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Base Symbols associated with Dolce/A-51 etc.

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posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 02:55 PM
All U.S. Military bases have a symbol as do all units, ships, battallions etc. and most all of these are easily found on the web.

The symbol spotted by observers as being the one for Dulce is a red triangle with the letter T in it. Some have said it is inverted, others have seen it as I have described.

I have researched this symbol and come up with the following( lots of info. please bear with me here)

The U.S. Army runs a spy satellite IMINT (image intelligence) program called TENCAP ( Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities ). You can read about TENCAP at this Federation of American Scientists page

Under TENCAP is a satellite program called KEYHOLE. All KEHOLE satellites have designation such as KH-2, KH-3, KH-5 etc. with the current generation being KH-12 or ADVANCED CRYSTAL. The KH-11 program was called KENNAN/CRYSTAL.

The symbol for TENCAP KEYHOLE program is a red triangle with the letters TK inside. To see this symbol and read about KH-11 generation satellites read here

The current LACROSSE/ONYX generation satellite is purported to use Radar Imaging allowing it to view through clouds, bad weather etc. It may also be able to image underground structures and inside buildings with a resolution of just a few centimeters. Read here

I have read about testing of the KEYHOLE programs and their technologies being conducted in New Mexico at several locations including near Dulce, N.M. using mock roads, tanks, aircraft and buildings from the 1950's to present. As far back as the 1970's S.A.R. (synthetic Appeture Radar) testing may have been done there. Recently imaging of underground structures was tested but no info was given on location. Could this be the real explanation for the Dulce mystery? Seems to make sense to me; the symbol, location, the space technologies and the secrecy.

If anyone has more info I'd like to hear from them. Also if anyone else knows any symbols associated with other Classified bases please post them. Thanks.

posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 09:23 PM
That's Delta TK, a variable used in equations concerning fluid and magnetic dynamics. You'd need a mathematician or physicist to give you the specifics.

It's also the genetic sequence prominent in the so-called 'suicide' gene, responsible for spontaneous destruction of a mutated cell. There's a lot of research in this with the hopes of immunizing organisms against ionizing radiation and malignancies.

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