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Short Story: Her Eyes

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posted on Aug, 8 2020 @ 09:30 PM
There was something about her eyes. The way they sparkled, the intensity of them, something that brought him here now, he needed to see them again, the way they were now, shining at him now along with the smile that glowed on her face as she threw her arms open and embraced him.

'Welcome, you came, I'm so happy', she held him for a moment or two, her slightly spicy, floral scent washed over him, intoxicating him as it had earlier.

'Please find a seat anywhere with the others, we'll be starting soon, you came right on time'

She let go and stepped back, resting her hand on his shoulder a while longer and flashed that bewitching smile on him her eyes shining through his own seemingly deep into his soul.

'I'll see you shortly when everyone has arrived.' With the slightest pressure on his shoulder she gently urged him past and within.

He walked in a daze down the hallway into a large dimly lit chamber. Seated along the floor was around ten men similar to himself murmuring quietly with each other. Figures moved in the shadows around a podium atop a small dais at the far end of the room.

He barely noticed these things as he sat next to one of the others on the floor. Those eyes, trapped him, locked his mind. He realized he wasn't sure what colour they were. A pale blue? or were they a washed out green? Hazel maybe? He tried to think but the colours shifted in his mind while the eyes remained burned into the blackness of his mind's eye, piercing still through him, pinning him to her will.

It had been the same when he'd met her only hours before. Had it really only been a few hours ago he'd seen her while walking with a friend back home? A few hours ago that she'd locked those eyes on him, flashed that heart binding smile, brushed passed his friend without a second glance and handed him a small sealed envelope with his name on it?

'Here, this is for you, I hope you can make it'

She continued on without another word or look leaving a slightly spicy floral scent on the breeze as she moved steadily and purposefully away.

'Dude, who was that? She was pretty cute man. I mean she must know you, that thing's got your name on it. Where'd you meet a girl like that man? Why didn't you tell me dude damn, I thought we were buds? Well you gonna open that thing? Or is it a big secret??'

He only half heard his friend as he looked down at the envelope.

'Huh? Oh, Uhhhh, I have no idea. Her eyes....I like her eyes...'

'Ok whatever man, just open that thing already, the suspense is killing me here.'

'Oh....' He fumbled with the envelope and tore the seal and pulled out a small cream coloured card with the word 'Welcome' emblazoned on the front in gold lettering. He opened the card, his friend peered down impatiently beside him.

'You are invited to gather with us tonight in a celebration life and the unending cycle of the universe. We hope you can make it on time'

The address was listed below. It began in a few hours.

'What the hell does that mean? Are they some kinda religious nuts or something? Did you join some cult or something dude? That #'s real creepy.' She was hot and all dude but like next thing you know you'll disappear, they'll find you singing #ing Kumbaya on some turnip field or some # talking about how some intergalactic being's gonna come and and take you all to the planet of the turnip people if you can grow enough #ing turnips. Then next thing you know, you're drinking the happy juice and I'm reading the news about how some #ing turnip cult murder/suicided itself.'

'But I like her eyes....I'm not going to join a turnip cult man come on. I just want to see. I was invited. You could come with me, if it's lame or a cult, we could just bounce.'

'That # was personally addressed to you man, it had your name on it. Those turnip mother #ers've been watching you dude. Seriously, we just grabbed supplies, we've got some brews, a big bag of bud, plenty of munchies and a night of wrecking noobs online. Man we were gonna chill and game dude. Forget that weird turnip chick, throw that thing away and lets get back, crack a couple beers, roll a fatty and grab the controllers out, come on'

'.....I'm gonna head home and take a shower. It starts in a couple hours. I'm not sure where that address is.'

'Did you hear me at all dude???'

'Oh yeah man, enjoy the weed and beers, it's ok, sorry dude...I just...her eyes...I like her eyes.'

'Whatever man, # this #, I'm out to go chill, if you change your mind, you know where to find me, enjoy your turnips man.'

'Yeah later man....'


'Did you get a card too?'

'Huh?', He snapped out of his reverie.

'A card, from the girl with the beautiful eyes who smelled like flowers, did you get one?'

'Oh...yeah, earlier today.'

'I hope she comes soon....I like her eyes...'

'Yeah, me too...'

