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posted on Oct, 28 2020 @ 04:31 AM
I wanna walk away
Before It’s time to go
Tell me really what it was
Those simple words
You just had to hear
Before the clouds of ash
Escape behind my eyes
Inside this violet skull
I swear I never asked for
She spares me the reaction
Open arms and bloodshot eyes
I Guess displeasure got a facelift
with the blues-prints for
The perfect time to pass me by
Screaming Shakespeare at the dirt
I’d rather keep on walking
But now I’m really not so sure
...... these feet are even mine

When every star is falling from the sky
Peeling back the hands of god
A Memory forever
Will never be a tricky thing
Since we tossed the locks aside
Perfection in embrace
A small comfort for a creature,
Behind Closed Curtains
Why apologize for what you did
what you did on purpose
Perfect the art of imitation
Forget the part where I existed
It’s always nice, to have a place to hide.
To never answer questions.
Eyes shining with the revelation.
☀️that the day was made inside the night 🌑

posted on Oct, 28 2020 @ 09:46 AM
This is still a work in progress.
Any feedback/ input would be much appreciated!!

posted on Oct, 28 2020 @ 09:50 AM
a reply to: SupermassiveBlackHOLE

i like it. kind of dreamlike.

the line "I’d rather keep on walking
But now I’m really not so sure
...... these feet are even mine " is really nice.

posted on Oct, 28 2020 @ 09:26 PM
Dreamlike is definitely a reoccurring theme of mine.
Thanks so much for the input rosco!!!

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