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News Media Coordinating with Doctor Groups to Shut Down America again over Covid-19.

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posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 12:53 AM
Sunday July 26, 2020

The Local and National News Media are coordinating with a national Medical Doctor group known as "U.S. PIRG" to force America into ANOTHER nation-wide Covid-19 shutdown, because we "didn't do it right" the first time.

Excerpt from a letter sent last week to top U.S. politicians, from the U.S. Pirg group of medical professionals:

We’ve done it wrong, and we need to start over!

Of all the nations in the world, we’ve had the most deaths from COVID-19. At the same time, we’re in the midst of “reopening our economy,” exposing more and more people to coronavirus and watching numbers of cases -- and deaths -- skyrocket.

In March, we all went home and stayed there, to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe. But we didn’t stay home long enough. Our leaders didn’t use the time to set us up to defeat the virus. And then we started to reopen anyway.

Right now we are on a path to lose more than 200,000 American lives by November 1st.

We are racking up that death toll so we can drink in bars, get a haircut, eat inside a restaurant, get a tattoo, get a massage, and do myriad other normal, pleasant, but let’s face it, non-essential activities.

Let’s get our priorities straight.
U.S. Pirg Press Release:

After reading the latest Covid-19 statistics in an alarming manner, National Media Outlets, and local Affiliates all over the country, are heavily promoting the advice and warnings from U.S. Pirg.

Samples of National and Local - All Parroting U.S. Pirg's letter, with Dire Sounding Headlines..




Portland: tml

Pittsburg: 07240092

It's impossible to know how many lives were saved while almost every state was shut-down, and under "stay at home" orders in the March thru June time-frame.

Question: In YOUR Opinion, Were the economic, societal, and individual/family sacrifices worth it?

If your answer is "YES", is it worth shutting down the country again in an attempt to "get it right" this time?

My opinion: The damage done to America's economy, and American individuals/families, was not worth saving X number of lives from a Covid-19 related death. Shutting down again, would be sheer lunacy.

Especially after only 4/100th of 1% of Americans have died of Covid-19 this year, and the number of daily deaths has decreased dramatically since the April/May peak.

Chart of Daily U.S. Deaths:

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posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 01:06 AM
I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Since this thing started, I've known 2, yes 2 people personally who tested positive and showed signs (fever). Both recovered and both are doing just fine.

I see no reason whatsoever for the actions being undertaken in regards to destroying economies, destroying livelihoods, destroying families and destroying societies.

The hypocrisy of these reactions are unfounded. Yes, let's close bars, salons, clubs, events. That'll save us though right? You know what will remain open? #ing Wal Mart, Home Depot, Lowes and churches. Yes....let Jesus pray teh Covid away.

So goddamned sick of this.

I read an EO from Pennsylvania's governor this week further shutting down some businesses. Listed in this "order" was the following. "Casinos can remain open but can no longer serve alcohol". Seriously??? Isn't the entire aim at ordering businesses closed is so people don't gather? I mean...W The Actual #???

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posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 01:14 AM
A harmless virus.

Fake, inflated numbers. That’s undisputed.

99.96 percent recovery rate.

Pfft. Not once have I ever worn a cuck-mask, and won’t. I’ve probably had the wuflu, who cares? I’ll likely catch it again next year too when the season comes around.

Manipulating ONLY the easily manipulated

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:01 AM
I've been aware of like three people who tested "positive" for it. Not that I believe the tests are all that trustworthy.

I don't personally know a single person who has died from it.

I work at an "essential" place of business and the entire time it has been business as usual. No one has died.

My family members that works in the medical field in hospitals and research have said most of it is BS.

I don't want to see the economy close down again.

I'm not saying the virus is fake, but for as dangerous as it has been purported to be I'm not buying it.

In fact I'm willing to bet that everyone who has known someone who has died from "Covid-19" were from people who had already had chronic illnesses that would have been the death of them anyways.

And I'm willing to bet that the young "healthy" people most likely had underlying, undiagnosed health conditions.

I'm not being flippant, and I'm not trying to hurt anyones feelings, but it is what it is. I'm just being realistic.

So, again. No. I do not want to see the businesses get shut down agian. Especially with this next "stimulus" check supposedly the last one we're getting, and other aid supposedly drawing to an end.

What? Are they going to continue tantalizing us with a maybe we will maybe we won't send any more stimulus checks?

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but while millions of people have been forced out of work depending on unemployment, disability, and these stimilus checks the people at the top are making more money than ever.

Even the people related to those in Congress are pocketing more money.

Us common people are getting screwed, and it's not from the virus. It's from the government.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:01 AM
Fat POS pandemic. They all have weak immune systems. Same with the Flu. Mostly fat POS die of the flu. I knew one of them this year. Refused to go to the doctor and like 200lbs overweight.

Take obese people out of the numbers and the death in the US drop 75%.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:05 AM
a reply to: FlyinHeadlock

You really don't like fat people do you?

