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A Traveller in 2024

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posted on Aug, 1 2020 @ 04:48 PM
Greetings traveller, welcome to Quarantine Zone 0911, Kanye West Air field East(JFK) Entrance. As per WHO regulations, please ensure your left shoulder is exposed to allow the gate reader to assess your biomedical id marker. Please proceed forward when the green light appears to ensure an adequate distance is kept between you and the previous traveller. Failure to comply with WHO regulations will result in immediate removal and isolation for a minimum 14 day period until health risks are assessed.

Please step forward traveller

Please wait, we are loading and assessing your biomedical data now, we thank you for your patience.

Personal data

Weight:156 lbs
Height 6'0
Birth Gender: male
Current Gender: male*
Orientation: non-lgbtq+
Ethnicity: non-Black or other protected minority group

Traveller's birth gender and current gender are both male
Traveller's birth gender and current gender match
Traveller's orientation is non-lgbtq+
Traveller's ethnicity is a non-protected ethnicity

Such individuals are known to have views that may be triggering to other individuals

Recommendations and Actions:

Monitor traveller for signs of abusive or discriminatory behaviour during the traveller's stay and ensure traveller is not exercising privilege over any other protected gender or ethnicity

Previous Medical History

Covid-19 vaccine booster: up to date as of July 30 2024
Next booster due: August 15, 2024

Covid-22 vaccine booster: up to date as of July 30 2024
Next booster due: August 30, 2024

Other vaccines: up to date as of July 30, 2024

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Previous smoker
Slightly underweight
Protein deficient
Chronic fatigue
Attention Deficit disorder

Current Prescriptions
seroquil 100mg
xanax 100mg
dexadrine 100mg

Delivered subcutaneously through Microsoft® Biomedcare implant 3 times daily.


Traveller is a previous smoker and possibly suffers decreased lung capacity and susceptibility to respiratory infections.

Traveller's weight to height ratio does not match WHO recommended guidelines.

Traveller's protein levels are below optimal for traveller's age, weight and physical activity level according to WHO recommended guidelines.

Recommendations and Actions:

Traveller should increase physical distancing measures due do personal susceptibility to respiratory infections.

Traveller's protein intake should be increased to meet recommended guidelines.

An appointment has been booked for the traveller for a video consultation with a nutritionist
failure to attend the appointment and abide by nutrition recommendations will result in a loss of travel privileges and mandatory isolation and health assessment for a minimum 14 days.

Contact tracing history

Traveller has not been in contact with any known contagious individuals within the last 30 days.

Traveller's extended contact tracing history shows no previous infractions

Traveller's personal history of physical distancing and compliance with WHO regulations is in good standing with no previous infractions.

None currently.

Recommendations and Actions:
Traveller should continue to abide by WHO health and safety regulations.

Biometric assessment:

Traveller's health and biometric data is approved for entry with the stipulation the traveller abides by the above mentioned recommendations. Failure to comply will result in a loss of travel privileges and mandatory isolation and further assessment for a minimum 14 days.

Please wait now while your personality and social media profiles are assessed. we thank you for your patience.

Accessing traveller's social media and internet browsing and search histories.


Traveller's conversation history across official public platforms including facebook, twitter and Instagram show no history of abusive or discriminatory behaviour.

Traveller does not follow any known subversive or misinforming personalities on official public platforms.

Traveller is not associated with any known right-wing, white power, or Nazi organizations.

Traveller is not an active supporter of Black Lives Matter or any lgtbq+ support or ally groups.

Traveller was previously known to read or participate in conspiracy forums such as prior to its acquisition by Condè Nast. Such forums are known to spread misinformation and support right wing extremist views

Traveller's recent browsing history contains no objectional material


Traveller has in the past participated in online communities deemed to host misinformation and extremist views.

Traveller does not actively participate supporting minority or lgbtq+ support or ally groups.

