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Democrats Sending Well Wishes to President Trump While He is Hospitalized for Covid-19 are Lying.

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posted on Oct, 5 2020 @ 02:26 PM
a reply to: carewemust

Biden sucks, but every negative ad I've seen came from PACs rather than the campaign. And it is actually a violation of campaign finance regulations for the campaign to coordinate with PACs.

Now yeah, probably just a convenient loophole but it does explain what you're seeing.

posted on Oct, 5 2020 @ 03:37 PM
Evidence mounting that Republicans were Covid-19 targeted by Nancy Pelosi. One of the arrows in her quiver that she referred to two weeks ago.

posted on Oct, 5 2020 @ 03:57 PM
yes and trump belongs to the party of "FAMILY VALUES" of the irony

originally posted by: grey580
a reply to: carewemust

First of all. If anyone is lacking untrustworthiness or integrity it's Trump. For a multitude of reasons, like lying like a rug for his entire first term, cheating on all of his wives etc.

Second. It does take time to contact all the stations that may be airing ads to cancel them. And if the advertising department is not in on the weekend. Most ads will run till monday or tuesday.

posted on Oct, 5 2020 @ 04:09 PM
yes people posted on here that the democrats tried to assasinate trump....that we planted someone at that super spreader get to gether the the chief justice trump will be our fault no matter what......if trump died of natural causes it would still be our fault because oh we caused him so so much extra stress

originally posted by: vonclod
a reply to:


If he died literally ANY other way, his supporters would be convinced it was an assassination by the deep state and they'd lose their minds.

Ya but, seasoned veterans of ATS are already going there, people I know are not's insane!

posted on Oct, 5 2020 @ 04:12 PM
a reply to: research100

Joe Biden says he was able to stay at home because black women stocked the grocery shelves.

Is this what you prefer?

posted on Oct, 5 2020 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: carewemust

Evidence is mounting? Are you literally insane? Maybe the reason they're all getting it is because they didn't take the virus seriously and it only takes one idiot getting infected to spread it to the others because that's how viruses work.

Right on cue

Will Trump's illness break his hold over his followers? Mental health experts say probably not
Malignant narcissism can form unbreakable bonds, experts say: Expect even nuttier pro-Trump conspiracy theories

The entirely self-inflicted nature of this tragedy is one of its central elements, as is the way Trump's incredible irresponsibility and arrogance was mimicked by his supporters, significantly exacerbating the pandemic…. But I fear that, especially if Trump's condition worsens, the attention will shift so entirely to the coverage of incremental developments and the political fallout that the American public will be deprived of this crucial context: He brought this upon himself

How will Trump's followers respond to his diagnosis and hospitalization? How will they manifest and confront this cognitive dissonance? Trump and his supporters exist in a state of collective narcissism and mass delusion. Will his illness bind his followers closer to him? Or will they finally turn on Trump, seeing him exposed as not just a mere mortal but a lying hypocrite?

The bond between a malignantly narcissistic leader and his followers, created by a narcissistic collusion — the belief in each other's specialness and exceptional greatness — is virtually unbreakable. To sever it, those individuals who worship and unreservedly trust their leader would have to experience a life-shattering catastrophe for which the leader would be directly and indisputably responsible. But even, then their need to maintain their beliefs and thus their identity would likely override reality and even solidify their beliefs in the leader's specialness and infallibility, and, by association, their own.

We can actually see this in Trump's supporters' reactions to the pandemic in general and his own infection specifically. They deny the reality and severity of the pandemic and act accordingly, endangering themselves and others; and when they can no longer do so, they attribute it to nefarious plots designed to harm their leader and his plans to restore the country's — and their own — greatness. Trump's own illness has introduced some cognitive dissonance into those beliefs, which his supporters are trying to minimize by blaming it on others and shifting focus to other subjects.

posted on Oct, 5 2020 @ 04:32 PM
a reply to: HighasAkite
He's just a paid by the letter shill, you can point out errors but he doesn't have the balls to own it.

posted on Oct, 5 2020 @ 04:40 PM
a reply to: carewemust

I got a question for you. Without Googling anything, read this and take a guess what year it was written.

"When will the plain, ordinary, sincere, sheep like people of America awaken to the fact that their common affairs are being arranged and run for them by aliens, Communists, crackpots, refugees, renegades, Socialists, termites, and traitors? These alien enemies of America are like the parasitic insect which lags his egg inside the cocoon of a butterfly, devours the larvae and, when the cocoon opens, instead of a butterfly we find a pest, a parasite. Oh, this is a clever scheme and if the American people don't get busy and fight it the whole vicious thing will be slipped over on you without your knowing what hit you. A comprehensive and carefully planned conspiracy, directed by a powerfully organized clique, and operating through official and semiofficial channels, has been in continuous existence since the days of Nimrod of Babylon, and is the ever lurking enemy of the people's liberty.

