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Keeping my thoughts to myself - because everyone will think I'm going mad - maybe ATS doesnt?

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posted on Dec, 9 2020 @ 12:59 PM
a reply to: Murgatroid

I do not subscribe to diety based dogmas.

This is not about belief it is about experience.

I do not know the facts about others experiences.

I am living Proof....and I have material proof.

I am not sure you got my drift with the biblical reference to cancer/covid and cures ..... I am telling you that specific data is in that book and I want you to ask your friend to show it to you....the Author ought to surely know that.

This is on/off topic but its not all Bubblegum and Cotton Candy.....especially the "proof" ..... simply because there are in fact residual issue some Abductees must learn to live with.... like the Streetlight Interference deal.... and wether its comfortable for you to hear or not you can learn to control the action.....and yes its fun to show people and to take videos of you doing it for kicks....seriously I used to go to my Corner Store at night and there was a sympathetic Streetlight in the parking lot in front of the store windows....the Owner was from India....I told him I was taken by Aliens as a Kid and had side effects that I wanted to show I paid for my Goods then told him to watch me as I walked out the door and put my hand in the air in a dramatic motion and began as always the bulb began to ever so slowly illuminate until it began to flicker then snap on......LMAO.....then I walked back in and told him to keep watching as I went home....then I again walked out but this time I put my hand up and shook it and shut the light back off.....then I smiled at him and walked home...... ruined our relationship....I didnt know he believed totally in UFOs...he started telling me to build Hospitals and Schools all the time ...freaked me right I became more cautious .

I did however go for a stroll on a busy street at night a few months ago.... and because it was a new area to me I did not know where the reactive lights would be or what type they would be because its not only Streetlights its others as I was strolling slowly paying attention and genericlly focusing on drawing the lights off....sure enough lights started to pop off as I walked.....but I just kept going marking them as I went because they usually go back on by themselves after I egress ....and I intended to intentionally shut off each one again on my return home for practice of the big Streelights flickered for me but wouldnt go completely out it snapped back on fully so I stopped walking smiled to myself and raised my hand up to focus and I slowly snuffed it out again was then I looked down to street level into the eyes of a Woman sitting in a Truck with her Husband behind the wheel with her eyes popping out of her head....I just could not resist it man.....I saw her phone up and in her hand so I smiled right at her then slowly turned and looked back up at the light I had just shut off in the middle of the night 15 feet away from her and I stretched my hand up wiggled it and BAM popped the light back on.....then I simply walked away on down the busy

When I was shopping and bored @ Warehouse sized Hardware places I would look for the lighting section.....some of them have have huge Display WALLS with lots and lots of Models put together in rows.....if I walk up to the periphery of the Display Wall and focus then initiate an emotional contrast.... we get fireworks with lights flipping on and off constantly and truly fun to do if I stay far out of range of the motion sensored ones so the Aisle is empty but keep them all a

To think people ask for proof...its preposterous.

We wont discuss late early Model Automobile Computers and what happens to them...its god dam expensive when you have a really Happy or Bad day man.
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posted on Sep, 28 2021 @ 08:36 AM
a reply to: AverageWang

I believe Steven Greer

You lost me here. Dang, so much promise, then you say something like this. Sigh.

I don't care if you're mad or insane, I am probably not 100% mentally sane myself (who COULD be in this kind of world?), but I do care about whom you trust or 'believe' (I don't practice believing, it's just unnecessary).

Nikola Tesla, a famous madman, is someone I would trust with my life and more.

Steven Greer I wouldn't even trust to tell me the weather or time.

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