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The Suspension of J Dove

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posted on Aug, 1 2020 @ 03:42 AM
When he fell
Earth turned her back
and refused his touch.

Because of the curse
J Dove was suspended
in Air.

As Night drifted across Sky
pushing the blue before Her
J watched as the stars became visible.
"Oh Night", J called "behold my plight!"

But Night did not touch him
only the darkness.

As Sun brought blue to Sky
pushing Night before Him
J Dove then pled,
"Oh Sun will you help me?"
There was no answer
only light and warmth.

When the clouds gathered
and dropped their rain
the rain avoided him.

But moisture in the air
cooled his now fevered body.

Finally Wind came blowing by
and went around him
leaving him in the calm.

He didn't speak to wind,
but the calm air was still freshened
clearing the stale.

Suspended still in Air,
J heard a voice,
"Do you see now?"

"Who are you Lord?" J asked.

"The one you cursed."

"How is it that I cursed you? I cursed only Wind.

"I am the space and I am the medium of Wind.
I am the space in which you live and the breath you breathe.
In me and through me come the light and the dark.
Without me you benefit nothing from Sun or Sky.
I am not all of Sky but I am the space in
Sky in which you live."

J Dove was suspended in Air.
Then Wind took him gently to Earth
and Earth accepted him back.

This is a holy place.
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posted on Aug, 1 2020 @ 10:12 AM
Oops! ... I Did It Again

Posted the rough draft.
I can see already that there are
too many words
and not enough substance.

But then again
if I waited for a draft
that met the highest standard,
then I might end up posting nothing.

There should be some choreography.
And the Stars didn't have any say.

So let's get some help from a random search engine.
Key words: Choreography, suspension, star, Oops

Well here's something:
Might as well post it before someone else does.

I see it now! I left Ocean out of the story too!
So add some words
then remove redundant words

that's what I meant the final draft to be.
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