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Curiosity Sol 2797 Pano with Fettucine Rock

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posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 03:25 PM
The MSL rover has sent some non-Bayer color images down. Some really great views where the rover is at right now on Mars. You can view them on NASA's website.

When I looked at the image of this rock it made me recall this news story from

This is the raw image on NASA's website.

This is a pano stitched from raw non-Bayer images.
Large Fullsize Image

This is enhanced
Large Fullsize Image

Crop from the raw pano

Crop from the enhanced pano
2X Crop

This is not a true color image and It could just be the texture of the rock and artifacts from enlarging and enhancing the image. It is there in the original NASA image if you look.

We need a closer look. Never know, it could happen.

Hope this isn't the last pics I post here.

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