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What Is Worth and Are You Worthy?

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posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 07:21 PM
What Is Worth and Are You Worthy?

There are many ways to formulate worth and only one way to be worthy. Worth can be attributed to material success, accumulation of assets, or being an integral piece of a cog. Worthiness can only be gained through integrity, being worthy is earned not gained, it comes from a deep part of the soul; To be worthy is to be revered, honored or treasured.

How does one become worthy, by having a higher moral standard than the average. Where and who decides what is morally right or wrong, is it religious or spiritual guidance that pulls that string, or is it both simultaneously, you can be both religious and spiritual, but can you be both to the highest moral standard?

Much of what transpires in this world centers around both concepts in both categories, worth and worthiness, religious and spiritual.

Spiritual seeks to unite all, religion seeks to separate all, spiritual thinks all things are worthy, religion thinks only a select few have worth and are thereby worthy recipients of God's love and blessings, regardless of the morals that person possesses.

In other words if you collect enough from the source, morals do not matter; They donated a hospital wing or built a community center, but they got rich off of illegal drugs or legal ones, they built an empire from sweat shops with underage child labor, they manipulated the stock market or got rich from blood diamonds, but hey the Pope will bless those that contribute to the poor and retched souls at the orphanage they created from the bombs they made money off of from the wars they helped fund and sold weapons of mass destruction to every side (any thing for a buck).

Who is worthy? The person that was blessed by the Pope or the orphans? The one that stole from the Red Cross for profit or the one who needed the supplies? The ones that dropped the bombs under direct orders from superiors or the ones that got the bombs dropped on their heads?

Lately, I have been hearing about reparations for the years of black slavery and I just have one question, when do I get my reparations? For this incarnation I have had the blessing of being white, Jewish, sexually abused by my Cantor and I want reparations from so many people for this incarnation though I have to include the days of Jewish slavery in Egypt, too.

I could have been there, not sure, it is a bit foggy, but Jews were slaves to the dark skin pharaohs back in the day of Moses and the wandering Jews migrated for how many years after God smite the Egyptians, you see the problem with His-story is that someone made up quite a bit of that narrative, you know the 5 books of Moses (fictional mostly), yet Jews have a stereo type today as a result of being very frugal with their money (accept for good causes), Today's generation of Jews are direct descendants of the Holocaust and the survivors of such a travesty.

This was a very recent event in mankind's history, one that reshaped the world and brought an entirely different culture to America, essentially over night, yet we have not received any reparations from the Germans and their Allies from that seemingly innocuous event, only 6 million Jews were annihilated and everything of value they held dear was stolen from them, just for being Jewish.

Yet, somehow, America managed to incorporate all of the scientists from Nazi Germany (many that were responsible for the human testing and weaponry), why and how, because the Queen Of England is from the old school Germany and she decides who and what, she rules the entire world and she owes me.

Eh, the fact is she is deemed much more worthy than I because of her substantial worth. I am waiting for my reparations from Egypt too, seems that got lost in the mail, I am still waiting on my religion (synagogue) to pay for my abuse (ignored me), so do the slaves deserve reparations? Sure they do, from the direct descendants of any slave owner (of which I am not) if they can prove that lineage, they deserve it, and so do any Japanese people that can prove they are direct descendants of the atom bomb victims (or internment camps), the Indians got theirs kind of.

Now, if you live in America and are a citizen then it does not matter what color you are, you are entitled respect and privileges as a citizen, you are an American, not any version of it, just simply American. There does not need to be a distinction unless you want division, it changes the worth based on a variety of factors, the power structure changes, the need to protect changes, the slaves got emancipated many years ago and whatever culture they grew up in was one that took time to change, still, can you equate what happened to them with what happened in Nazi Germany to the Jews?

That was my family slaughtered by Nazis, not my religion, they were not given any options. Slavery of any kind is preposterous, but it exists all over this world right now to people of ALL colors, so do black lives matter, sure they do, but do they deserve to be the focus or do the people being slaves right now take precedence?

There are little girls and boys being trafficked for sex right now, there are countries being bombed right now, there are homeless people right now, there are starving people right now, there are people right now that need help and these protests are only keeping innocent lives from being saved.

You want reform of the police force? You want to de-fund the police? And then what? Have neighborhood militias everywhere? You think black lives matter? Then stop acting like you are the only ones that do, because you are not the only lives that matter, ALL LIVES MATTER, unless they are criminals, no matter their worth or color, and anyone that has behaved in a violent manner during these protests are criminals, and it is a mob mentality punishable by the very police you are protesting.

So too are the politicians that allow for police brutality to exists and there are 50 states with different rules for everything and all of them require financial aid from the American Government which controls the disbursement of funds for various programs. And if you are a state with a military presence then they will follow direct orders from the President and the morons that advise him.

Depends on which state you live in as to how you will be treated, depends which city, depends which neighborhood, depends on your worth regardless of your worthiness. We all want to feel worthy and many of us attribute worthiness to having worth.

As I said before, being spiritual is about togetherness, right now we are a society without a spiritual guide or moral compass, we exist in a vacuum of greed and monetary corruption, obsessed with what we can own, and we can not own any of it, all we can own are our decisions and the consequences that they bring.

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 07:41 PM
a reply to: spiritofsoul

Where and who decides what is morally right or wrong, is it religious or spiritual guidance that pulls that string, or is it both simultaneously, you can be both religious and spiritual, but can you be both to the highest moral standard?

We’re an animal able to reflect on our choices. Ask a man if he’s a monster or a saint and the answer largely depends on the time of day.

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 08:01 PM
a reply to: spiritofsoul

Are the unborn worthy of life?

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 08:12 PM
We all have worth... we all also have strengths and weaknesses... and what is a strength in one situation may in fact be a weakness in another situation. And vice versa. It's all relative.

Like this belated birthday message I sent to my nephew late because I just plumb forgot his birthday!

Sometimes you need a friend who'll remember your birthday... and sometimes you need a friend at 3 am to help hide the body. We both know which one I am. Happy belated birthday!

There's a time for every purpose under heaven

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 09:57 PM
Turn, turn, turn.

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