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The grand ambassador of Funk to Scotland - Jeese Rae

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posted on Aug, 3 2020 @ 09:12 AM
Im 37 years old and Scottish and Ive never in my life heard of Jesse Rae

Im a huge funk fan , I love parliament and funkadelic , yet id never heard of the national treasure

He played with Funk greats Bernie Worrell , Roger Troutman , and Michael Hampton , lester troutman and who can forget the thistle girls
Gile and Lee Thistle

Have any of you fond memories of Jesse Rae from the 80's or like me have you never heard of him ?

Jesse Raes work with Bernie Worrell and Roger Troutman won Jesse his place in the Funk hall of fame in Dayton Ohio
and was made ambassador of Funk to Scotland.

Jesse Rae hails from the Borders of Scotland and is the caretaker of the scottish funk trail and the William Wallace statue in the borders.

Bernie Worrell also received a governmental honors from the Scottish government for his cultural contributions to our nation.

check out these amazing tracks

Over the sea - apparently this inspired the opening scenes of the Highlander movie

The thistle - no one could get away with this now - health and safety

and this crazy track
Jesse Rae - Rusha

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