'Please gentlemen, enjoy some wine, it was made specially for tonight, aged carefully for a most unique flavour.' She stood before them a glass of deep scarlet wine in each hand a beaming smile on her face, eyes piercing down at them seemingly locking with both their gazes at once. She handed them the glasses.

'Tonight's a wonderful night. A celebration of new life and the unending cycle of the universe. Please gentlemen enjoy the wine, we'll be starting very soon.'

He sipped from the glass feeling the sweet, slightly dry wine warm his mouth and down into his belly as he swallowed. He wasn't much of a wine drinker, but it was actually pretty good. He took another sip. He felt warm and contented. A wave of happiness washed over him. He'd made the right choice coming for sure. He finished the rest of the wine. His limbs felt loose and warm. He smiled and looked around. Figures had started lighting candles around the edges of the room and around the podium.

A strange shimmering started in the peripherals of his vision. He tried to focus on them but they kept darting to the edges of his site. He giggled with frustration before noticing the shimmering had moved to the candles. He managed to catch them there where the dancing flames had trapped them. They were like the shimmering of her eyes. They entranced him, held his gaze the same way.

'Welcome everyone, we're so happy you all came. Every one of you made it here on time. Welcome to all of you.'

He tore himself from the candles and quickly turned towards the podium at the sound of her voice where several people stood addressing the seated men. He wasn't which one had spoken and had tried to count how many there were but his mind kept eluding him and he lost track. Her....their...eyes beamed down at them all and they smiled.

'Tonight is a night of revelry gentlemen. Without you tonight's celebration would not be possible.'

The shimmering surrounded them now, flashing between the colours of her eyes. He giggled again as he noticed the walls had started undulating softly.

'Tonight we celebrate life and the unending cycle of the universe. Each of you is here because you came to help make this possible. We're sincerely grateful to each of you for coming here tonight.'

The undulations travelled to his body. He was adrift on the ocean gently bobbing with the waves. It soothed him, carried him towards her gently, then back away. A soft ebb and flow that engulfed him. He flowed bodiless while her voice filled him and her eyes transfixed him. Strange rhythmic music began quietly playing from somewhere.

***Continued Below****

posted on Aug, 8 2020 @ 09:31 PM
'It's time now everyone. Please stand, let's celebrate.' He wasn't sure if he stood or not, but he moved, up and forwards while they drifted amongst the men. He felt a shiver as a fingernail brushed his wrist...which one was that...she smiled at him...those eyes...she laughed softly...that music

'Say Ahhh...'

She pressed something on his tongue, a small dry wafer that began to melt on contact. She grabbed him and began to dance with him. The floated along together colours streaming from them as they moved in a strange waltz to the thumping oddly paced music. The discordant melody seemed at odds with the tempo and their movements jarred sharply with the music. His body moved automatically with her, drawn by her eyes, everything else faded into a haze of shimmering waves.

He lost track of time, lost track of space, lost all awareness save for those eyes and the dancing ocean of colours around them. He was somewhere else now. There was a new colour. Green, so green. Bright and shocking against the pale shimmering of her eyes. It moved and writhed. Closer. Something held him now. Something different, not gentle, forceful and strong, held him firm from the waves, steadied him towards the sloshing green orb.

It was above him now, rushing into him. The taste overwhelmed him. Bitter and acrid. It wriggled it's way into him. His body shook and heaved trying to reject it. He stared again at it in front of him. Small silver lights moved through it.

'Shhhh's ok. We'll try again.'

The voice seemed to come from all around him. He felt a burning somewhere inside him. His body convulsed and again the sea of colours was broken by the menacing green orb and again it filled him. The grasp held him firm while his body writhed and fought. He felt a stinging sensation and the colours intensified. Time began to fade away once more and his body calmed and drifted slowly from him.

He watched from a distance as he was lifted from the ground and taken once again into a wonderous place of colours and lights. Formless and thoughtless he drifted searching for her eyes. He was there within them. Those lights those colours. He'd fallen into them and swam now there as they filled him totally.


'Sir?....Sir? Are you alright? Sir? He doesn't seem to be responding. Do you require assistance Sir?'

The colours were gone, a pair of brown eyes looked back across at him. He blinked.

'Where is she?'

'Pardon me Sir? Are you ok? Do you require assistance?'

'Do you know where she is?'

