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For all you media fans in general, be that cinema, interesting video

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posted on Jun, 22 2020 @ 06:01 PM
So I found this on the movies section of another popular website that is pretty well known and it struck me as a fantastic explanation of the art of media. I have no idea about media really, no training at all apart from a very simple acting course done when I was about 20 so the explanations given here mean nothing to me but resonate quite deeply.

It's a newly founded YouTube channel that has some interesting things to say for those of us who would like to understand but no one wants to explain.

So far there have been three videos to date and I will link them here on the proviso that if you truly do like them, give the guy a like on his channel, after all, why not?.

I liked it a lot, well put together and, I suppose, in this age of perpetual attention deficit (disorder) normality they are only 2 minutes or so long.

Colours are dope:

Cameras are spicy:

Lighting is savage:

I hope you enjoy.


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