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Ghosts and Hauntings increase in 2020

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posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 12:57 AM
Something I've been thinking about is verified by articles listed below. With the large amount of people who have died this year we could have a lot more hauntings. A large population of "too soon" deaths, people who have died from suicide, protests, and covid19.

Then I realized you have people who are stuck at home and might be able to witness more. Families who grieve their lost ones.

Finally with all the hatred and negativity in the air, it might give rise to evil spirits.

So three strong reasons for a ghost increase.

Articles discussing a 2020 ghost increase:


Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

What do you think? Seen any ghosts lately?
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posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 01:26 AM
I really do not know if there is any correlation with an increase in people's experiences with ghosts, or not, in this pandemic.

There have always been stories and instances of ghostly encounters, and it does however, make sense that since people are home much more than ever, than there should be an increase in encounters... but unless we have been keeping real accountable records, science does not have much to go on.

We still, after all these years, do not have a clue of what a ghost really is, and why they are here. I do believe they are something... but what?

One thing, found in your links, and not directly related, is the outright downfall of Astrology. No 'notable' astrology sources predicted this pandemic and conversely, many said that 2020 would be a wonderful, prosperous year... I think it certainly shows how invalid Astrology really is, if there was anything constructive about this pandemic at all.

An alternative view of this terrible year, with all of it's other terrorist baggage, is that we may have taken an abrupt timeline fork. Something not in the books... a random shift in our future. It is as good as any of the other theories on why such a negative series of events should happen so quickly, without any real warning.

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posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 01:37 AM
Google trends allows you to see trends over time. If you look ghosts, interest spiked up in 2013 but not so much lately. Hauntings spikes are different time periods, but have been lowering over past 10 years.

google trends

posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 01:42 AM
Maybe the StayPuff marshmallow man is about to make an appearance.

Seriously - I think it's just a trending phenomenon. The more people that show interest, the bigger it appears to be.
5 years ago it was Bigfoot. Remember?

posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 06:49 AM
Cool post, i always love reading up on ghost stories and experiences. Thank you.
Am almost sad to admit i never seen one, but i sure as heck have felt them.

On a personal level i feel the opposite, where before it was more easy to find new material, now the web is flooded with amateur uploads often very obviously manipulated, sites like are slowly updated and seem more about making money then sharing experiences. So far the physical, for the spiritual side maybe being connected to the world on a level we are now with news and social communications drowns out the ability to connect to that spiritual world, well for me it feels like that.

I wonder how you experience it, do you ever had a encounter with a ghost, do you feel like it is happening more now?

For your facts stating people are more fueled with hatred and somehow call upon more darker evil minded spirits i cannot see this back in the stories you post. And also hope it is not the case as there is enough of that already yea.

On the first site the Ghost turns off the Hot water so the Man is showering with cold water only. A evil ghost would turn of the Cold water.. Maybe it did help calling him 'Matthew'. Others call their ghost 'mischievous', hardly evil would you say? They do mention the phone calls increase since 2019, but the fact more people are at home to experience things would defiantly increase that but no indication it should be darker.

second site is talking about how social distancing is causing people to lose or weaken their natural barriers, which i think is a good explanation for the rise in sightings being reported, again no mention of evil or cause for this.

Third site was fun
I love how the audio report starts, can you imagine living next to a paranormal researcher. The researcher states because people are now home more often and ghost are not to happy with that, and fight back in their own way, or just trying to get attention whenever they can.

Last one is creepy i admit, there must be some dark vibes coming from that house after a event like that alone, let alone having the victims of that event haunt the house. But in this case good cause for the dark vibes.

After reading it all i am willing to admit it can be dark but hopefully i can assure or comfort your thoughts in the fact it is not increasing significantly, at least to my observation.

posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 01:11 PM
Supernatural activity usually does spike doing exciting or unusual times. The World Wars, for example ('gremlins' and 'foo fighters.') It's hard to say why. Maybe when something stirs us up, it excites unseen forces. Or, unseen forces play a hand in these events. Who knows, but it's endlessly fascinating.

posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: Dimens

. . . for the spiritual side maybe being connected to the world on a level we are now with news and social communications drowns out the ability to connect to that spiritual world, well for me it feels like that.

I have always had a spiritual connection to the end of summer and beginning of autumn, the season of big skies and long shadows. But I have been disconnected with all the crap going on, I have been too preoccupied to tune in to the vibes.

However, I have things that need done out doors, I procrastinate then finally get up and I go out to do my physical labor outside. But when I get out there and get going, even though I'm tired, sore and even in some pain, I finally tune in, see the beauty, smell the earth, see the big sky, and become filled with joy at it all. I actually get a smile on my face and thank God for moments like these. I can feel the spirit of fall and it feels great.

As for ghosts or haunting, nothing much here. Just the spirits of summer fleeing south and the spirits of the north driving them out, very powerful.
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