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UFO Animal Reaction Research.

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posted on Sep, 18 2020 @ 04:34 AM
Newsclipping collection from Loren E. Gross - selected articles involving animal reaction.

Some UFO Notes By Loren E. Gross

Having completed a detailed survey of UFO material covering the years 1896 to 1963, I came across some English language newspaper clippings primarily from the 1970s and 1980s.

• It couldn’t have been anything else [but a UFO].  It hovered above Grossmont Hospital, not doing much, just staying still.  It was pulsating with its lights flicking off and on.  Lights seemed to be dimming all around the hospital – streetlights and parking lights.  It was almost as if it was draining energy from those lights,” she said.... “It was completely white and had an outline like a saucer... My parakeets were going crazy.  They were screeching at the top of their lungs. Dogs were barking everywhere.”

* San Diego, California Union. 9 September 1977.


•Gliding toward her as she manned a watchtower at the town’s French and Hecht plant, the disc obscured a flashing red beacon light on a grain elevator.

Her radio and walkie-talkie stopped working, and cows and crickets in a nearby field stood silent.

A light-sensitive mercury vapor lamp about 100 yards away from the woman went dark.

A television in a nearby farm house went blank...

* Moline, Illinois. Daily Dispatch. 7 January 1978.


•Ruby Campa said her dogs, Charley, Trixie and Tiny, went wild.

The image on her color television set turned green.  Mrs. Campa, 37, who lives in the rural Howard’s Creek area just west of Lincolnton, and her daughter, Frances, 16, ran outside to see what was going on.

Overhead was a flying object, gliding at about treetop level.  It was star-shaped with lots of points coming out of it, gliding until it got way over in the sky...

* Charlotte, North Carolina. Observer. 9 March 1981


•Doug [Fields] tried to take pictures as it hovered out back over their chicken coop.  Using Instamatic and Polaroid cameras, with and without flash, he took several shots.  But none turned out.  The film in both were completely black.  This including pictures previously taken on the film in the Instamatic!

Another unusual incident happened four days later.  All the hens in his chicken coop went bald! 

* Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Cannon Falls Beacon. 6 May 1976.


•“It appeared to be heading straight for the car so I slammed on the brakes.  It seemed to be vaguely triangular shaped with rapidly rotating and pulsating lights of different colors.  It was completely silent as I rolled down the window to see if I could hear anything.

Just at that moment a dog from a nearby yard came barking into the street at the thing in the sky.  Suddenly an orangish-yellow beam shot down and the dog disappeared.

* Charlotte, North Carolina. The Charlotte News. 11 February 1972.


•“When Johnnie [Beer – yes that’s his real name] turned north at Riverside School, the object circled and traveled in front of him,” she [Mrs. Wayne Beer] said.  “As he turned west to the farm the light turned again and followed him into the farmyard where it hovered over the corral.

“Johnnie said he ran into the house and closed the doors and drapes but when we arrived home about a half hour later, we didn’t see anything,” Mrs. Beer said.

“But the next morning, the bottom two wires of the corral looked like they had been cut and twisted up in a pile in the corral, and several of our milk cows have burn spots on their backs.”

Mrs. Beer said in the burn spots the hair was singed to the skin, ranging from the size of a person’s fist to larger circles.

* Larned, Kansas. Larned Daily Tiller & Toiler. 10 February 1972.


•It started moving towards the field opposite us and I saw two red beams going round, illuminating the whole area.  It moved over us and beamed down a green light.  There were lots of lights flashing and we heard a very high pitch beeping noise.

Janet went on: “Although we couldn’t actually see it we could tell what shape it was from the position of the lights and it looked like a space craft.

It was absolutely massive. We were terrified, my friend couldn’t speak and her dog was shivering and shaking and trying to bite her hand.  We just ran to a nearby farm and phoned the police.”

* Ormskirk, England. Advertiser. 18 September 1980.