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:11 AM

a reply to: carewemust

News Media are coordinating with a national Medical Doctor group known as "U.S. PIRG"

Apparently it's a private foundation of left-wing activist ..

The Douglas H. Phelps Foundation is the 501(c)(3) private foundation of left-wing activist Doug Phelps, president of the Public Interest Network, Fund for the Public Interest, Grassroots Campaigns Inc., and a number of related PIRG organizations.

Donation Recipients - Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:12 AM
a reply to: carewemust

No that's science colluding with common sense.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:15 AM
I don't care about fat POS. CDC and news not addressing it though is criminal. Most of the deaths are fat people. For the love of god, tell them to stay home and try and lose weight. Do not go outside, to the store. Stay home. Show the stats of obese who died as opposed to ideal weight. Let's see those numbers.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:30 AM
the world is at war it seems..
no tanks... warplanes ...atombombs and other W.M.D 's ... but an tiny nearly unvisibles organic particle brings the whole humanity on the knees...

democrat's becomes dictators ....value of money is fainting....seems the new world order is pure DIS-order now !

mother nature has (as revenge for wat humans did to her) brought in her most powerfull weapon called "FEAR"
and it works perfect you can trust no-one anymoore not even youre partner ore reletives ...everyone can be an carrier of an dead cousing bacteria ore virus... if it is not covid 19 ...covid 20++++ will finish the job in the coming years...
gov's failes... companies failes ...big pharma failes ...!!!!!!!!!

the winner is mother earth .... air is cleaner now with sparkling skies... time to recouver :-)

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:37 AM
Problem is there are a ton of Americans who are unwilling to behave responsibly if we reopen. Countries that have been successful at reopening have citizens that wear their masks and properly socially distance. If we reopen fully we will have a bunch of people not wearing masks and crowding indoor locations (studies show crowded indoor locations where people are not wearing masks are hot spots for spreading the virus) en masse. The virus will continue to spread and we will be right back where we started.

150,000 Americans have died in 6 months with a lockdown I wonder what those numbers would look like without a lockdown. America has a high risk, unhealthy, obese population. Countries like Japan have a healthier population that keep their cities very clean, do not shake hands as a matter of cultural practice and have no problem wearing masks. Their numbers pale in comparison to countries like the United States, Brazil and The UK.

I would rather heed the advice of the majority of the scientific and medical industry than a bunch of naysayers and covid deniers. I would hate to fully reopen the country and find out the hard way. If their is science to back up the idea that the virus is mutating into a less lethal disease and safe, proven peer reviewed medications and treatments become widely available than I wouldn't have a problem reopening.

If 150k have died with a lockdown in half a year how many would die in the next 6 months with no lockdown. Keep in mind the virus was supposed to die in the summer and we are approaching flu season where immune systems will be down and the population will be more susceptible to contracting the virus. Sure younger people are less likely to die from it but they will inevitably pass it on to the less fortunate causing deaths to spike again.

I just cant trust the US population to behave responsibly in a fully reopened society

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:42 AM
a reply to: TXRabbit
Many of the businesses that are left open seem to be those that assist with the deterioration of society. Casinos, Liquor Stores, are 2 examples. Churches must remain closed, because they are good for society. The push for wearing face masks, also has its dark-side, because masks increase CO2 levels of the bloodstream, which kill brain cells.

It's like the Chinese have infiltrated the Democrat party. Democrats ruin America, win the election, and China wins big contracts. Democrat leaders receive huge $$$$ and power rewards for their assistance.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:45 AM
a reply to: FlyinHeadlock

You bring up a valid point. Americans should try to live a healthier lifestyle but when Michelle Obama tried getting school age children to eat a healthier diet (teach them when their young) people on the right lost their collective minds because gosh darn it if I want to feed my kid Big Macs that's my right as an American! Sounds awfully like gosh darn it if I don't want to wear a mask I shouldn't have to because of freedom!!!! Reeeeeeeeee!!!!!

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 02:52 AM
a reply to: Breakthestreak
It's crazy that the mayors and governors who ruined peoples lives, blame CoronaVirus for all the troubles they are experiencing right now.

Our Chicago mayor had people arrested for walking their dog in certain areas during the Spring, and now has the gall to blame Covid-19 for the increased violence.

When the $600 @ week Federally funded unemployment benefits are cut by 50% (or more) percent next week, the millions of unemployed people in cities that are tightening the noose once again, will not take the abuse lying down any longer.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 03:18 AM
a reply to: conspiracy nut

I agree that Obesity and poor diet is a major problem in the US, hell it's fact.

I'm not even totally against wearing a mask.

I would be willing to wear a mask if it meant businesses weren't forced to close down.

The only time I'm against wearing a mask is when or if policies get out into place where people have to wear them outside no ifs ands or buts.

