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Old joke from my neck of the woods

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posted on Aug, 9 2020 @ 01:53 AM
A Californian, A Nevadan, and a guy from Idaho all show up at the bar with guns in their holsters and ready to show off.

The Nevadan orders a bottle of tequila, takes 2 gulps, throws the bottle into the air, then shoots the bottle before it falls to the ground, spilling the rest of the drink.

The Californian exclaims, "What did you do that for?!"

Nevadan: "Hey this is Nevada, we have plenty of tequila here, no worries."

The Californian then orders a bottle of red wine, takes a big gulp, then throws the bottle into the air and shoots it before it hits the ground. Californian smiles and says "Hey, it's red wine, we have plenty of that in California. No worries!"

Idaho guy watches on then orders a bottle of vodka, takes a couple shots then throws the bottle into the air, and shoots the California guy before the bottle hits the ground.

Idaho guy looks at Nevada guy and says "Don't worry, we have plenty of those in Idaho."

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