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Debate Analysis By Yours Truly

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posted on Oct, 1 2020 @ 10:45 AM
It's been a while ATS, I've been busy and just really disinterested in politics for a few months (I mean, it's pretty boring when your choices are america or the destruction of it, not much intrigue there). However, I watched the debate to see how it would go.

I've now had a day to digest the debate and thought I'd post the stages I went through and where I stand now. Not because I think my opinion is all that wonderful or important, but rather to see if I'm alone in my process or if others went through similar stages, arrived at different conclusions, etc.

It's been a long time since I watched a trump debate so it took me a minute to get used to his overbearing manner, but that's how he always has been. He dominates the stage, the good and the bad of it, that's trump. While first watching it was a little much but I soon settled in and trump also settled down a little.

I think the strategy of being overbearing to start was to throw joe off balance and trump needed to keep joe's heartrate up early, so he'd burn through his meds faster and fade, which he did. Joe was really fading by the end of the debate. In the moment I wasn't impressed with trump for the first 5-10 minutes, but after thinking it through more, I think it was strategy and it was a good one.

The debate was annoying to watch. I laughed a lot. I was annoyed with all three participants at various stages. Chris wallace was by far the worst part. Trump was trump, biden was biden but chris wallace was biden's sentry. It wasn't until after the debate and thinking back over it that I really put together how much wallace helped biden. It was obvious to my wife (a total political novice who despises trump but will vote for him over biden) what was happening. She kept saying afterwards how slanted it was against trump while I didn't think he was all that bad (as far as bias was concerned).

The questions, to me, were the most noticeably biased part (at least noticeably during the heat of the debate). When he brought up the charlottesville 'very fine people' lie and lobbed it to biden, I about lost it. That was despicable. But it only got worse as they were badgering trump on denouncing white supremacy, which he said sure I'll denounce it, like four times. But they weren't going to be denied the lie so they kept pushing and pretending he hadn't answered. During that whole exchange I knew this was going to be the media setup. It didn't matter that trump said that he did disavow them. The media was going to pretend he didn't, just like they did in charlottesville.

The interrupting: During the debate it seemed like trump interrupted more but on a rewatch, I'm not so sure. He was more persistent in his interruptions (as an alpha would be expected to be) but I don't think he started interrupting any more than joe did.

The name calling: I thought it was very telling that joe couldn't help but call trump names. I kept expecting trump to return in kind, but he never did. At least I don't remember it if he did. I thought that was surprising. Shows just what kind of a dirtbag biden really is. It's one thing to respond in kind, but to repeatedly attack someone with namecalling in a presidential debate when you're not getting any kind of response just makes you out to be an ass.

The candidates: While watching, I found joe lying a lot. Like almost every answer was sprinkled with lies. From hunter biden to covid to climate change to antifa. I thought trump, while his decorum may have been lacking, was in control of the whole thing. He got his points across even when the moderator didn't want him to. It was abundantly clear who the alpha was on the stage.

At the end of the debate I thought: Joe biden looked like a weak old liar, trump looked like and overbearing ass, and chris wallace looked like a pompous douche.

I didn't listen to much media yesterday. A few minutes of CNN, a few minutes of ABC, A few minutes of rush, and a little web browsing of the headlines. The media takeaway was what I knew it was going to be: trump bad, biden good. I was a little surprised to hear rush wasn't too keen on trump's debate performance. But that was about it.

So after a rewatch, and thinking it through I've come to the conclusion that it was ugly but was part of a larger strategy. In that context trump won, hands down. You go into a debate to show your oppositions weaknesses. What did we learn about joe:
He's a liar.
He's not mentally capable.
He needs help from the moderator.
He'll be walked all over.
He's got a short fuse.

What did we learn about trump:
Nothing new. He's trump. He's overbearing but effective.

As for the issues:
We already knew where each of them stand on the issues. Trump never backed down from any of his issues while biden did, multiple times.
The one thing I was really interested in was how trump would respond to covid attacks. He did so splendidly. He turned it back on joe with the VA bit. He highlighted that he was early to act while joe was poo-pooing that action. He pointed out that as such we would have been far worse off with joe and he managed to get joe to commit to destroying the economy with more covid lockdowns.

The only win joe got is a lie. It's printed everywhere "trump refuses to disavow white supremacists." That's how you know joe lost on the issues. They've resorted to a 3 year old lie. If joe had won on the issues they'd be plastering those issues everywhere.

Anyway, what did you guys all think now that you've had time to digest? For those that thought trump did great during, do you still feel that way? For those that thought biden did great throughout, do you still feel that way?
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posted on Oct, 1 2020 @ 10:47 AM
a reply to: Dfairlite


posted on Oct, 1 2020 @ 11:02 AM
Biden won that round, that he finished the debate is Testament to his strength and staying power, nobody I think expected Biden to last a couple of hours against Trump, at least I didn’t
That was Biden’s win, he wasn’t overwhelmed completely, held on tenaciously for an extended time and finished

Two more to go, can’t see Biden holding out for the next couple, Trump is far to strong and smart

Biden didn’t win the debate, both he and Wallace were dragged into the gutter by Trump, I don’t like that style but it is Trumps style, poor but Trump makes a good president so I don’t really mind as long as he gets his point across and the job done.
That and Trump is fighting the MSM so, do what has to be done

posted on Oct, 1 2020 @ 04:15 PM
a reply to: Dfairlite

After watching about 25 mins on debate night I had to go to sleep but I recorded the whole thing. After I got home from work i rewatched the entire thing. Having pondered the first part before rewatching the entire debate again.

I think trump won for the simple fact that he only interrupted joe when joe lied. That is what you do you cut a liar off and make the actual point. You dont let a liar ramble on with lies.

That is what trump did when joe started to lie trump interrupted and continued to make the point.
Rewatch the whole thing and see if you think I am right.


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