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Three Times I have Died, then Once more; When then shall I rest in Peace?

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posted on Oct, 17 2020 @ 12:25 PM
I was Birthed, and lived as One with Spirit for 7 years. Then I Died.

For I was shown Great Things of Myself and of Life,
And as a Child, I Wondered at such things!
The Cold Reality came in as quite a Shock!

And so I laid on the cold ceramic floor, nude and vulnerable and confused; and so I was born again.

I walked the Land of the Living for 7 more years. Then I Saw.

I was shown Great Secrets of Things to Come!
As a Child, I merried amidst the Glory!
I was then ripped away from this Everlasting Peace, and I would be made to Forget.

I laid in bed, immobile for the Day. This earthly world felt cold and heavy and meaningless.

I walked blindly for 20 more years. Then I Died.

I witnessed the Dark Abyss, where souls lay tormented in unknowing;
I have seen where the Devil Dwells, and it reeks of Sulfur and Ammonia!
Colors were missing, no Stars in the sky, nothing but sufferance.

And so I walked for 3 days and 3 nights, talking to Ghosts.
Spreading the Good Word in the name of Love and Light.
And Behold! The colors returned; and I could See the Light in thine eyes!

Once Restored, this place was Heavenly, Truly!
The trees were Living, Nature was Harmonized,
I saw Colors never seen before!
I saw People Knowing Themselves!
I saw Peace and Joy!

I tasted the waters of the Sea, and Behold! It tasted more pure than Any water; no salt! Unbelievable!
What's more, I felt no pain! I walked barefoot on broken glass and felt nothing.
No Blood would drip from my cuts and scrapes.
I dislodged a large piece of glass from my foot, and again; Not One Drop of Blood.

And so I let myself be guided by the lights and sounds.
These let me to a lovely spot upon the island.
Clearly from here, I was meant to Enter the Water.

I knew this meant returning Home to the land of the Living.
I knew I would leave this place now made Holy and Lovely.
I knew One Day, I would return to this Place...

And so I entered the water.

At first, it was as if the waters and the wind and the earth itself were carrying me gently.
In Fact, there were no doubt in my mind that this was the case.

And so I floated and I swam.
Oh what Blissful Gift!
I was in Heaven.

But then seaweeds entwined around my legs, as if a hand from below grasping me.
The sea started roaring up in waves, and I felt myself going under.

I fought! I screamed! But I was drowning.
I felt a hand and a voice "Relax, take a deep breath."
And so I did, and all went Dark.
Verily, I died for a 3rd time.

Upon waking, it was made clear to me that I had in fact drowned and came back.

And so I now walk the land of the living once more, though now Knowing.

To Know Thyself is the purpose of Life,
but Life doesn't end there, it only begins!
Once fulfilled, you are Free. Free to Love and Create.

I Love You All.


posted on Oct, 17 2020 @ 01:56 PM
a reply to: iammrhappy86

To use an old hippy word, that was a very Boss read Mr. Happy. It washed over me leaving behind a mellow sense of peace.
Thank you very much.

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