Remember at all times that the tactics employed by these usurpers of Christian liberties will be to create horror and panic by exhibitions of maximum brutalities. (How would you like to have the bloodstream of your baby, or your son, or daughter, or wife polluted by dried blood collected from Jews, Negroes, and criminals?) It will be only ordinary sense at the first announcements of trouble for all householders to have several large receptacles for storing drinking water on their premises so that ravages of thirst may not add to the general ordeal.

Hitler and Hitlerism are the creatures of Jewry and Judaism. The merciless programs of abuse which certain Jews and their satellites work upon people who are not in full agreement with them create terrible reactions. I am not justifying the reactions and I am not condoning the reactions; I am merely explaining them. Have the Jews forgotten that the more they organize materially against their opponents, the more assaults will increase and the closer they are to persecution? Remember, these Jews expect to show no mercy to Christians. What is to prevent Jewish gangsters from doing damage to synagogues on purpose so as to create apparent justification for retaliation—in which Christian Americans, who know too much and have displayed too much courage, would be picked up dead in or near synagogues? We know what the stuffed shirts and reactionaries will say. They will say we are crackpots. They will say that this program will appeal only to the lunatic fringe. But surely it is not anti-Semitism to seek the truth. Or is it?

What's wrong? I'll tell you what is wrong. We have robbed man of his liberty. We have imprisoned him behind the iron bars of bureaucratic persecution. We have taunted the American businessman until he is afraid to sign his name to a pay check for fear he is violating some bureaucratic rule that will call for the surrender of a bond, the appearance before a committee, the persecution before some Washington board, or even imprisonment itself. While we have dissipated and persecuted management we have stood idly by and watched a gang of racketeers, radicals, and conspirators regiment our workers in the name of organized labor into a dues-paying conspiracy designed in Moscow to recruit workers for what they hope would become the American Red Revolution. We are going to take this government out of the hands of these city-slickers and give it back to the people that still believe that 2 and 2 is 4, that God is in his heaven and the Bible is the Word.

Down must come those who live in luxury, the laws that have protected the favored few, and those politicians who are disloyal to the voters! Whenever a legislative body meets, liberties of the people are endangered by subtle and active interests. Lust for power, financial and political, is the ever-lurking enemy of the people's liberty. There is a deserved odium resting upon the word "liberal." Whether applied to Religion, Morals, or Politics, "Liberal is destructive of all fundamental values. In matters pertaining to Religion, Liberalism leads to Atheism. In Morals, it leads to Nudism. In Politics, it leads to Anarchy. In the framework of a democracy the great mass of decent people do not realize what is going on when their interests are betrayed. This is a day to return to the high road, to the main road that leads to the preservation of our democracy and to the traditions of our republic.

Alien-minded plutocrats roll in wealth, bathe in liquor, surround themselves with the seduced daughters of America, and cooperate in all schemes to build up pro-Communist and anti-Christian sentiment. America, the vain—America, the proud— America, the nation of gluttons and spenders and drinkers. When Harry Hopkius got married, Mr. Baruch arranged the party. There were seven kinds of meat served—twenty-two kinds of food, and it had cost Barney Baruch $122 a plate; and they drank of the vintage of '26. You talk about the drunken orgies of history—we expect Capone to live like that, but as long as I am a Christian soul, I will not be governed by a man like that. That's what they do not want me to say. That's why I am such a bad man. Because I say what you all want to say and haven't got the guts to say. We leaders are risking our lives to write a new page in American history.

We propose without further ado, without equivocation, without any silly sentimentality sometimes known as Tolerance, to emasculate the debauchers within the social body and reestablish America on a basis where this spoliation can never again be repeated. I am attempting to speak one hundred times between the sixth of August and the fifteenth of September. This would be physically impossible for most men but thanks to the temperate and Christian life of my mother and father, I have been given a strong body and strong constitution.

Even so, there will be nights that I will drop to the bed almost like a dead man, I will be so fatigued and exhausted. But I'll never throw mud at my opponent ...I am led by the ethics and morals of Christ. We are coming to the crossroads where we must decide whether we are going to preserve law and order and decency or whether we are going to be sold down the river to these Red traitors who are undermining America."

posted on Oct, 15 2020 @ 08:38 AM
edit on 15-10-2020 by HighasAkite because: (no reason given)

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