 70years of age.
Brace yourself-

70 years in weeks=3652.5
Weight of average credit card=5grams
multiply those numbers and we get..

18KG 262.5grams of plastic in 70 years.

And plastic is light-18kg is a #load of plastic.
Of course its not just us that suffer-its also in all animals,land sea and air and is being taken up by the roots of all the flora as well.

We are so good at wreaking things,its like we don't even have to try,its become subconscious.
Everything in nature has a job-maybe ours is to destroy everything?
It sure seems that way sometimes.

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 05:19 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse
Well with everything we do, we create more net entropy in the universe...even our attempts to act orderly just end up with some order locally but more disorder universally.

posted on Dec, 23 2020 @ 05:41 PM

originally posted by: Never Despise
a reply to: Silcone Synapse
Well with everything we do, we create more net entropy in the universe...even our attempts to act orderly just end up with some order locally but more disorder universally.

I've often wondered about that-Its the path our universe is taking,and we are made of little bits of our universe.
So could we be the universes "agents of entropy" ?

Its not a very happy thought to me.
It fits though,especially as things seem to get more crazy and disorded the more humans there are on the planet.

posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 03:21 AM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

Hello SS, good input there! Very concerning for sure.

Good grief, 18 kilos +....that is so much plastic....

More dark humour....

Someday a horror movie will proclaim that "Lego's are people!"

We reduced plastic bag use in Oz in Queensland by a huge percentage...

We need to go back to the old ways of grocery and vegetable packaging in many ways.

At the time, everyone thought plastics were the greatest things since sliced bread.

A recent photo in a news paper from Oz showed an octopus grasping about 250 plastic drink straws, as camouflage..arggghhh.

That photo started a big movement about those sort of things... to try and stop using them if possible.

I have to agree too with the not unexpected or surprised remark...yep...



posted on Dec, 24 2020 @ 09:00 AM
a reply to: Never Despise

Depopulation is starting to make more sense. We just can't control ourselves...

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