When she got out of bed she heard a penetrating sound like a “huge swarm of bees” (which continued throughout the observation) and when she opened the door, her dog ran and hid under her bed with his paws covering its ears.  Before closing the door Mrs. [Harold] Eggers saw a circular UFO with a dome on its top and having around 12 square windows hovering about 50 feet off the ground about 90 feet away from her home.

* Lumberton, North Carolina. The Robesonian. 4 December 1973.

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posted on Sep, 18 2020 @ 07:52 AM

“I know what I seen,” said Ernie Pacheco.  “I don’t care what anybody thinks.

“Whatever it was, I don’t know.  I just hope it don’t come back.”

What Pacheco says he saw was a huge, rectangular-shaped Unidentified Flying Object, hovering early Sunday morning over the Benton County dairy farm where he works.

Pacheco, 45, who came to the farm about a year ago, was nervous as he talked about the experience Tuesday afternoon.  He chain-smoked cigarettes as he sat at the kitchen table of the home he, his wife and three of their children occupy on the Horning Dairy farm, 3 ½ miles north of Monroe on Highway 99W.

“I have no idea what it was,” Ernie said, “no idea at all.  It was just strange, that’s all – and scary.  I guess most people wouldn’t be scared, but I was.”

It all started about midnight Saturday, Ernie said, when the family’s dogs started barking and the 146 Holstein dairy cattle started “stampedin’ around” in the loafing shed – a slope-roofed building about 75 yards from the house.  Ernie went out to check, found nothing, and returned to the house for a cup of coffee before starting his pre-dawn milking routine.

“My guess is that whatever it was, the cow’s seen it,” he said.  And the dogs were raising all kinds of heck – they were all shook up.”

After his coffee, Ernie went back out to herd the cows into the milking parlor.  “They were in an uproar,” he said.  “I can usually bring 146 cows into the wash stalls without using a push gate, but I had to use it that night.

“About 3:30, I guess it was, all the lights went out in the parlor.  When I opened the door, I seen this big high thing ... I would say about three stories high.

“It looked like a hotel more than anything.  It looked like it had three layers of windows, like compartments...

Eugene, Oregon. Register-Guard. 21 April 1976.


Alan Wagner, a toll-taker on the Norbert F. Beckey Bridge in Muscatine, was getting ready to feed wild rabbits early one morning in July when he noticed something strange.

The rabbits, who usually ran away when humans came around, were stretched out flat on the cement pavement.

That’s when he noticed a strange object hovering over the treetops on the Illinois side on the Mississippi River.

Wagner is one of three persons who reported seeing unidentified flying objects in Muscatine on three consecutive nights in July.

* Des Moines, Iowa. Register. 8 August 1981.


[Patricia] Vietch reports that one relative from Germany Valley was picking alfalfa for her rabbits one night last October, and while doing this, saw a huge object as big as a house fly over her.  It had jagged edges [?] and went past her very quickly.

She ran back to her truck and told her husband about the incident...

“A strange thing happened when the couple arrived home.  They placed the alfalfa in the rabbits‘ cages, but the rabbits did not eat the alfalfa. In fact, they would not even go near the alfalfa.

* Orbisonia, Pennsylvania. The Valley Log. 14 January 1981.


This UFO did more than just take the water.  An elderly woman on a farm heard a strange sound so she looked out the window.  She saw a UFO:

...hovering above the farm pond.  Soon, the ship flew away and the pond was gone.  No fish, no water, and no vegetation was left.  The bottom of the pond was dry and cracked.

* Brandenburg, Kentucky. Pioneer. 23 February 1988.


There he was, he said, on the night of December 20th, at 3:45 a.m. driving down I-84.  He was 65 miles east of Ogden when he saw this startling object off to the side of the highway.

“There was a rectangular shape, it was low toward the ground and I saw it picking up deer,” he said.

“I know,” he agreed.  “If someone told me this I would think they was crazy too.”  “But yes,” he said, “that’s what he saw.”

“It had to be about...shoot!  I’m trying to figure out the size.  It was about as wide as a big house and I just seen it picking up deer.  It was unbelievable.”

