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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- - 32 -

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posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:16 PM

originally posted by: Caled
I have to agree that humanity isn't ready. If we found out tomorrow we already had a technologically superior race living right under our noses and working with the higher levels of the world's would definitely make me feel a bit...insignificant.

originally posted by: cherokeetroy
Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready

This "Galactic Federation" has supposedly been in contact with Israel and the US for years, but are keeping themselves a secret to prevent hysteria until humanity is ready.

Has the State of Israel made contact with aliens?

According to retired Israeli general and current professor Haim Eshed, the answer is yes, but this has been kept a secret because "humanity isn't ready."

Speaking in an interview to Yediot Aharonot, Eshed – who served as the head of Israel's space security program for nearly 30 years and is a three-time recipient of the Israel Security Award – explained that Israel and the US have both been dealing with aliens for years.

The 87-year-old former space security chief gave further descriptions about exactly what sort of agreements have been made between the aliens and the US, which ostensibly have been made because they wish to research and understand "the fabric of the universe." This cooperation includes a secret underground base on Mars, where there are American and alien representatives.

If true, this would coincide with US President Donald Trump's creation of the Space Force as the fifth branch of the US armed forces, though it is unclear how long this sort of relationship, if any, has been going on between the US and its reported extraterrestrial allies.


I can think of a few elite families that could definitely use that reality check.

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:20 PM

originally posted by: cherokeetroy
a reply to: Caled
I agree that most humans aren't ready. The sudden exposure would be too much of a shock to their systems. There would be several heart attacks, strokes or just a total mental meltdown. I tell myself that I'm ready but am I really prepared to stand face to face with a mantis being waiting outside my front door? I don't know...

I listen to messages from a woman who claims to channel the Galactic Federation of Light. Seeing this Israeli official use that title--The Galactic Federation--gives them more credence and makes me feel hopeful that we're moving closer to disclosure

The issue I have with that official from that article is "in contact with Israel and America..."

But not China and Russia.🤔

According to Obama...the aliens won't allow disclosure.🤡

We're living in End Times, literally. New timeline begins in T-minus 14 days.

Until we have a significant shift in consciousness nothing will change for our benefit.
Maybe that time is cometh right soon.

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:21 PM
a reply to: FlyingFox

What's the source on that and WHY does it say order66?

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:22 PM

originally posted by: Trillium

originally posted by: RelSciHistItSufi
Something spoopy going on with the /qresearch board... Breads are showing and headlines say hundreds of anon posts... but when you enter the breads no posts show?

Trillium - any ideas what's going on? Clown bakers injected code?

Ya been lock for a while now
and Tor
do we have everything back 110%

Back online

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:25 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

DAMM I love that picture! (why Trump won)...

Where the hell did you find it?

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:44 PM
a reply to: Trillium

Cheers for the heads up Trill!

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:47 PM
Next up


posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:55 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow
I think you got the wrong one, that's 2016 ...

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:57 PM
a reply to: Guyfriday

Allegedly, we humans have free will which means we get to choose individually and collectively what we want to experience. But the problem is that we are making 'free will' choices on limited information. We have been conditioned to ignore our intuition or inner guidance and taught instead to rely solely on the facts and evidence that our authority figures hand down to us. This is the data that shapes our world but it has been heavily censored, restricted and falsified

Restricted data restricts our minds. Restricted minds restricts reality. Since the majority of people refuse to believe in the power of imagination, ignore their own intuition and will only trust facts and hard evidence of the material world..this limitation of thought is what creates our prison. Imo, the only way we can expand our collective awareness is through disclosure. Give people the hard evidence that they require in order to believe in an interdimensional reality. Only through constructing a new belief system that supports multidimensionality, can we make the conscious, free will choice to move into this expanded reality
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posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 07:58 PM
Powerful Chaplin speech with modernized visuals

As it has been pointed out time and time again, the Charlie Chaplin iconic and powerful speech from the movie "The Dictator" has been given a 2020 visual makeover. If you have been feeling down and doubtful lately, with all the MSM BS spewing its wicked lies and vile vitriol. This little precious gem of a video shall lift your spirits and tranquil the bothered soul.

We all have been calling on the storm to hit for quite a while now. I used to be under the impression that when this storm would hit, it would hit in a satisfying manner of an avalanche of Declass with a cascading waterfall of massive arrests. Clean and Swift. As time has gone by, I have felt that this storm was imminent and about to make landfall. Just from the tippy top of my head, that includes...

* George H.W. Bush's state funeral on Dec. 5th.
* Epstein's arrest in July of 2019
* Trump acquitted from articles of impeachment
* CV-19 world scare event/ various states in a soft martial law
* George Floyd BLM riots to spark of major civil unrest
* Ghislaine Maxwell arrest in July of this year (seems like 5 years ago now) lol
* Now, the flagrantly obvious CCP attempt to steal the Presidential Election as well as various other elections up and down the totem pole.

With each passing event, I just "knew" that this is it. The jig is up. Now comes the P@IN! I didn't realize how naïve I was in thinking that this storm was going to be without any sort of personal discomfort and internal turmoil. Boy did I get a cosmic slap to my consciousness'' forehead. I didn't realize how programmed I still was and am with the current system. How what my eyes and ears see and tell me is in direct confliction and contradicting the narrative that the tv spills upon us. Yet I fell into a deep deep depression for a few days after the election chaos had begun. Even though I know not to trust the tv, I was still looking for validation from it to support what we all have been witnessing happen before our very eyes. The slowest train wreck in the world is in the process of derailing and the only way to prevent it from killing everyone is by exposing the truth and it's the truth that has become paralyzed by those with the loudspeaker. It is extremely frustrating. From the censorship to the downright hypocritical attacks. Cognitive dissonance is all the rage as is dances it's confusion while cutting a rug with the brainwash boogie. I just want to thank all of you all for helping me get through these times. I am quite the lurker but I feel as if I know some of you better than I know my own family.

