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Controlled Lucid Dreaming/Astral technique

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posted on Jul, 31 2020 @ 06:12 PM
a reply to: PapagiorgioCZ
I’d lay off the booze and weed.

What I do find interesting now that you brought it up, is the dream state exactly between consciousness and dreaming. It’s very hard to explain, I experience it mostly when I’m not intentionally taking a nap, like sitting outside reading a book or staring at the mountains and then letting my mind wander. It almost seems every thought is crystal clear and everything makes perfect sense, but it last just a few seconds maybe a few minutes since time doesn’t mean anything.

posted on Aug, 2 2020 @ 06:29 AM
a reply to: 38181

Indeed, I think we are telepathic all the time but we dont lose a clear boundary, we know where we end and someone else starts and stuff goes into memory like that. I think it's done by hypothalamus. That's probably how pot is messing with the memory which is an integral part of personality. If it's able to change the way we think about ourselves and the world, it will change the way we dream for sure. I stopped smoking with the wrong people and then with "other" people but it's not good enough when I think about others all the time anyway 🙂
Then there's many strains and cannabinoid profiles. I found that CBD lets me ignore anything at will including dreams so I tossed them out of my conscious mind not only right in the morning but in the middle of any dream too.
I felt like someone or something is stirring my mind with BS and impurities of the world each mandatory night for fun or to keep me away from enlightment 😛 Yet we cant live and regenerate without sleep so I keep coming back.

I've found recently that indeed dreams in the morning and those during the day-naps are closer to something I'd approve as "mine" and relativelly coherent (as far as dreams can be) A movie I act in, observe or at least recognize as stuff I could make up from data in my brain. It's easier to control but I believe that controlling dreams shouldnt be done for fun.
I've read something about a yoga technique years ago- a pranic sleep or vedic sleep, something like that. It's like ten times more restfull. I dont remember what was the key. Only that it's the kind of sleep "spiritual masters" enjoy for two hours and they dont need more.
Maybe it's about staying in conscious, highly concentrated - detached meditation during the first stage. Maybe it's a delta-wave meditation, total peace without BS coming from outside or inside. Maybe it's being in the astral body but not leaving anywhere and putting it to sleep too. Maybe it's the body one level above the astral body 😛

posted on Aug, 2 2020 @ 09:01 AM
I am interested in this too. Never had a lucid dream.. I have heard about different techniques.
I heard binaural beats are a good way to lucid dream, but have not tried it yet.
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posted on Aug, 2 2020 @ 09:28 AM
a reply to: Yoamr

As I recall... i was never 'in-charge' or deliberately causing my encounters with Lucid Dreams..

I was , however, 'Prepared' to find-myself caught up in a Virtual Reality Dream...

i did not regularly encounter nor share time with obvious Alien Beings---But i did converse with un-bodied Entities who were Conscience/Conscious and intelligent individual Souls (?) I describe these entities as my 'Spirit Guides' ~Owl/Turtle/Cave Bear

funny thing ---- last week, i smacked asunder the TV Tray 'nightstand' beside my bed, (defending my sleep 'self' from evil dream thugs)... the noise woke up others in their own bedrooms who thought i fell out of bed somehow...
i said it was just a night-stalker invader i just slammed into the ground, he's gone now !

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posted on Aug, 2 2020 @ 09:42 AM
I would be interested in reading your guide. I’ve been a long time lucid dreamer and would love to dive deeper a reply to: Yoamr

posted on Aug, 2 2020 @ 10:44 AM
a reply to: Jay-morris

They are lame. I used them for months. Many tracks. Binaural, isochronic, before sleep, after waking up with a 20 minute pause, stimulating only the right brain hemisphere, gamma... They didnt work as described or they gave me bad shallow thinking-like mess or vivid dreams that I was never happy about. No control or clear lucidity. Like watching a movie on a phone at 2x playback speed vs being in a real nature.
Herbs like Vervain, Wormwood are a shortcut but you still need to work on your mind. Skipping this one is like listening to some audiobook but not paying attention.