Recommendations and Actions:

Close monitoring of the traveller's behaviour and browsing habits during the duration of the traveller's stay to ensure the traveller is complying with the WHO regulations on the interaction of non-protected individuals with protected individuals as well as UN regulations on consumption or spreading of misinformation.

A sensitivity training session with a licensed therapist has been scheduled for the traveller.

The traveller has been automatically signed up for recurring donations to Black Lives Matter and the Trans and Non-Binary Business Owner's Association

Personality Assessment

Traveller has been deemed an individual of potential concern based on behaviour from 5+ years previous. however, traveller's habits over the past 5 years has been deemed acceptable and so the traveller is cleared for entry on the stipulation that the traveller abides by the above mentioned recommendations. Failure to comply to the recommendations will result in mandatory isolation, assessment and psychological evaluation for a minimum of 30 days with a WHO certified assessment board.

Continued below...
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posted on Aug, 1 2020 @ 04:48 PM
You have been cleared for entry traveller, please follow the designated markings to your assigned autonomous vehicle. Ensure you remain an adequate physical distance from other travellers and do not touch or remove your face covering. The directions to the lodgings designated on your travel pass have been preprogrammed into the vehicle. please remain in the vehicle for the duration of the journey. attempting to exit the vehicle or hinder the progress of the vehicle could result in isolation and assessment for a minimum 14 days as well as incurring extra fees for any resulting damage or delays.

The health and safety of our citizens is foremost. Should you witness or experience any violation of WHO or UN regulations please dial 911 and report them to your nearest UN health and safety branch. Face coverings are required for any individual outside their private lodging or within any private lodging with more than one individual. Physical distancing regulations are in place in all locations. Individuals may apply for a distancing exemption pass available for a small fee from a WHO licensing branch allowing a temporary physical distancing exemption between the individual and another designated exempted individual should both individuals pass a mandatory health screening. Passes last until the contact session has terminated or 12 hours have elapsed and must be reapplied for in the event of any further desired contact sessions.

For matters such as personal or property crime including assault, theft, murder or any other matter not covered under WHO or UN regulations, please contact a local security organization to inquire about fees or assistance. Be aware, most security organizations have minimum fee for calling or texting.

Travellers are reminded to respect the autonomous districts of Quarantine zone 0911. Failure to respect designated safe places, or minority and lgbtq+ protection areas including entering those areas with the incorrect race, gender or orientation could result in prosecution, injury or even death by private security organizations and is a violation of the UN convention on the Protection of the Underprivileged. The penalties for violating the convention include fines of up to 20 million UBI credits and up to 10 years imprisonment in a UN correction facility.

We hope you enjoy your stay. A full suite of virtual tours have been prepared at your lodgings and a dedicated VR device has been added at a small additional fee to allow full enjoyment of the tours and a menu of approved, contact free food delivery services has been provided for your nutrition needs. Please avoid leaving your lodgings as much as possible during your stay and use only supplied approved autonomous vehicles for transport. Pedestrian passes are not available for travellers at this time. Individuals found travelling as either pedestrians or cyclists without a pedestrian pass are subject to isolation and medical assessment for a minimum 14 days.

We thank you for your cooperation. Only by working together can we ensure we are protecting the health and safety of society. We must all work together to get through these trying times. The war for health can be won if we each play our part. Don't forget to show your support for all the brave frontline workers fighting every day in hospitals, doctor's offices and pharmaceutical research companies to make your world a safer healthier place.
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posted on Aug, 1 2020 @ 09:38 PM
ughhh, with the trillionaires protocoling for such control, we are doomed if this is travel.

i will just hire a boat, and go to some island, and try not to talk to people that might tell on me.

and i already have several friends who would tell on me.

posted on Aug, 2 2020 @ 01:54 AM
a reply to: dug88

You can not say your born a certain sex and you can not say your non LGBXQ or what ever you never know you may have latent issues that your unaware of./SARC

posted on Dec, 11 2021 @ 12:13 PM
a reply to: dug88

Came back for a reread and can see this is quickly becoming a non-fiction writing.

Could be modern day Australia.

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