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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 10:36 PM
hey i was just wondering about what u guys think what should happen/ whos right or your oppinion on the following

me and a bunch of friends used to sometimes go up to are other friends and dance at them then they would dance back and the judge would say who was the better dancer and the better group of dancers would say to the other group "you got served" (like in the movie you got served/ in the episode of south park) and a few other things would happen (like im friends with more of like the class clownes my self included sometimes) but so eventually one of the teachers who just has it out for us is made a contract of things we cant to which their were 4 of

1 we are not allowed to do any form of what teachers might think are hallway "intimidation"
2 we cant be late for class for any reson
3 we cant have homework done not on time for any reson
4 we cant disturb a class

and like if we do any of the following we get a detention

here is the thing that i dont get while we would be dancing at kids (are friends too not like small kids who would be intemidated or anything so like there not intemidated at all) there are kids like smoking and doing drugs in the parking lot, kids beating up other kids on like the other side of the hall and out of all these people they go after us like the least threatining

also i think the rules are like way to strict like some times something comes up and u might not be able to do your homework on time although i can understand because although im good for being on time for class and having my homework done on time some of my friends arnt so like why should i be getting that part of the cantract when i do my homework and arn't late?

i think that teachers are getting a lot less tolarent andless patient and stuff (like for ex the kid in florida who is getting expelled for using a elastic band as a weapon or something)

[edit on 14-3-2005 by trust_no_one]

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