* Ogden, Utah. Standard-Examiner. 17 February 1988.


An unidentified flying object has snatched two chickens from a farm in Chions, Italy – according to two eye-witnesses.  They say the flying saucer zapped the hens with a blue light beam before carrying them off.  There have been 20 UFO incidents in the area since August 1st.

* London, England. Daily Express. 21 August 1987.

Not AR but had to include this one.

a man and his wife saw a UFO on a highway near Annapolis [Missouri].  They got out of their truck and stood in the road watching it.  Suddenly it came toward them and the man got so scared he jumped into the truck, locked both doors and took off down the highway leaving his wife standing in the middle of the road.

* Ironton, Missouri. Ironton Mountain Echo. 5 April 1973.


posted on Sep, 18 2020 @ 01:09 PM
Series of interviews with John Hanson.

Lots (and lots) of extremely strange reports including quite a compelling one where a retired 'UFO sceptic' Police Officer went fishing on a river and witnessed a daylight close range metallic, saucer shaped object 'sucking up water' - some strange temporal goings on reported and apparently during the sighting his bait maggots pupated into casters (which should have taken 2 days).

posted on Oct, 14 2021 @ 03:47 AM

originally posted by: karl 12

The Mellen's family dog also seemed a bit freaked out

New Video link:

posted on Oct, 14 2021 @ 04:52 AM
a reply to: karl 12


The more I read about UFO encounters, I am thankful I have not had one. Sounds unhealthy in different ways for all observers native to our world.

I recall, from one of Vallée's books I think, some band of sound associated with UFOs that we cannot hear, yet perceive, and that it can induce unease or even fear in humans. Wonder if that is getting to the animals as well, given that their hearing is far more sensitive than ours.


posted on Oct, 14 2021 @ 07:15 AM

originally posted by: F2d5thCavv2

The more I read about UFO encounters, I am thankful I have not had one. Sounds unhealthy in different ways for all observers native to our world.

Yes indeed mate and don't think I'd fancy a close range one either (whatever the origin turns out to be) - some relevant injuries found here and in one case a guy's ears and nose fell off.

originally posted by: F2d5thCavv2

I recall, from one of Vallée's books I think, some band of sound associated with UFOs that we cannot hear, yet perceive, and that it can induce unease or even fear in humans. Wonder if that is getting to the animals as well, given that their hearing is far more sensitive than ours.

Have come across similar speculation about infrasound in the cryptid literature and it certainly could explain some UFO animal reactions - aspects of frequency appear to be involved somehow and thought Linda Zimmerman made some great points about it in the main interview.

Also thought this paper by NICAP's Gordon Lore deserved a post as it covers some pretty freaky physiological effects and animal reactions.

There have been hundreds of reports of strange effects, both physical and psychological, from UFOs, ranging from the most bizarre to well-documented cases from well-trained, competent observers.

Yet, even some of the more bizarre, almost unbelievable reports are well documented and come from witnesses whose reputations for honesty and integrity are undisputed.

It is the purpose of this publication to detail a cross-section of these puzzling cases, excluding, of course, obvious hoaxes, psychological aberrations and wild reports obviously intended for publicity and or mercenary purposes.

Some of the more fantastic cases have been presented, even if we do consider them dubious, so readers will be able to survey all this type of evidence and thus be in a better position to judge similar future reports.

Full Report - Scrib Doc

posted on Oct, 14 2021 @ 07:27 AM
Has anyone heard about UFO's affecting cats adversely?

Most of these stories are about dogs and livestock.

Just curious.

posted on Oct, 14 2021 @ 07:55 AM

originally posted by: GENERAL EYES

Has anyone heard about UFO's affecting cats adversely?

Thanks for the post and there are a few accounts involving cats in the first interview in the first post.

The incident involving the red spherical object is a pretty freaky one and the researcher goes into more cases in this interview.

posted on Oct, 14 2021 @ 11:16 AM
a reply to: karl 12

Is there anyway to get a summation without having to watch an hour long video?

My attention span is shot.

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