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Want a better Quality of Life??

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posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 05:26 AM
The 2005 Quality of Life Survey by Mercer has been released. Again Switzerland is the best place to live if you want a safe environment to live in.

Mercer’s overall quality of life survey has revealed that Geneva and Zurich remain the world’s top-scoring cities with 106.5 points. Other high-scoring cities include Vancouver and Vienna in joint 3rd place (score 106).

Cities in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia continue to rank highly. Munich and Düsseldorf both move up the rankings, from 10th and 12th place respectively, to share joint 5th place with Frankfurt. Munich’s rise is due to more efficient waste removal systems and better housing for expatriates, while Düsseldorf’s transport and standards of international schooling have improved. Bern, Copenhagen, and Sydney are pushed down slightly to rank 8 with scores of 105.

In the US, Honolulu and San Francisco rank highest in joint 25th position (score 102), mainly because they have lower crime levels than other US cities. Boston, New York, Portland, and Washington follow in positions 36, 39, 42, and 42 respectively (score 100.5, 100, 99, 99), while Houston ranks lowest at position 68 (score 94).

The analysis was based on an evaluation of 39 quality of life criteria for each city, including political, social, economic, and environmental factors, personal safety and health, education, transport, and other public services.

Baghdad remains the world’s least attractive city for expatriates. Its low score (14.5) is due to the recurrent threat of attacks against people, multinational organisations, and government institutions in the area. Other poor-scoring cities for overall quality of life include Bangui in the Central African Republic (score 29), Brazzaville in Congo, and Khartoum in Sudan (29.5 and 31 respectively

As you can see Switzerland and Canada are the top countries to live in with Iraq coming in last and the USA comes in at No 24 represented by Honolulu!! Not much of a surprise there. Anyway to all you unforunate people who don't live in the USA (Superpower of the World!!! :dn
I hope this survey gives you some satisfaction.



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