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The Megaphone 2

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posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 05:31 AM
It is rather monumental to step up to
this next crossroad in American/World History.
Chinas' requests to the global conglomerate
have reached a pinnacle.

For the access to the new ,great ,wide markets
of the east, one must not only provide more tech,
patents, percentage shares, but the willingness to
promote CCP agendas into Hollywood, education,
government ,and military, they also require suppression
of free speech, religion, and donations to subversive
groups that promote their Marxist/Maoist agenda.

It is the Communist Creep.
But some big companies and organizations
like Nike,The NBA,Google,Twitter,Apple,Amazon,etc.
are willing to comply because they want access
to the new Asian markets. They do not care about
you at all. No matter how many stars and likes you have,
you are just useful idiots who purchase and promote
their overpriced products.

For instance, they will pay Tiger Woods 2 million to wear
a Nike hat at one event, but you will pay them 30.00
for that same hat and advertise for them for free.
You not only buy their crap, but advertise for them for free.
Useful Idiot term explained.
Every time I see an African in a Polo shirt I cringe.
If they only knew.

These conglomerates sold you out years ago, but now they
are selling out The Constitution and The USA itself.
China feels it is their destiny to be The Worlds leading Superpower,
economically, manufacturally, and militarily.
It is their "Mandate of Heaven"

The ONLY thing in their way is The United States of America,
its Constitution, and its People.
Never underestimate a determined adversary.

Amazon is complicit because it requires the CCP exploitation
of its people to maximize profit. I have yet to see how Trumps
trade deals balanced that at all.
In fact Bezos has made billions off of the Pandemic.
While the world suffered, he got richer.
Personally, I would feel embarrassed to have that much money.
What is the point? To top the Forbes list? It's just stupid.
Money pays for funerals but does not stop them.

As far as the election is concerned, I think a lot of people
could potentially spend time in prison,
or at least lose a fortune if Trump is re elected.
If he isn't, well this all gets conveniently swept under the rug
and it is game over for Lady Liberty .
If no one is held accountable, The U.S. loses all clout
and respect. Permanently.

At that point, why not just sell out? It will be gone anyway.
Ask Comey about America....I don't remember, I don't recall,
I forgot.

Thoughts from the road, Wildmanimal
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