'Who are you referring to Sir?'

'The girl with the beautiful eyes...'

'Sir, I think it would be a good idea for your if we brought you back to town. Why don't you stand on up and we'll get you over to the squad car.'

They pulled him to his feet and helped him forwards. He looked around, noticing his surroundings.for the first time. He was on a stretch of highway somewhere outside town, the sun was going down, two police officers were helping him to their squad car.

'What's going on? Why am I here?' They opened the rear door and he sat down.

'We were hoping you could tell us that Sir.' Do you have any id by any chance?

He rifled in his pocket and found his wallet still there and handed it to the officer.

'Just a sec, I'm going to run this.....oh....Sir are you aware you were reported missing almost a week ago by a friend of yours? You failed to show up at work that Monday and failed to respond to calls from your employer, friends or family for days.'

'Over a week??'

'Yes Sir, the report was filed on Wednesday morning last week, it's now Thursday the following week. The last time you were reported seen was the Friday before that. You were one of 10 young men reported missing around the same time, so far you're the only one who's turned up. Where the hell were you? '

'I...I don't know. I don't remember...I just remember the girl with the eyes.'

'What girl? Do you know her name? What did she look like? What colour were her eyes?'

No...I don't know, I don't remember....all of them.'

He spent the next few days in the hospital undergoing assessments and speaking with the police. He had almost no recollection of the events other than arriving at the beginning of the week and the girl he couldn't visually describe. He couldn't remember the address and the card he'd received was nowhere to be found. Eventually he was released, the doctors could find nothing wrong with him, they detected residual traces of '___', '___', psilocybin, MDMA and some sedatives in his blood, but no other injuries apart from that. Whoever had taken him had kept him in a state of complete unawareness through intense doses of hallucinogens and sedatives for over a week.

A few months went by and no further progress had been made on the investigation. The other missing men had never been found and there was no information on the girl with the beautiful eyes. Nothing turned up in searches for the house he'd gone to based on the scraps of recollections he had and the whole case just seemed to hit a dead end. He returned to normal life as best he could and the incident faded to an interesting story to tell at the bar. It even got him laid once...or twice.


'Oh...# dude, nice shot, perfect headshot from across the map, man you still got it. Glad you ain't farming turnips right now.'

'Ah...shut up asshole, you and your turnips, I swear non stop for months now.'

'Well man, you scared the # outta me, I told you not to go to that place, you're lucky to be here man, those other.' dudes...who knows happened to them.'

'Probably farming turnips while singing Kumbaya. Maybe you should focus on the game, you just got killed for like the fifth time this match.'

'Whatever dude, you're probably gonna turn into a zombie or something some day. What about that green # you said they fed you? You seen things moving when you barfed it all out man. What the hell was that?'

'How should I know? They had me so doped on acid and shrooms I was tripping for a week straight. Maybe I imagined the whole thing.....'

'Yeah...well, if you go zombie on me dude I'm going for the head shot.'

'Yeah right, # off, you couldn't hit an elephant's head from a yard away, you're getting zombied straight up dude.'

'Pffft, well all I know is it's you're turn to roll one up so get on that #, i've gotta get me some headshots.'

'Fine, grab me another beer from the fridge while I roll then.'


He reached down for the bag and papers and caught a glimpse of something gleaming out of the corner of his eye through the window. A set of eyes stared in, shining with an intent light. Her eyes....

' want some munchies or something dude?' His friend's voice in the kitchen seemed vague and distant. Her eyes....

He felt something stirring, moving inside him, starting deep inside, moving out toward his skin, his whole body writhed and squirmed.

'What the #!!?? Dude???' His friend was back, beers and chips in hand.

They came forth, bursting from him. The cycle was complete. They filled the room. Small, silver and squirming. Empty and ravenous. They'll feed now. There's plenty for them here. They'll grow swiftly and the cycle will continue.

posted on Aug, 8 2020 @ 09:45 PM
a reply to: dug88

Oh man!

I thought it was going to be a normal vampire story.
Then I thought "normal abduction story ?"

Oh man!

edit on 8-8-2020 by pthena because: (no reason given)

posted on Aug, 9 2020 @ 06:00 AM
a reply to: dug88

Couldn’t stop reading, and now I’m running behind for work lol.

Awesome read dude!

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