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A Non-Echo Chamber

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posted on Jul, 11 2020 @ 02:21 PM
If you’re not familiar with the writings of James Howard Kunstler, I would suggest a quick digestion of his Wiki page. I’ve read his works for a couple of years and am very impressed by his style, new word introductions and not only independent thought—-but his unpredictability. He’s no fan of Democrats OR Republicans. A contrarian, for sure.

His articles have appeared in such disparate sources as Slate, NYT, American Conservative, Rolling Stone and the Washington Post. My point being, he fits neither the round nor the square peg with regularity. In today’s media, is that refreshing or WHAT? Echo chambers are everywhere. I want someone’s writing to make me think, not reaffirm what I already believe. Many call that “learning”. His piece yesterday (from a blog) was prescient, scary, prophetic and sobering. So much so, I felt the need to share it. I rarely fall in lock step with all he says; in fact, sometimes I think his thinking is wrong-headed. His writings twice weekly generate lively discussions between my wife and myself—-a good thing.

Enjoy...or don’t.


Tired of getting mau-maued by the Woke Inquisition? That’s what it is, of course: a supercharged shakedown operation utilizing all the medieval tools of maximum mind# to hustle the USA out of its own existence. The animating principle of Black Lives Matter is not justice but coercion, and not just coercion, but the sadistic pleasure of inflicting pain, injury, and humiliation in the process of extracting money and power.

The tools are violent insurrection, bad faith, and unconditional dishonesty, applied like thumbscrews, strappados, and red-hot irons to a nation reeling from the dislocations of a pandemic virus and a financial implosion. Now, several weeks out from the June uproars of looting and burning, the true shape of this racist jacquerie is plain to see: they are the shock troops of the desperate and demented Democratic Party. The smoldering ruins of Minneapolis and Santa Monica are the Party’s policy platform. The Seattle CHOP is its shining city on a hill. Not everybody in the land has gone insane, of course, and not everyone will keep going along with the hustle.

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posted on Jul, 11 2020 @ 09:50 PM
a reply to: azvol

Sorry mods. If I’ve ever started a thread previously, I don’t recall forgive my lack of knowledge. Perhaps the link I use for reading his biweekly pieces is allowed.

Feel free to kill the thread if you think it necessary. Just trying to edify...


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