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What Karma is This ?

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posted on Oct, 4 2020 @ 09:53 PM
What Karma is This?

Got up today
online game to play.
Then something occurred
thoughts all blurred.

Suddenly quite dead
a bullet through the head.
This can't be right
there was no fight.

From way over there
three thousand feet through the air,
before aiming at a tree
unintended shot got free.

What karma is this?
Was it that stolen kiss
so long ago
in the late Winter snow?

Can't think of a thing
that such an end should bring.
Could it perchance
be complete happen-stance?

- the end -

posted on Jun, 2 2021 @ 08:48 PM
a reply to: pthena

I know this is old but uhh yea I like it.. I like it a lot.

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