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Disturbing Unknown Creature Chases A Hunter During A Night In Russia

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posted on Nov, 30 2020 @ 12:59 AM
Strange noise heard like voices and
talking, very low. Before the first shot.

The howl emitted was far away but all the
more impressive. The animal howled for what
seemed like 15 seconds, unlike any cat or
wolf. The howl was deep and loud,
effortlessly contunued for a long time
and there was a secondary howl.
Bigfoot is famous for his howls.

a reply to: Middleoftheroad

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posted on Nov, 30 2020 @ 11:04 PM
a reply to: SecretKnowledge

I translated part 3 of the video as best as I could going between two languages. Unfortunately he kind of jumps around and doesn't really clarify what he thought he saw. The part where he is running around at night while being hunted he doesn't really say much besides talking to himself about being sacred, not being scared and egging it on whatever it is and some cussing .

46:53 > part 3 epilogue

46:57 > 2 years later

47:06 > same spot

this was told to me from a guy who use to hunt here in the past

He was around these parts a lot for his work. He worked for an organization that extracted wood and resin from the forest.

They would drop off a brigade of workers in the summer
and they would build huts. Of course they also were armed and would hunt.

One time the resin was harvested on an industrial scale
for the chemical industry. They made various medications from it.

In the Taiga you can often see numerous characteristics in trees. central slit for resin drainage and side notches.

During the season 2 guys can collect 10 tons of resin.a funnel is fixed on the tree and a container is placed. If the resin doesn't come out you do the same in another spot and so on.

So we get such patterns in the trees (as he shows in the video). So their are numerous trees with such pattern on trees in this Forrest.

The destroyed cabins belonged to the workers. They also created an ambush area in one of the trees.

It got hot outside opening the door.

Per the stories , this hut was attacked by a bear and it killed 2 workers. One of them wasn't found. The remains of the other was found in this cabin. You can see where the bear was ripping the crossbar door lock.

For certain my door lock in my cabin is not done properly either.

When a bear is found in a den . they begin to cover the entrance with branches. The bear grabs a branch and drags it to the den. after which he cannot jump out of the den quickly. the bears have to wade through the branches.
when the bear's head appears then they shoot him

The cabins here should be opening inwards. Also because in the winter it snows alot and you wont be able to open the door.

these things should be thought out with great caution.

the hunter said that at night he hunts in those places very restless. no one can be seen and the sounds come from the forest and this has made him uncomfortable.

He did not tell this story to anyone but me. He said, so don't think I have hallucinations or that I'm crazy. when I found out about the death of the workers in the forest then I started thinking about it and it got scary. I started to leave offerings in the Forrest cartridges , tabaco , or something. Before the hunt I would leave gifts in a broken hut. and asked permission to use their land.

After this the silence came back and no noises bothered us. and the old hunter in this place continued to hunt without fear before me. After a while he stopped leaving the offerings and the terrible noises came back.

He noticed that leaving offerings was necessary and didn't forget after that.

Then i got this hunting ground and I did not know of its history. and I went there with a camera for filming the hunt.I expected to shoot good things.

Before it was hard for me to believe in things paranormal. So I made a movie that you saw. Everything that happened to me there you saw.

Before according to rules, hunting in ambushes with other people was prohibited. the owners of the land had the moral right to take your weapon away for this.

to settle in someone else's cabin was allowed in the Forrest for overnight. So if tourists or hunters spend the night in my cabin I won't mind. There are no castles in the Forrest cabins. The main thing after leaving is that the cabin is in order. But its prohibited to use others ambushes or lures. Today I left gifts: tea, sugar, cigarettes in the destroyed hut. It will be quiet after that at night , I have not tried it yet. I still have ambushes in this place.but none of that happened there . animals ,deer ,goats ,managed to get there.

Still hunting a little. scared at night after that incident. I try not to forget to make offerings.

Leaving the cabin at night I recall that incident and it gets kinda creepy

this is the place in the winter.

bubble zoom on a tree ambush

Complete video

He also did a Q & A.

One of the comments asked if he thought it was a group of cannibals and he says no . There are no Russian cannibals there and its very harsh environment for people to live in.

The guy in green thinks it was some animal or birds but Sergey doesn't think so and says its difficult to say what it was.

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posted on Dec, 1 2020 @ 03:01 AM
a reply to: interupt42

Hey thats a great translation thanks for that. I tried putting some through google translate but there were too many words..
I went to the guy's youtube channel and he has a lot of video's. None like the one in the op. It was a one off event for sure. Most video's are of Sergei and his friend just larking around being friends.
He looks very genuine in that video you posted answering the other guy's questions.

I still think this was a real event, i would love to see him go in again but i cant see him doing it. Maybe he should bring a couple more hunters with him.

posted on Dec, 27 2020 @ 01:55 AM
The sounds coming from far in the forest
was an unknown vocalization possibly
bigfoot. At around 38 minutes in.

Thanks to ThinkerThunker it can be proven
that these howls are similar to other Bigfoot
howls. I'd be scared to death after hearing
them chat it up. Some of these particular
howls were cackling, roaring and voice
comes through.

real cryptid sounds

a reply to: ThatDidHappen

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posted on Dec, 27 2020 @ 07:26 AM
The guys breathing tells me he's about to have a heart attack. He sounds genuinely scared.

posted on Dec, 28 2020 @ 06:02 AM
a reply to: Soloprotocol

It was definitely a real event.

What the creature is, is an unknown

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