We're already halfway through the year and I've yet to wear a mask, because in Tennessee it hasn't been an issue. TN just made an official policy stating that if business want to stay open that they must require face coverings.

I'm not necessarily against that.

I still think the mask policy is ridiculous, but if it means keeping businesses open I'll do it.

What pisses me off is that I had to watch several of my friends who were small business owners lose their business. I actually almost opened my own business at the end of last year and really glad I had the foresight to hold off for a little bit.

My friends who owned one or more businesses are having to dip into their retirement money just sonthey won't lose anything.

I have seen way more people affected by the shutting down of everything than by the virus.

Even my friends and acquaintances who aren't business owners are struggling. Several of them have been laid off, a few of them have been able to work from home, but a lot of them are single parents who between working from home, participating in online college, and having to deal with their young children and babies all day is rough on them.

People are out here struggling because they were already pretty much living at or just above paycheck to paycheck, and now get a little unemployment and have had one measly $1200 pay check.

People with children scored more with $500 a kid, but I don't think that's much more considering childcare costs and crap like that unless they've got multiple kids for a multiplying factor. But even with two kids that still ewuals out to about 550 a week. Not bad for a solo person, but for someone with kids that might be a strenuous still.

None of my friends who were business owners got a stimulus check.

I asked them about calling the hotline or emailing or whatever and they all said they had done so, and that they kept getting told to be patient.

Meanwhile you got CEOs bringing in more with each passing quarter and politicians who own business getting first dibs out of the stimulus funds.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 03:27 AM

originally posted by: Infoshill

a reply to: carewemust

News Media are coordinating with a national Medical Doctor group known as "U.S. PIRG"

Apparently it's a private foundation of left-wing activist ..

The Douglas H. Phelps Foundation is the 501(c)(3) private foundation of left-wing activist Doug Phelps, president of the Public Interest Network, Fund for the Public Interest, Grassroots Campaigns Inc., and a number of related PIRG organizations.

Donation Recipients - Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Great research on your part. Thank-you!

One of the Medical professionals I met showed me how the CDC is in on the scam too. Here's one example. The agency stopped detailed tracking influenza EARLY this year. On April 4th to be exact. (Usually runs to May 31st)

""NOTE: The week of April 4 was the last week in-season influenza burden estimates will be provided for the 2019-2020 season.""


Immediately after that statement was issued, the number of Flu deaths fell off a cliff. The CDC then issued revised guidance that gave hospitals/coroners the opportunity to associate many thousands of additional deaths with Covid-19. If a person died of an Influenza complication, the coroner/hospital could make it a Covid-19 related death, if he/she "felt" that the deceased had Covid-19 at the time of death.

Covid-19 deaths skyrocketed from Mid-April thru early May in the Northeast and Midwest, as Flu deaths flat-lined.

As I've said at least 50 times on ATS, it's all a grand scheme designed to enable Joe Biden to beat Donald Trump in November. A man with Dementia cannot become U.S. President unless there are MASSIVE multi-faceted "cheats" in place, that enabled him to win.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 03:58 AM
a reply to: carewemust

You do realize that if our President lets this happen to us then this
is a scheme of some magnitude beyond any idea we contemplated?
For a long time I've watched their actions grow bolder as they
reared their technology all around us. As they do what they want
against us, serving their own agenda. Just as tyrants always do.
And we have remained docile. Pacified because we can vote. I
was fearful at times that we were being fenced in and spied on
more and more. This whole time our situation was precarious at
best. That if they wanted they could pull the rug out from under us.
And we wouldn't be able to do anything about it. We've allowed
ourselves to get to comfortable. It was easy to know this was
coming years ago seeing the arsenal that was surrounding us
and what could we do about it?

With their draconian talking head media. And all thru history we
let them send our young boys to die in their wars and for what?
It was never for anything but them. We have allowed them to do
whatever they have planned for us. We thought the modern age
meant more civilized leaders than the tyrants of the past. I
know I recognized we were so vulnerable if our leaders were
still the same monsters they've always been. Well it looks like
more and more everyday now they're still the same wicked people.
It's certainly becoming clear to me that we are the target. And
our leaders have never given a crap about us and they damn sure
don't give a rats ass about some country called the U.S. of A.

Looks like Trump will be the last President because this country is
gonna be toast. And only those who comply fully. Will be spared.
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posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 04:44 AM

a reply to: ressiv

Mother Nature has brought in her most powerfull weapon called "FEAR" and it works perfect you can trust no-one anymore

Big Brother is the principal administrator in that department ...

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 05:36 AM
a reply to: carewemust

The only reason this "virus" is such a big this, is it's an election year. The dems and media have been trying to get Trump out of office for over three years, this virus is their way of trying to rig an election.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 05:38 AM
a reply to: conspiracy nut

150,000 Americans have died in 6 months

normally in the US between 7000 and 8000 die every single day, that means more than 1,260,000 people died during the past 6 months.

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