I once measured at what frequency I lose consciousness. It was around 5.5 Hz. It can vary tho, over time and from person to person. It can be 9 Hz for you. It can take years of meditation to go lower then is your threshold. It should. This technology is not really the safest thing for mental health. The brain has a safety mechanism tho and you'll fall asleep or you wont synchronize and you'll stay higher or you'll skip it into deep sleep. It's much easier to speed the brain up.
You can try some isochronic - monaural (from speakers) theta waves without music to learn the feel of meditation without falling asleep. It's not messing with the brain as bad. Theta waves are hypnotic like self-programming. I'd start with 12 Hz, then 10 or 9 Hz,... You could focus on your intention to dream consciously before sleep. There's no specific frequency that will hack it for you. There are some natural ones like Schumann -
It's not as radical as theta self-programming. In theory Schumann resonances should be kinda healthy and natural.
...but like I said - I spent so much time utilizing it and it didnt really paid off compared to a natural discipline of meditation practice. It's unnatural. Too low, too high, forcing a uniform frequency on a supercomputer like brain.
I used to abuse alpha waves for years and I'm stuck in it most of the time, flegmatic. I was on EEG once and sure enough alpha waves were dominant.

posted on Aug, 14 2020 @ 04:39 PM
this is very was said by Phage, he thinks it’s just your subconscious making up stuff in your
brain......but I’ve had experiences that have gone way beyond what I’ve seen and experienced in real life.......for me....there ‘is’ something tangible that isn’t just a concoction of my mind.....I’ve read lots of material relating to this subject, yet my supposed ‘subconscious’ is making it all up.......I’ve had astral travels and been given 2 lottery numbers that came up and I used them on a lottery ticket.....both numbers came up in the draw.....yes, I wasn’t given the full shebang, but every time I try to bring info back, the people’s are reluctant and try to avoid giving me info.....but yet some info comes needs much further study yet no one wants to touch it with a barge pole as they will get defunded and/or ridiculed

originally posted by: PapagiorgioCZ
Btw for all of you "it's just your subconcious" guys.
It's not. When you spend hours on the verge of dreaming you'll find out that your thoughts lead you to other places and other heads. I was able to bring back and remember many thought-chains and only the beginning was mine and recognizable. The rest was random, not in my language, nothing from my memory...but someone else's thoughts, conversations and abstractions. Stuff I never seen or heard or thought of. I dont like dreams much for that reason. I'd rather be alone in my sleep. It's like an internet but I dont have a screen. I touch a wire and move around the world like an electron. It may be because of the interaction with random people on the web or everyone does that including animals. Then it's designed and ok but It still kinda sucks. I dont like to feel like a one of 8 billion blades of grass shooting out of the soil each morning.
If I could have my childhood dreams back, that would be awesome.

Maybe it's only the first phase leading to deep delta wave dreamless sleep where we share each other like noodles in a soup tho. The REM phase may be still mine only. I kinda lost it. Ive quit drinking coffee and even smoking Cannabis but my dreams and sleep are a wreck. Is there some kind of reset? An effortless drug would be nice 😛

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posted on Dec, 19 2021 @ 10:06 AM
A couple days ago I managed to help a friend lucid dream for the first time not even trying to, just having a conversation, he became aware during his dream as he remembered what I told him about how I became aware, very cool.

I never told him the actual environment of my dream though, it was interesting that he described walking down a street and being approached by a bear in a aggressive way as my experience was the same but i saw a person instead of a bear.
I originally told him that i became aware mid conversation with an aggressive person by becoming aware of how my expectation was controlling the narrative and reactions of this person and as soon as I realized that, it became a joke and then a complete sandbox over time, and it was the same for him and the bear.

he was not aware he was asleep in his bed and what day it was but he was aware he was dreaming, its sort of half aware compared to what I had experienced but he did remember what i told him and he then started sandboxing his environment to a beach and ocean instead of the street, first he tried to will or imagine/expect/believe it and it didn't work but then he tried again thinking its just around the corner, changed his expectation, turned around and he was at the beach, it worked, he was getting more and more empowered by the confirmations and was going to test what i told him and then his dog woke him up before he could explore...

I'm really excited for him to explore, even if he is just manifesting my projections, it worked and he was a god in his own sandbox for the first time.

Apart from just telling him how it started for me, we were up till past 3am just talking over discord for like 5 hours about a lot of subjects like aliens, dreams, tulpas, chaos , perception, men, women, power of manifestation and belief, RA, Jesus, etc, that night it was a full moon and at 3:33 an old feral black bush cat i havent seen for over a year was at my door making some weird sounds, lots of energy that night.

I believe spending 4 or 5 hours with someone discussing and vibing together on deep subjects you begin to sync up and can imprint quite strongly on each other, it carried into the subconscious quite strongly for him I guess.

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