This journey has taught me a lot about everything, but also a lot about how I handle things in my life personally. Playing the long game is always optimal, whether its for sport or you're in a tight spot. I have "that" feeling again that the storm is upon us and its been upgraded to a category fustercluck. I am going to be cautiously optimistic in regards to "this is it" thinking. I know we are approaching uncharted territory and I feel like this may just go all the way to 1/20/21 and possibly beyond. I hope not but fool me once, uhhh... don't fool me again!

I know I am starting to meander with my drift. I will leave you with these two quotes as they are quite fitting with regards to the Storm...

"In order to realize the worth of the anchor we need to feel the stress of the storm.

-Corrie ten Boom

"And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about."

-Haruki Murakami


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posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:00 PM
This notion "is humanity ready" for alien contact is the most poorly thought out idea of all the poorly thought out ideas. Folks quite literally have zero idea what they are really asking for.

Is the population "ready?"

Well, who is going to deliver the information? The eneMedia? So in the dream of "disclosure" the Arcturians, Pleiadians, or even the lesser Draco just pop onto teeeveee and talk about their lives? I can say with utter confidence if a lesser Draco appeared on teeeveee two things would happen: some would loose their minds from fear and some would claim CGI and the two groups would be fighting over it. So that's a bust.

Or maybe they land in a field in Iowa and chat up some farmers? Maybe they meet with DJT in the White House and then he does a press briefing? Maybe a "watcha need ta know" press corps blogger can give us the scoop and get a selfie.

Maybe they all just invade at once on xmas like in million movies? Which cities? All, or maybe just NY City and Paris, because BLM/Antifa seem so nice the Arcturians would love to check it out.

And what pray tell is the benefit for THEM to just wonder into a Jacksonville Applebees and start chatting? Why do this? Why would a more evolved being pop down to earth and scare the bejesus out of regular folks? More evolved beings DO NOT DO THIS! A more evolved being would never, ever, ever just do a pop-in like that even to prove existence to folks who "believe".

"Well, but some of us can handle it, maybe others cannot but why punish those who think they are ready?" This idea is absurd. Few can "handle" it as they have no idea what they are handling at all. Beings vibrate at different rates, more evolved beings vibrate at a faster rate on average and are not 3d oriented as such. Earth beings vibrate at a slower rate and are, at the moment, fully 3d oriented. So in order to "meet and greet" one must RAISE their vibration to match, which few can do to the extent that it would not make them violently ill to do so and few if any advanced beings are willing to lower their vibration to a level that supports Nadler, Pelosi and Guam Tip Over Johnson as esteemed leaders.

Even more to the point, one must be 100% free from Fear, Anger, Rage, Judgement, and be able, not willing, but able to avoid melting down within the new rate of vibration. Desire here is worthless, ability matters.

And to what end? The fact is if Jesus himself landed on earth the first folks to kill him would be the Christians because he couldn't be the real Jesus, but a false prophet here to deceive. Hell folks rage at Q and that's not even an alien or human but a series of constructed information pieces. DJT is human and what is TDS? Forget Draco Derangement Syndrome.

Folks are pretty open minded over a glass of wine, but I can tell you from experience they are not when it comes to reality not meeting their beliefs. After all, when meeting the Acturian at a mall, what exactly is the interaction meant to be? A series of "gee, where are you from, do you eat, how come you look like that..." questions? Who needs that?

If this were to ever occur, on earth, it would be a personal event at first. And those folks would say "hey mom, I just met with this Draco female named Skras and she was so cool." And mom's response would be to belittle, judge, laugh and offer meds. The examples of folks who have had personal contact are all met with insane levels of judgment and even hate, or worse awful admiration and misplaced worship - skip CIA sponsored debunking and attacks.

Small group meetings would or could occur and folks would know to keep the mouths shut about it because telling the story will accomplish nothing positive at the moment.

I've heard this for years and from my experience things that exist outside the realm of understanding are not welcome in even the most open minded and an open mind is literally the bare minimum reQuired. Connecting with things outside of one's vibrational state is not made up of desire but understanding, internal awareness and above all discernment.

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:01 PM
a reply to: carewemust

Would have to research again but don't think Cruz has ever lost a case before the SC.

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:03 PM
a reply to: 0bserver1

Touché mucho better!!

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:03 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow


posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:21 PM
a reply to: Murgatroid

I'm the source.

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:24 PM

Voting machine vendor treated election officials to trips to Vegas, elsewhere

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:24 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow
I don't think he was making the claim that only Israel and the U.S. are in contact with aliens

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:24 PM
Something for the Monolith huggers...

edit on 7-12-2020 by FlyingFox because: Jonh Michael Godier spoke to Dr. James Benford about his paper 'Looking for Lurkers: Co-orbiters as SETI Observables', as well as other solutions to the fermi paradox that involves finding alien artifacts in our own solar system. Looking for Lurkers: Co-orbiters as SETI Observables by Dr. James Benford:

posted on Dec, 7 2020 @ 08:26 PM
Negotiations are ongoing.

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