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A Country Divided & The Bishops Twin

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posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 11:32 AM
I love weird, deep dreams! Don't you?

Some woman and I are looking for something 'sacred' and we end up in a room that belongs to a former pope. We're sneaking around in this room because we're not supposed to be there and I 'think' we're looking for something like a dragon statue. We're also hiding from two men in grey and black suits that I think are part of the church. Maybe some kind of police.

We stumble upon a trap door that leads down this very wide circular room that is covered at the bottom with refuge and waste and water damaged chairs, all of which resembles come kind of sewer. We're looking for a way to light candles or bring light to the room to see what's in it. In that sewer room, there is a water logged box containing some kind of ornate golden box and inside that box was supposed to be some kind of major secret but I never get to see what it is or I don't recall seeing it even when we open the box to see inside.

Then... Instantly, it's like I'm watching from a 3rd person perspective and I am mentally narrated to make sense of what I see now.

It has something to do with Jesus having a twin brother. The brother is evil, likely the devil/satan. Then I see pope Francis walking down this spiral stairwell into this empty alcove. He's looking around for something but there is nothing really there. Just a stone bench carved out of the small stone room. For a moment, I'm thinking that he also has an evil twin which I believe was supposed to be the Anti-Christ but then I also think he's the evil twin but I'm unsure...

From a waking moment, I'm thinking that The pope is the evil twin and Jesus and his evil twin somehow relate to Cain and Abel.

I fall back asleep and quickly start into another dream.

I'm looking at this mud road and notice it's tainted green. I begin to hear a story and I do this as though I'm mimicking the story.... I'm on my knees running my hand over this mud, smoothing it out while mixing this green smile into the brown mud, as though I'm making the road very flat and level a little at a time. The mud is very wet and smooth. It's easy to smooth around.

As I'm doing this, the story being told is that a man (black man - I think we're in Ethiopia or someplace in Africa) prayed to God for his own land for his own people. A king at some point tells the man, he can have all the land on the other side of the green road. God brings this man to a fork in a dirt road. In one direction, there is a dirt road leading out towards wherever. The other passage leads to another place but this road is tainted with copper which causes the mud to be tainted partially green. The man (as I am doing, perhaps playing his part) gets down on his knees and starts to smooth out this road or path into a long, wet, flat surface that becomes this road. Beyond this road is a village of people. They have a temple and in this temple there is a shoe box with something sacred inside. I do know what's in the box but I forget at this time. I think it's hair but I don't remember. I notice that the shoe box has a Nike symbol on it and even though the people have no idea what it is as it's just a box to them, I think of how sacrilege it is to have a symbol of a brand named after a mythological god on the top of it. I try to say something about it but I don't think he understood me. He's stripping and bathing in this temple. It's a very small area with an extremely small ceiling.

I find this pile of mud that looks to be dug in to a small pit. I dig thinking there are ancient artifacts buried. It's their trash pile as I understand it, over many years. While digging - I'm finding all kinds of scrap plates of silver and thinking how valuable all the stuff is that they just seem to cast away like nothing.

Finally, I'm off into another dream where I see the US divided in two, like it was in the civil war but this time it's divided from bottom left to top right. Democrats own the west side of the country while Republicans own the right. I don't know about Alaska or Hawaii.

From what I can understand, they're both bound by the constitution but only by how each of them interpret it. Neither side is allowed to sell their land to a non citizen and only like minded people can live in each land. Non citizens are not allowed to own any land anywhere in the country. The Republicans and Democrats only ever vote on issue that resemble their choices but instead of voting for Democratic or Republican laws, they vote for their ideals ranging from minor to extreme. Abortion is illegal on one side but not on the other... and so forth.

At some point, the republican side grows. They dedicate land to building a new symmetrical city and expand from it so that eventually it's all united, paved and organized. There is order in this place. There are no more states, just 'The United State'. The people living here are very well off. No hunger, no strife. Everyone seems to be well to do.

On the left side... Everything is in ruins. People are rioting and killing one another over food and water. They demand that the republicans give them land to live on and food to eat. They also demand to be a part of the United State as their lands are ruined. The republican state refuses and a riotous war takes place but it's very futile.

The left gives in to communist propaganda and starts giving land away for food which is very much illegal. Then they start giving in more and more to where they begin giving land to communists in trade for necessities. The right gets upset and a war starts with missiles flying every which way...

I watch a missile moments from slamming into the ground and as soon as it does.. I wake up!

Talk about keeping your gears going all day....!

Now that I proof read this... I begin to wonder. Did the rich get rich from each other or did they get rich off the backs of the Democrats. Or is it that the Democrats ruined their own nation.

I wont take sides on this as the dream did not choose one, so it wouldn't be right if I did at this point.
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posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 11:34 AM
Very nice! S+F

posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 11:41 AM
a reply to: Arnie123

Very much appreciated!

I really should proof read before I post but...

Guess I'll do that now.. lol

posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: StallionDuck

Dude you have amazing dream recall. I thought mine was good but yours is remarkable!

1) Do you think your US Divided dream was prophetic? Certainly not hard to imagine that scenario play out somewhere in the next 50-60 years given the current climate.

2) I'm not religiously inclined but I think there's definitely a case for the Pope being the Anti-Christ

3) Silver mines in Africa. Look into it.

posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 05:47 PM
a reply to: NightVision

Thanks! I tend to remember a lot of my dreams but it's the deep ones I remember most because they have me thinking all day long. Like one other dream I posted, give it a few days and I can go back and re-read it and I wont remember a thing. lol

1- I'm not sure. Honestly I think a lot of my dreams come about from a split second thought I have 2 days prior. It's always 2 days for some reason. I can see something now and spend a split moment of thought on it - no more or it doesn't account for anything in my dreams - tonight I wont dream about it but tomorrow night I will.

Though that's the usual for minor dreams that I really don't pay much mind to. The thought, even though only a split moment, might have some meaning but I just shrug it away. I figure the dream is just showing me a longer version of it with a lesson involved.

However... The really deep dreams? I have NO idea where those come from. I don't know why I would dream of a muddy road with some kind of poetic history to it. Digging silver out of a trash pit... I think in the dream the idea was that the people valued nothing material but then I don't really understand the meanings to my dreams. Sometimes they're confusing and sometimes they seem to have meaning.

Some of the dreams I've had that were pretty deep, I can remember to this day and they happened many years ago. Those were the ones that had a serious effect on me, almost emotionally felt but for no reason- to where I thought about them for days and longer, thinking they did have meaning.

Maybe I just want them to have meaning. I dunno. I honestly couldn't tell you the correct answer. Most of me says they're just dreams while a very small part of me says there is something to it and not just some logical explanation from events I've seen or conscious creating order of day to day.

Sorry it's long winded. There are lots of words in my head! lol

2 - That's kind of my way of thinking. Could be bad though could be good. Maybe that's all the dream was saying but when you're having those dreams, it feels very real to where I felt that evil when it was mentioned.

3 - I did not know this. Figured it was a pretty common thing around the world.

Thanks for the interest! Dreams are fascinating if nothing at all. Sometimes I feel like I have the weirdest dreams of anyone but I'm sure I'm wrong. All my dreams seem to have a point. They're usually not just random. Always seems to be a lesson behind them.

I've only ever been able to control my dream once. I've had lucid dreams but only one where I really knew I was dreaming and actively tried to control it and did quite well. Sadly it lasted for less than a minute once I realized. I ended up waking myself up from focusing on that fact too much.

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